DIY Eurorack Modules? Here's A Clever Solution

Otto's DIY is a prototyping environment for eurorack enthusiasts and module makers. It's low cost, accessible and potentially very, very cool.  

Now here's something you don't see everyday, a solution for those wanting to prototye (or flat out make) their own eurorack synth modules. Think of it like a breadboard solution for eurorack module users and makers.

Otto DIY from Intech Studio in Hungrary has just launched on IndieGoGo and needs $5000 to complete the goal.

Here's more info about it:

Make your very own do-it-yourself eurorack synthesizer modules in a breeze. Realize your projects in a durable and versatile format. Focus on your development while the rest of your modular system is safe. Experiment, learn and build confidently with Otto's DIY.

Otto's DIY Ecosystem consists of eurorack compatible prototyping printed circuit boards (PCBs), carefully chosen electrical components and mechanical parts.

The design allows you to build sandwich style skiff friendly modules, while the included set of hardware makes your build just as durable as any other factory made module.

The PowerBrick extension is responsible for powering your circuit while protecting the rest of your modular system.

A module made using Otto's DIY Eurorack module system.

A module made using Otto's DIY Eurorack module system.

Otto's DIY PCB Panels

There are currently two DIY panels available: the Protoboard-1120 and Stripboard-480.

  • Double sided plated through-hole connections
  • Easy to solder square pads
  • Optional case grounding/shielding
  • 10 easy-access ground connections
  • Break-away tabs for stackable designs

Prices start from just $20 through to the $129 Otto DIY Gold Pack (which enables you to build up to four separate eurorack modules).


Learn eurorack synthesis in these (free and subscription-level) video courses:

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