Discover Synth1 '" A Totally Free Synth Modelled On The Classic Nord Lead

Free synths are always cool but what's even better is a guide to how best to use them! Join G.W Childs as he gives you a tour of Synth1.  

What could be better than free synths? Loads of free synths! In this 4 minute video from the course 10 FREE Synths (That You Can't Live Without), G.W. Childs gives you an introduction to Synth1, an homage to the Nord Lead hardware synth. Surprisingly fully featured, especially for a free instrument, it’s capable of some awesome sound generation and tweaking. 

After running you through the slightly unconventional installation procedure, you’ll see how to start with a default patch where every setting is at zero, even though the synth doesn’t come with one. From there G.W. goes on to look at the different sections like filter, oscillator and voice mode to demonstrate how to take control of Synth1 and build your own original sounds from scratch. Make the most of the free synths out there with this great course! 




10 FREE Synths (That You Can't Live Without)


Ever "hear" of these soft synths?:

  • Synth 1
  • Poldolski
  • Free Alpha
  • Helm
  • Micro Prism
  • Tyrell N6
  • Kairatune
  • Noisemaker
  • OBXD
  • Locomotion

We'll neither did we until synth expert G.W. Childs proposed this course. As it turns out, these FREE, renegade synths are the real deal! In fact, they're pretty darn inspiring! See how these creative, outside-the-box synths work, what they can do, and how you can fuse them into your musical world. We're pretty confident that once you see them in-action, you'll be downloading them right away!

So sit back. Dig in. TURN UP THE VOLUME and imagine how these synths can enhance your next production or live set.





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