Elastic Drums 2.1 Released: 4 New Futuristic Synths, Master EQ And More New Features

Elastic Drums looks to be expanding its already impressive horizons by adding four new synths, with more to follow. Plus there's a raft of other tweaks and improvements. Here's the detail.  

We're big fans of Elastic Drums - you can read our most recent review here - so it's always good to hear about new updates when they appear on the App Store. The latest version, 2.1 has now hit the virtual shelves and it's the beginning of an interesting new direction for this unique app. The biggest new feature is the inclusion of 4 "Futuristic Synths", available as a one-time in-app purchase for $3.99 / 4.49 EUR. You can actually access and play these synths for free, but to save a preset that uses them you will need to buy them. 

Here's a video showcasing the new synths. 

The developers say that these are actually the first in a series of add-on synths that will be available in future updates. For the moment, here's a breakdown of each one and its features. 


A repetitive series of pulses are modulated with an LFO, and then cut up using a further “stretch” LFO.   

  • oscFreq: Base frequency of the output oscillator
  • oscDepth: Multiplier for the oscillator frequency
  • lfoFreq: Main LFO frequency
  • lfoDepth: Main LFO depth
  • stretchA and stretch B: Control the speed and shape of the stretch cutter
  • timbreA and timberB: Waveshapers for the output oscillator, creating various timbres. 


Choatic fractal noise generator. A thick and brooding wall of oscillating noise, which is filtered and shaped into various forms, with feedback. Well worth spending some time to discover its secrets. 

  • grain: Grainy LFO which goes up into audio range
  • tweak: Filter frequency multiplier  
  • pump:  Filter output booster
  • sat:  Oscillator saturation
  • LFO:  Low frequency modulator of the base oscillators
  • delay:  FM feedback delay time
  • delayLFO: FM feedback oscillator
  • fb:  FM feedback amount.  0 = clean, 1 = dirty


Physical Modelling Synth #1 (drums). A burst of noise simulates the hitting of a physical drum body, which is then shaped by a small filter bank and circulating feedback. 

  • stick:  how hard the body is hit
  • stiff:  the rigidity of the drum skin.  0 = loose, 1 = tight.  A “loose” body creates a wobbly echo effect  
  • bodyLength:  the length of the drum body.  0 = tiny, 1 = huge.  A “huge” drum will also create an echo effect.
  • damping:  “brightness” of the drum body.  0 = metallic, 1 = dull. 
  • midFreq:  centre resonating frequency of the drum body
  • lowmid: 0 = bass frequencies boosted, 1 = mid frequencies boosted
  • highFreq:  high resonating frequency of the drum body
  • highAmt:  how much high frequency is resonated


Physical Modelling Synth #2 (marimba, xylophones, etc). A larger bank of filters with more dissonant frequencies creates more metallic tones reminiscent of striking wood or metal with a mallet. 

  • freq-A, freq-B: adjusts the frequency spectrum of the filter bank 
  • amp-A, amp-B: adjust the volume of each formant in the filter bank
  • res: overall resonance of the body.  0 = woody, 1 = ringing, metallic
  • saturate: output volume boost
  • delay: echo time
  • feedback: echo feedback

As well as the new synths, features added in the 2.1 update include 

  • Simplified Midi assignment
  • Possibility to Restore In-App Purchases
  • New equalizer in Master Section
  • Newest Audiobus SDK
  • User-samples get zipped now when sending a user preset via email
  • Automation is recordable via Midi CC now (only one CC at a time)
  • New Presets and Samples by Servando
  • New Presets by Deadfader 

Price: Full version $14.99. Update free for existing users. 

Web: http://mominstruments.com/elasticdrums/ 

Hollin Jones was classically trained as a piano player but found the lure of blues and jazz too much to resist. Graduating from bands to composition then production, he relishes the chance to play anything with keys. A sometime lecturer in videographics, music production and photography post production, Hollin has been a freelance w... Read More


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