Don't Watch This if You Want to Learn How to DJ

This video from Bobina shows that Djing is not just about getting hands-on and pushing faders, knobs and buttons'¦ um, in fact, apparently it doesn't have to be about getting hands-on at all!!  
If you want to feel good about your own DJing skills, no matter how much of an amateur you feel you might be, who also having a good chuckle in the process then this video is for you. Bobina, a Russian Trance DJ, producer and radio host, took time out at a recent gig to post a video of this guy wearing a "Go Home" t-shirt (I know, it's almost too easy...) fulfilling a childhood dream and pretending to DJ.

Look Ma, no hands!! If you can't see the embedded video below, click here to view the video on Facebook.

Of course, if you really DO want to learn how to master DJing skills using Traktor Pro, then Olav Basoski's video course here at macProVideo / AskVideo) is a MUCH better way to go!

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