EDM Mastering In Pro Tools Explained

When you're getting ready to master in Pro Tools, make sure your mix is up to scratch! Alex Solano explains the ins and outs of preparing for the mastering process.  

Pro Tools is one of the industry's most widely used production DAWs. In this short video from the course Pro Tools 302: Mixing EDM In Pro Tools, Alex Solano walks you through the basics of mastering your tracks using Pro Tools' specialised techniques and workflow as well as some dedicated mastering plug-ins. 

You'll see how to take your final mix and begin to make preparations for the mastering process, isolating and auditioning various frequencies in readiness for performing the mastering processing. Using the example of an EDM track, Alex gets you ready for the really serious business of the final master. Check out the rest of the videos in the course for much more on the ins and outs of mastering EDM in Pro Tools!

Watch the full course Pro Tools 302: Mixing EDM In Pro Tools in the Ask.Audio Academy | macProVideo | AskVideo

Pro Tools 302: Mixing EDM In Pro Tools

Mixing EDM can be a difficult task, especially when it comes to aggressive genres like Trap. You want your mix to sound big and crisp, with lots of low end energy without sounding muddy. In this course, producer and mixer Alex Solano mixes an EDM Trap track, and reveals all his strategies and workflows to achieve a pro mix.

Alex starts the course by explaining how to best set up your Pro Tools session, and how to import and organize all your tracks. Alex explains the crucial (and often overlooked) step of gain staging, before getting a basic balance of all the tracks.

Next, he reveals EQ, compression, and saturation techniques to improve the backbone of every EDM track: the beats. He covers low-end theory in great details, where you discover how to get punchy kicks and give more attitude to your 808 subs. As Alex continues to mix the track, he reveals how to greatly enhance your lead sound with widening techniques, how to give more impact to sound effects (such as vocal FX, risers and explosions), how to use dynamic and transient shaping plugins, and more. And once the mix is ready, he even explores different multi-band, saturation and limiting techniques to get that shiny professional-sounding, finished master!

So watch as EDM producer and mixer Alex Solano mixes an EDM trap track from start to finish, and learn the techniques and skills required for mixing a successful EDM mix with ProTools.

Watch the full course Pro Tools 302: Mixing EDM In Pro Tools in the Ask.Audio AcademymacProVideo | AskVideo 

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