Did Image Line (FL Studio) Destroy A Genuine Roland TB-303 Bass Synth? Watch The Video Here.

Remember how FL Studio were asking for ways you'd want to see a Roland TB-303 destroyed? Well, here's the video showing the results of that vote.  

I'm going to keep this short, because as you may have guessed by the title of this story things may not have panned out quite the way we expected. A few days back Image Line (the makers of FL Studio) announced they had sampled an original Roland TB-303 and would now destroy it. They took requests. We felt destroying a piece of music history wasn't the best way to deal with a classic synth and posted about it here.

So, a few days have passed. The reactions were strong back then, how are you feeling now? And most importantly what really happened to the TB-303?

Here's the video showing what Image Line did to the vintage music machine... even if you're squeamish about  things being harmed (like me) it's worth perservering and watching this short video to the end...

Spoiler alert: Don't read this if you want the full impact of the video... but basically, the real Roland TB-303 was not harmed at all during the making of the video above. 

Here's what our friends at Image Line tell us about the video and about your chance to win a genuine Roland TB-303 if you buy Transistor Bass:

"We made the video and it's even hard for us to watch it! Here's what we did: We took a Cyclone TT-303 and removed the internals, inserted a fake 3D-Printed circuit board and knob (notice one gets hit with the saw look carefully at the last moment and you will see the change). We then filmed the genuine Roland TB-303 on the saw and swapped it out at the last moment for the Cyclone TT-303 (the case with fake internals). That's why there's duct-taped end-stops on the saw, so we could position both units exactly. As the genuine TB-303 and clone TT-303 cases are identical, it was easy to composite the two videos in post. If you pay careful attention to the guard on the saw, you can see small errors in the video mask. Yes we did cut up the TT-303 case, but its now reassembled, working and nicely 'modded'. Of course, no genuine TB-303 was harmed in the making of this video. However, we still see some people on social media claiming we faked the fake and destroyed both! What you gonna do? But! If you believe both still exist, read on."

Now it's your chance to win a slice of Synth history!

Buy Transistor Bass between now and December 1, 2016 to be in the running to win a genuine Roland TB-303 or 'modded' Cyclone TT-303 as seen in the video above.  

For more info on Transistor Bass check the product page


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