DIY MIDI Controllable DAC: Modular Synth CV & MIDI Software Work Together

This short video shows you how to quickly and easily make your own MIDI controllable DAC using an MCP4922 and a Teensy 2. The demo video shows it working with Moog Mother 32 and Ableton Live.  

If you've been scratching your head how to get your CV based modular synths talking with your MIDI software and hardware this video tutorial is for you.  [little-scale] has built a MIDI-controllable DAC for generating control voltages. It's based on a  Teensy 2 which controls a Microchip MCP4922.

Here's the video showing how it works with the Moog Mother 32:

If you're a musician or pdoducer working with modular synths and MIDI (who isn't?), this DAC hack might well be a priceless tip. Oh and the code for this hack is available via the link in the grey box below.

[Via: Hackaday]

Download code, hardware and software setup:


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