DIY MIDI Controller Kits For Vintage Synth Plugins From SoundForce Controllers

If the idea of spending a day building a beautiful, boutique MIDI controller fills your brain with pleasure, then the new SFC-60 & SFC-101 DIY MIDI Controller kits are for you.  

SoundForce Controllers, a music production hardware company based in the Netherlands, are becoming known for their hand-made, music controllers that’ll remind you of your favorite vintage synths.

Just two days ago, they released their first two DIY MIDI controller kits. The SFC-60 and SFC-101 are the DIY kit versions that retail for slightly less than the prebuilt models and will require some soldering and electronics skills.

The SFC-60 is a boutique MIDI controller designed for the TAL U-NO-LX plugin, an excellent model of the Roland® JUNO-60*. It can, of course, be used with any MIDI-mappable software instrument.

The SFC-101 is a dedicated MIDI controller designed for the TAL-BassLine-101 plugin, a model of the Roland SH-101. It can, of course, be used with any MIDI-mappable software instrument.

SoundForce tell us that both the The SFC-60 & SFC-101 were “designed to be easy and fun for everybody to assemble. The projects are based on through-hole technology and parts found in other popular DIY projects (Mutable Instruments, xoxbox, , etc.).”

Along with each kit is an assembly guide that takes you through the process step-by-step. 

Currently, you can pick up the SFC-60 or SFC-101 MIDI Controller DIY Kits for €199 Euros each. If you prefer the pre-built versions they will set you back a mere €250 each.



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