EDM Cover of Frozen Soundtrack Tune 'Let it Go' plus Free Ableton Live Pack

Ableton Trainer, Rishabh Rajan is back with a cover of a tune from the Frozen soundtrack, Let if Go. Download the Ableton session & watch the music video with Push and Novation Launchpad featured.  

This is an EDM cover version of the very popular Frozen Soundtrack tune, 'Let it Go'. Originally performed by Hyorin of the K-pop group Sistar this version features Sachié Amira on vocals. Electric bass guitar performed by Herman Francis Ramanado. Featured hardware: Novation Launchpad, Ableton Push & Percussa AudioCubes

요즘 화제가 되고 있는 영화 Frozen 의 사운드 트랙 Let it Go 를 편곡 하여 만든 일렉트로닉 댄스 뮤직 입니다. 시스타 그룹의 효린의 버전을 바탕으로 만든 곡이며 Sachie Amira 가 제 작업의 보컬역할을 해주었습니다. 많은 관심과 사랑 부탁드립니다.

About the Production

Rishabh tells us the song was recorded mainly in Ableton Live, and processed completely in Live 9. He used an Apogee Duet (first generation) for the recordings but all the production was done using the MacBook Pro built-in audio interface. The microphones used were MXL 4000(seen in the video) as well as Blue Bluebird and Rode NT-5A. The bass was recorded direct using the Duet.

Regarding hardware, this production was done entirely in the box. He used headphones during the entire production as he explained he is quite comfortable with the medium. He used the Sennheiser HD650 and Beyer Dynamic DT770. The MIDI controllers used in the video are Ableton Push, Novation Launchpad and Percussa AudioCubes.

All footage was shot using a Canon 650D SLR using a 50 mm lens. Thats why you mostly see close-ups. Rishabh used Final Cut Pro X for the video editing and all visual effects.

About the Free Session Live Pack

Rishabh used a couple of third party plugins which have been rendered to audio so you can still load the session without errors. He used u-he’s Zebra for a couple of the synth sounds and iZotope’s T-Pain Auto Tune effect on the vocals. He didn't render down the auto tune effect but it was quite minimal and was used in short segments (automated in). Listen to the final version on YouTube carefully and you will notice the auto tune effect in certain places.

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