Do You Want Logic Pro To Support Ableton Link? Tell Apple Here

We're collaborating with our friends at Synth Anatomy to help get this survey out to a wider audience. It's one question and will take you 10 seconds. Do you want Logic Pro to support Ableton Link...  

Ableton Link is a technology that makes syncing between compatible music software, apps and DAWs a breeze. Propellerhead, the makers of Reason and the ReWire technology, have endorsed it and jumped onboard.

Apple are curious to find out what YOU want... would you be interested in Logic Pro supporting Ableton Link?

Tell us below. Your answer is anonymous and may help change the future for Logic!

Ableton Link for Logic Pro X ?
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It's got Propellerhead's ReWire, so there's a history of them supporting interesting third-party / competitor protocols.

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