Dynamic Link: Moving Audio Seamlessly Between Adobe Audition & Premiere Pro

Adobe's clever Dynamic Link feature means no tedious exporting and importing. Just harness the power of both apps to get much more detailed control over your sound than Premiere normally allows.  

One of the most convenient things about Adobe's CC suite of creative applications is that since they are all made by one company, they can often exhange projects and data in very efficient ways rather than needing you to export and import loads of stuff. In this course, Hollin Jones delves into the best way to streamline your workflow when using Adobe Audition to perform advanced audio editing on the sound from a Premiere Pro project. 

This short video from the full course covers the use of the Dynamic Link feature - a clever system Adobe has designed to enable you to pass audio projects back and forth between Audition and Premiere seamlessly with a few clicks, so that you can take advantage of Audition's advanced spectral editing and other tools to really get control of your audio tracks. You can harness the power of Audition to go much further with audio than Premiere can, but also easily move back to Premiere to complete your video edit. Find out how it works with this dynamic workflow course. 

Watch the full course Adobe Audition CC 201: Premiere / Audition Workflows in the AskAudio Academy | macProVideoAskVideo.

Adobe Audition CC 201: Premiere / Audition Workflows

Adobe’s Audition CC is a fantastic audio editing software capable of many things that Premiere isn’t, and you can save a lot of time by incorporating it in your workflow. This course, by Adobe expert Hollin Jones, looks at the relationship between both apps, and how to best use them together.

The course starts with a look at Premiere’s basic audio tools and features for editing, processing and mixing audio. Next, you learn how to quickly send a clip from Premiere into Audition for more in-depth audio editing, such as audio repair or spectral editing, and how to send it back to Premiere. Hollin also reveals why you should know about Dynamic Link, what this feature does, and how to use it. He then demonstrates how batch processing works in Audition, and how to use its very useful Match Loudness feature.

Continuing with the course, you also learn about the difference between clip and track effects, how to do basic and advanced audio repair, how to use Audition powerful analysis and features tools for mixing, and more. And when all your audio editing and processing and mixing is done, you’ll want to send everything back to Premiere, and this is covered in the final section of the course.

So join audio expert Hollin Jones in this 18-tutorial info-packed course, and learn how Adobe Audition CC can help you deliver the best audio possible for your video projects!

Watch the full course Adobe Audition CC 201: Premiere / Audition Workflows in the AskAudio Academy | macProVideo | AskVideo.

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