Don't Pay Too Much to Learn Pro Tools!

This in-depth, self-paced Pro Tools Beginner's Guide course delivers the fundamental skills you need to operate Pro Tools with confidence... and it's less than $30!  

Pro Tools producer, Joshua Carney, delivers a great course!

We think Joshua Carney (the MusicTechHelpGuy) is one of the best online trainers anywhere and he has created this exclusive course Pro Tools Beginner's Guide for Ask.Video.

Harness the power of Pro Tools now!

This in-depth Beginner's Guide reveals all the fundamental skills you need to operate Pro Tools with ease and confidence. And if you don't have Pro Tools and would like to get your feet wet, there's even a free version available at Avid's website, so there's no excuse not to try it.

In this course, you learn how the Pro Tools system works, how to configure it with your audio and MIDI gear, and how to navigate the user interface. All the various edit tools are clearly explained and demonstrated. You discover the different types of track, and you learn to record and edit MIDI and audio. Along the way, Joshua shares all the essential keyboard shortcuts you need to speed up your workflow and make you work like a pro. Managing session files and exporting your projects is also covered, and a lot more. Check out this intro video:

Perfect for complete beginners

This course is perfect for complete beginners, but also for occasional users who need to get a solid Pro Tools foundation. So Join audio engineer Joshua Carney in this Ask.Video course, and learn to harness the power of Pro Tools now!


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