Discover The Secrets Of Double Tracking Vocals For Dance Music

Getting a great vocal sound is easier when you know some production tricks. Double tracking is a good one to have in your toolbox!  

Double tracking is a great way to get a really full and rich vocal sound for your productions. In this short video from the full course Dance Music Sound Design 103: Vocals, expert producer Adam Pollard shows you the technique behind this essential production trick. First you'll see how to use specialised effect plugins to simulate a double tracked vocal, employing timing and tuning shifts to create the desired effect.  

The second technique, which is the more traditional approach, is to simply duplicate a single vocal clip and then stereo pan one copy to the left and one to the right. You can then apply different processing to each side to spice things up and create the desired end result. Check out the other videos in the course to learn even more about dance music vocal tips and tricks!

Watch the complete course Dance Music Sound Design 103: Vocals here.

Dance Music Sound Design 103: Vocals 

In dance music, vocals often take on their own unique sound quality. They can be heavily processed, sampled, re-sampled and manipulated in all kinds of creative ways to make them seamlessly fit into the swirling, pulsating world of electronic dance music.

In this course, Multiplier takes on an extreme vocal excursion where he reveals his favorite vocal manipulation tips and tricks. In these 23, in-action tutorials you quickly see how to sample, time-stretch, transpose, bend, effect, tune, retune and multiply your vocals beyond every human limit. There’s even a bonus section on using the cool tools in iZotope's VocalSynth plugin. (Check out our awesome VocalSynth course, too).

So expand the “language” of your vocals in this intensive course by our dance music master Adam Pollard. Completing these tutorials will forever change the way you produce your top lines! And, if you’re looking to become a better dance music producer, be sure to watch all of the courses in our Dance Music Styles and Dance Music Sound Design series!

Watch the complete course Dance Music Sound Design 103: Vocals here.


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