Dubstep Production Tricks: Snare Doubling

Dubstep producer Adam Pollard (Multiplier) shows how to use snare doubling to create a sonically unique snare hit that appears to be moving through the stereo field'¦ but really isn't.  

In this single tutorial video from the complete video course for Ask.Audio Academy, Dance Music Masters 111: Multiplier | Dubstep Drills, Adam Pollard (aka. Multiplier) explains and demonstrates how to create a dub-step style snare hit using doubling using Ableton Live's Warp mode to good effect.

You can use any DAW you wish, of course, but the video above shows how this is achieved in Ableton Live 9. 

Dance Music Masters 111: Multiplier Dubstep Drills

When you listen to Adam Pollards music you can hear, right away, that there is something really sonically powerful going on. It's because he’s a total perfectionist in the way he uses his production tools and he’s a creative genius in how he sculpts all the myriad elements of an electronic music track. We're excited to have him creating courses exclusively for us!

In this Dance Music Masters course, Adam opens up his electronic music toolbox and shares his Dubstep Drills. You discover how his kicks and snares achieve their legendary sound. He also guides you through his comprehensive bass-making techniques that are laser-focused on generating that essential, powerful, pulsating Dubstep energy. And that’s just the beginning!

Completing this 25-tutorial course gives you a whole universe of techniques you can quickly adopt to reshape your tracks and inspire you to achieve perfection in your electronic music journeys. So what are you waiting for? Dive into Dubstep Drills by Adam Pollard.

Watch all the complete course in Ask.Audio Academy here.

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