DivKid Explores Different Eurorack Patch Noise Types

Noise is sometimes less well understood than oscillators, but it's just as important when making synth patches. Here's a quick guide to the different noise types and how to use them.  

Oscillators and noise are the tools that Eurorack modular and other synthesizers use to generate the core of their signal. In this short 4-minute video from the full course Eurorack Modular 101: Oscillators and Noise, modular synth expert Ben Wilson gets to the heart of the different noise types that you can use when making patches, as well as how they differ. 

Understanding noise types is important because like oscillators, noise plays a big part in determining the character of your sound. Using a number of hands-on examples, Ben shows how you can use noise to augment and enrich the signal flowing from your oscillators to make a more complex and gritty overall sound. You'll see examples of different noise types used and hear how they impart different characters to a patch. Be sure to check out the other videos in the course to learn more about oscillators and noise in modular systems. 

Watch the full course Eurorack Modular 101: Oscillators and Noise in the Ask Audio Academy here. 

Eurorack Modular 101: Oscillators and Noise

The Oscillator is the fundamental starting place in any Eurorack system. There are digital, analog and hybrid ones that are capable of creating multitudes of different wave shapes. There are also hundreds of Eurorack manufacturers whose oscillators all look and sound different. This makes it really hard to figure out how they work and which ones are right for you. That's why we contacted DivKid to make this exclusive course. No one knows Eurorack better or has as many oscillator modules to show!

Completing this course will totally demystify the complexities of learning Eurorack oscillators. It will also help you in deciding what kind and make of oscillators you'll want to include in your own, personal system. So sit back, put on your headphones and learn Oscillators with DivKid and get the best Eurorack, modular synthesis education available.

Watch the full course Eurorack Modular 101: Oscillators and Noise in the Ask Audio Academy here. 

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