Edjing Wireless DJ Crossfader, Perfect for Desktop and Mobile DJs

DJing on virtual devices (like a touch screen device) is convenient, but potentially messy without touch-feedback of real faders. DJIT have a crossfader solution. It's portable and wireless...  

If you've taken a fancy to using your iPad or other tablet as your DJ mix and scratch environment, but still miss the feel of a real fader, then Eding's new MixFader is designed for you.

DJIT have an app by the name of Edjing you can hook up the wireless crossfader device to, and they tell us this neat bit of hardware was 'designed by sound engineers in collaboration with professional turntablists'¦ to meet professional requirements.'

Check out the video to see it in action:

MixFader hasn't been released yet'¦ the website tells us it's coming soon!

Via: TheNextWeb

Source: edjing

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