Dreadbox Releases Lil Erebus DIY Synth Kit From €158

Building your own analog synths just got easier thanks to Dreadbox. The Lil' Erebus DIY analog synth kit has come to town and you can grab yourself one from as little as €158 EUR!  

The Greek synth company Dreadbox have just released a little brother to their popular 2-voice paraphonic, analog synthesizer, Erebus. The Lil' Erebus is, like its name suggests, a simpler version which is available in kit form.

Starting at just €158 for the eurorack DIY kit, it's also availble for €200 for the Desktop DIY Kit which comes with assembled bus board and power supply.

The Lil' Erebus is cute and affordable. It might be a stretch to those new to DIY projects to jump in at this level and Dreadbox recommend you download the construction manual before buying a kit in order to understand what you'll need to be able to do. 

Lil' Erebus Features

  • Analog Paraphonic Synthesizer
  • 2 Oscillators (Osc1 Saw wave, Osc2 Pulse wave)
  • 2-Pole Low Pass Filter
  • 3 Segment Envelope Generator (ADS)
  • Voltage Controlled Echo
  • Voltage Controlled LFO
  • Built-in Midi to CV
  • 16 Patch Points
  • 42HP Eurorack Format

Price: €158 (eurorack) / €200 (desktop)

Web: https://www.dreadbox-fx.com/lil-erebus/


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