Dive Into The World Of Advanced Eurorack Patching With DivKid's Video On FM And Phase Modulation

Once you're through the basics, a whole world of advanced Eurorack patching and programming is waiting. See how FM and Phase Modulation work in this practical video.  

Programming with modular synths can be great fun but there's a huge depth of possibilities waiting just beneath the surface for those who want to take their patches to the next level. In this short video from modular expert Ben Wilson, you'll get a practical explanation of how FM and Phase Modulation operate in the context of a Eurorack modular system.  


If you have already watched the more introductory courses on Eurorack patching, you will be ready for the more advanced information that Ben gives you in this course. Delving into the details of how FM and Phase Modulation modules operate, you'll see and hear practical examples of routing, patching and tweaking and gain a better understanding of these core principles of synthesis. Check out the rest of the videos in this course to become a true modular master!

Watch the complete course Eurorack Modular 103: Complex Audio & Patching in the Ask Audio Academy here.  

Eurorack Modular 103: Complex Audio & Patching

Now that you know about analog and digital oscillators, noise generators, mixers and filters, it’s time to have some fun with wavefolders, waveshapers, VCAs, and FM. In this course, using a plethora of Eurorack modules, Ben Wilson demonstrates how to morph your waveforms into an infinite variety of shapes!

Ben starts by demystifying wavefolders and waveshapers. He explains how you can, with these modules, completely transform a simple sine wave into the most complex wave shape. Listen as he put Sputnik Modular, Blue Lantern and Abstract Data modules to good use, and watch the waveshape transformation in real time on the oscilloscope. Next, he dives into carriers and modulators, and performs Frequency Modulation/Phase Modulation with the FM AID module from Happy Nerding. He also unveils the mystique behind VCAs, Vactrols, Low Pass Gates, the east-coast and west-coast sound, and he demonstrates some complex audio patching.

So take a deep breath and join internationally renowned Eurorack expert Ben Wilson in this Eurorack excursion… and get ready to take your sound into unexplored territory. If you’re into modular synthesizers, this hands-on course is a must watch! 

Watch the complete course Eurorack Modular 103: Complex Audio & Patching in the Ask Audio Academy here. 

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