Discover Cubasis For iPad With This Quick Overview Video

Cubasis is both fun and powerful to use - one of the most powerful mobile DAWs around in fact. Hollin Jones shows you around in this quick introductory video.  

Cubasis is one of the most powerful DAWs for iPad, combining unlimited tracks with great instruments and plugins, AU plugin support and the same ease of use that Cubase on the desktop is known for. In this short video from the course Cubasis 2 101: Make A Track In Cubasis, Cubase expert Hollin Jones guides you through the basics of the interface and what Cubasis can do. If you're new to the app it's the perfect place to start. 

Amongst other things you'll get a tour of the toolbars, the browser, main project area, virtual keyboard and pads and much more. You'll see that Steinberg has been really clever in fitting so much functionality into a touch-enabled app that's still really approachable and fun to use. Check out the rest of this course to see exactly how each part of the app works and how they all fit together!

Watch the full course Cubasis 2 101: Make A Track In Cubasis in the Ask Audio Academy here. 

Cubasis 2 101: Make A Track In Cubasis

If you use Cubase (or even if you don’t) you’ll find that Cubasis 2 for iPad brings a lot of powerful production, recording and even performance tools to the world of touch! There are unlimited MIDI tracks. Dozens of audio inputs and outputs. And so many pro features that we decided to bring on Cubase expert Hollin Jones to explain and explore them. 

If you already own Cubasis then this course will take you to next level. If you’re a Cubase user then sit back and see how you can use Cubasis to kickstart your productions. But even if you simply have an iPad and are looking for a powerful app to record and produce when your feeling inspired while untethered to your studio… then Cubasis might be for you too! 

See what Cubasis is all about in this in-depth course by expert trainer Hollin Jones!

Watch the full course Cubasis 2 101: Make A Track In Cubasis in the Ask Audio Academy here. 

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Cubasis is a nice program, for sure. I have a copy of it on my iPad and it can do just about anything you can do with computer based DAW's. If all you have is an iPad, I highly recommend it. However, I don't use it much as I find it's just a whole lot easier to use Logic on my MacBook Pro. I guess I'm old fashioned and never really took to doing things by dragging my fingers across a display. Nevertheless, Cubasis is very well designed and I have no doubt that many folks will love using it.

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