Editing Audio Waveforms in Adobe Audition CC

If you perform a lot of audio edits a dedicated audio editor can provide an improved workflow over your DAW. In this video Hollin Jones takes you through the audio editing basics in Adobe Audition CC.  

Although most DAWs now include fairly comprehensive audio editing functions if you're doing a lot of editing using a dedicated audio editor can bring with it many advantages. Adobe Audition is one such audio editor with a host of features designed for audio editors to get things done quickly with minimal fuss. Of course it helps to know how it works so you can make the most of its power.

In this video taken from the course, Adobe Audition CC 101, Hollin Jones demonstrates some of the basic audio editing features that will get you up and running in about three minutes!

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Adobe Audition CC 101 Course Details

Adobe Audition CC is specially designed for recording and mixing audio for TV, film, radio productions, and podcasts. With its spectral editing features, it’s also a very powerful audio restoration tool. Let audio expert Hollin Jones be your guide, and see what Adobe Audition CC can do for you!

The course starts with an explanation of Audition’s user interface, where you learn how to customize it, how to work with the different views and panes, and how to set up the preferences. Next, you discover how to use the browser to import audio, and how to set up the software for multitrack audio recording.

Hollin then dives into audio editing, and explains how to apply fades, change the gain, crop, chop, slip, and repair your audio. He continues by looking at the effect rack, where you learn how to work with clip and track effects. You get a tour of Adobe’s built-in audio effects, and you learn how to use 3rd-party VST and AU too. And once you know all the basics, Hollins shows you more advanced techniques such as spectral editing, audio looping, time-stretching, mixing, clip envelopes, and more.

So get ready to learn Adobe's Audition CC with expert trainer, Hollin Jones! This course will give you all the knowledge you need to begin editing your own projects!

Watch all videos from the Adobe Audition CC 101 course here: Ask.Audio | Ask.Video | macProVideo.



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