DRC Brings Pressing Your Own Vinyl to Your Home Studio

Would you like your next release on vinyl, or to press a one-off vinyl from your home studio? A new Kickstarter may be about to make this a reality for you with the Desktop Record Cutter.  

Do you dream of vinyl? Would you like to put your tracks on "real" records? With the recent resurgence of this physical music medium it's becoming increasingly attractive for artists to release limited editions and whole albums on vinyl.

It's not been cheap to do this… that may be about to change. Machina.Pro have launched a Kickstarter for proof of concept DRC (Desktop record Cutter). They describe this device as “designed with modern technology & a vintage soul.”

DRC feature set

The DRC - V2 Proof of Concept from Machina.Pro on Vimeo.

Before you click away from this page scoffing at the idea people are still buying vinyl, it might be worth looking at recent sales figures for the format below which show a sustained resurgence for the format according to Nielsen Sounscan statistics.

"While vinyl sales account for only a small fraction of the overall industry revenues, they have seen an increase in recent years in some key markets. In the US, vinyl sales increased by 32 per cent in 2013 (Nielsen Soundscan), and in the UK, they increased by 101 per cent in 2013 (BPI)". - IFPI
global sales of vinyl

Still interested? This Kickstarter's goal is $10,000 AUS (aprox. $8,300 USD). If the minimum goal is reached the projected selling price will be  $6,500 USD, but Machina.Pro tell us that the more funding they receive the more features they'll add and the lower the end price will become.

There's plenty more info on the Kickstarter page which I'd encourage you to visit below.

Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1720863573/the-drc-desktop-record-cutter-a-future-for-vinyl-c/description

Via: Beatport

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