East of Easel Is A Fully Modular, Polyphonic Synthesizer By Friedrichs Audio

Color us excited by this very impressive polyphonic, modular synthesizer from Friedrichs Audio, East of Easel, for VCV Rack... and check out the video premiere below exclusively on AskAudio.  

East of Easel is a fully modular, polyphonic synthesizer created by Friedrichs Audio. It combines a complete West Coast synthesizer architecture with the features of an East Coast synthesizer. East of Easel has dual complex oscillators, lowpass gates, and universal slope generators on the West Coast side while it sports a pair of loopable ADSR envelopes and a fully resonant four pole lowpass filter on the East Coast half. The whole affair is rounded out with a set of delays that can be used to add stereo presence or get experimental with reverse feedback. That isn’t even mentioning any of the crossfaders, audio rate LFOs, random sources, and the spare universal slope generator just in case two isn’t enough. You can also use your favorite modules with East of Easel since it is fully modular. Building massive walls of modular sound has never been easier.

The video demo was produced and performed live by Simon Bader. He can be found on Instagram and Facebook @circadiansound.

The video demo features three instances of East of Easel that generate all the sounds for the entire song. The top East of Easel generates all of the percussive sounds for the whole track. These include a kick, snare, hi hats, low bass percussion, and claps. The middle one is used for the polyphonic chord stabs, melodic arp, and the pumping pad. The pad uses some clever crossfading with a Clouds module to allow for the voice to be faded in and out. The bottom East of Easel handles all of the bass line duties. The performance was performed in real time on a 2013 Mac Pro with a Korg Nanokontrol 2 to mix all of the tracks as well as change the chords and rhythms during the live performance.


East of Easel is on sale for an intro price of $25, that’s 75% off of the full retail price! The intro sale ends on February 28th 2021. You can get it from the Friedrichs Audio store on Gumroad.

Web: East of Easel Gumroad Page: https://gumroad.com/l/EastOfEasel



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