Diego Stocco Color Bots for Ableton Live Intros Adaptive Tonal Processing For Unique Sound Design

Oh my goodness. Color Bots for Ableton Live 9.5 is really unique in the way it combines cross-synthesis and harmonically complex musical phrases to add interesting colors to your sounds.  

Diego Stocco might be well known to you as a sound designer for Spectraonsics’ Omnisphere and Omnisphere 2. You may also know him from his awesome sound design video course in The AskAudio Academy here (if you haven’t seen this, you really should!) 

But, we’re not here to talk about all the incredible pioneering sound design work Diego has been involved in. Instead we’re getting specific and looking at his new Ableton Live session called Color Bot designed for Live 9.5 and above.

You don’t need Max for Live or 3rd-party plug-ins. Juts load up Ableton Live and go. Here's what Diego says about Color Bots:

"Color Bots is a processing Live session specifically designed for Ableton Live Standard Edition 9.5 or later; no Max4Live or 3rd party plugins are necessary to run Color Bots.

"For Color Bots, I developed a new technique called Adaptive Tonal Processing, that is based on a combination of cross-synthesis and harmonically complex musical phrases. Once you become familiar with the sonic concept behind these Colors you could also try to create your own and use them in Color Bots.

"Color Bots generates new tonal elements by “coloring” the rhythmic and dynamic profile of a loop. The resulting sound can be manipulated through the Macro Controls and played tonally from a keyboard.

"A smaller but different version of Color Bots is also available, and it’s called Color Bots MINI; it contains the full synthesis/processing chain but only 10 Colors, different from the ones available in Color Bots (which contains 50 colors)."


Price: Color Bots is $34.99 / Color Bot MINI is $7.99.

Find out more: http://www.diegostocco.com/color-bots/


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