Don't Do This To Your Studio Microphone, Unless It's An Aston Microphone

Head of Aston Microphones, James Young, shows just how 'indestructible' the build quality of the Aston microphones is'¦ by whacking it with a metal bar'¦ on video!  

Studio condenser microphones. You see them in… well, studios… they’re not typically the most fragile of mics (ribbon mics we’re looking at you), but you’d expect a metal bar + anger + meeting a microphone (while recording) to result in some pretty nasty debris and crackly sound.

Aston Microphones want us to know that should you ever feel inclined to kick the sh*t out of a microphone in the studio (it happens?) then your Aston Microphone will probably tay intact enough to at least finish the session.

Now, yes, it’s true you could hit these microphones harder to exact more damage if you really wanted to… but the demo here is really to show how if you drop either the Aston Spirit or Origin microphones you’ll still be in good shape.

NOTE: Should you feel the urge to inflict pain and suffering upon a microphone, we’d recommend you seek urgent help. The RSPCM (Royal Society of Protection of Cruelty to Microphones) is a great place to start, as are a number of private therapists. We believe the perpetrators of violence against microphones in this video have sought and are receiving help… ;) 


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