Discover The Secrets Of Pitch Shifted Vocals In Tropical House

One of the defining characteristics of many types of EDM is vocals that have been pitch shiften up or down. See how it's done with this easy-to-follow video from Multiplier!  

Tropical House is a popular sub-genre of EDM and in this four-minute video from the course Dance Music Styles: Tropical House, Adam Pollard aka Multiplier gives you the lowdown on how to pitch shift vocal tracks so that they sound great as part of your track. Working in Ableton Live, he explains how warping affects the pitch of any audio clips and shows how to use different warping algorithms to achieve different kinds of stretching effects both with and without pitch changes. 

It’s easy to use Live’s Sample Editor to change the pitch of audio by manipulating its BPM. In this easy-to-follow video from the full course, you’ll see how the principles of pitch shifting can be applied when working with Tropical House, but also how these extend to many other kinds of music, electronic and otherwise!

Dance Music Styles – Tropical House

House music has come a long way since those early Chicago days (or should we say, nights)! This Tropical House course by Multiplier (Adam Pollard) is perfect proof! Join Adam as he shows you the secret sauce that make this kind of ‘House”, tropical! It’s actually a subgenre of Deep House which is, itself, an offspring of House. So you might say that “Trop” is the grandkid of that original 80s Chicago sound!

So how do you create it? Well, if I told you, I wouldn’t even come close to enlightening you like Adam does in this Dance Music Styles course! But I can tell you that Tropical House is more uplifting and relaxing and laid-back! Get a feel for the beats. Learn about the synth sounds. See how to make the bass and, most of all, learn the pitfalls in producing this particular style of electronic music.

Join our friend and trainer, Multiplier, as he gives you the arcane secret ingredients that make Trop House such a popular genre. And be to sure watch all the courses in our ever-expanding Dance Music Styles library to stay on top of all the sub-sub-sub-genre permutations of the EDM scene!


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