Discover Bitwig Studio 2's New Modulators

With a new, infinite modulation system and a bunch of new devices, Bitwig Studio 2 opens up an incredible world of creative possibilities. Thavius Beck explains how it works.  

Bitwig Studio 2 is here and it has a ton of new features to help you make music. One of the biggest is an infinite modulation system where you can assign practically anything to anything else! Bitwig certified pro Thavius Beck is here to show you how the new tools work in this video from the course Bitwig Studio 2 - 101: Absolute Beginner's Guide. 

Bitwig Studio has 24 new modulators that can be inserted into any device chain in a project and you can keep on going pretty much for ever. To ease you into the workflow, Thavius explains how the system works and gives practical examples of assigning sources to destinations, showing how colour coding is used extensively to help you along. Check out the rest of the course to learn all the other new features of this powerful DAW. 

Watch the complete course Bitwig Studio 2 - 101: Absolute Beginner's Guide in the Ask Audio Academy here.

Bitwig Studio 2 -101: Absolute Beginner's Guide

This course by Bitwig Certified Pro, Thavius Beck, takes you through the essentials you need to create your own original compositions in Bitwig Studio 2. It starts with a detailed exploration of the Dashboard, GUI and touch screen capabilities. Viewers then learn how to configure their preferences for audio and MIDI and how to use MIDI instruments. The next collection of video tutorials show how to use and edit audio clips and how to use both Audio and Note Effects. Viewers also see the vast new array of Modulators, and how to apply them to Bitwig devices.

Continuing on with this course also familiarizes students on personalizing the toolbar and accessing and working with the browser. It dives into the Inspector panels and how the Clip Launcher and Arrangement views work together. The concluding section takes the viewer step-by-step through the rendering and exporting process.

Completing this course, under the guidance of Bitwig Certified Professional Thavius Beck, assures that you get the most out of Bitwig Studio 2, and gives you the knowledge you need to continue to building your musical compositions on a solid foundation.

Watch the complete course Bitwig Studio 2 - 101: Absolute Beginner's Guide in the Ask Audio Academy here.

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