Devious Machines' Texture 1.5 Now Lets You Import Any Sound You Like

Import your own samples'‹ and manipulate with four sampling types, plus a whole bunch of other useful new features in the 1.5 update, which is free for existing users.  

Texture​ was already a sound design powerhouse, able to enhance or transform your audio with more than 340 built-in sounds. You can read our review of it here:

Now in version 1.5, you can import ​any ​sound, with full access to Texture’s extensive resynthesis capabilities. Texture 1.5 can​ import samples via drag and drop​, and introduces ​Granular​, ​Random​, ​Loop and ​Trigger​ modes to get the most out of any source. You can now use Texture to ​replace individual drums​ completely, ​trigger risers, impacts and other ear candy​, and b​ring more character ​to lifeless sounds.


  •  Import your own samples​ and manipulate with four sampling types
  •  Use your existing audio to ​trigger and control sample playback
  •  Familiar sampler controls​ including Start Time, End Time, Looping
  •  Transform your sounds with ​granular synthesis​, including random mode
  •  Repitch, Compress and Resynthesise​ your imported audio
  •  Drag and Drop​ from your Browser, DAW or anywhere else
  •  Define playback behaviour of your own samples with trigger parameters
  •  Expanded control set for easy tweaking of sampling and triggering
  •  More detailed audio analysis from within the onboard EQs

We’ve been using Texture 1.5 to do all manner of useful things we couldn’t do before. With the ability to trigger samples that are a different length from your channel’s audio envelope, Texture can now ​add twang to bass tones​, separately e​ mphasize transients,​ trigger ​replacement drum sounds,​ use audio channels to ​kick off modulating risers​, add space by s​ parking off an isolated reverb tail​, bulk up a sound by ​triggering isolated hits ​from a loop, and much more.


  •  Over 340 inspirational sampled, granular and generative sources to trigger
  •  Dial in the perfect response with ​Gate Threshold, Attack, Hold and Decay c​ontrols
  •  Sculpt the original sound and Texture with ​EQ and Filtering​, and blend the two together
  •  Customise your chosen Texture with further controls (C​ olour, Pitch, Octave, Density...​)
  •  Modulate a Texture’s controls and filter cutoff using L​ FO and Envelope s​ignals
  •  Filter the response of the source signal with the ​Sidechain Filter
  •  Squash the Texture sound using ​Limiting and MakeUp Gain
  •  Global control of Texture level, Mix and Master level
  •  Samples provided at 96kHz where required for pristine repitching
  •  VST/AU/AAX effects plugin for PC (32/64-bit) and Mac (64-bit)
Texture 1.5 is a free upgrade for existing users. Until April 21st, to celebrate version 1.5, we’re offering Texture for £49 (€57/$65). The usual price is £80 (€94/$106), and a free demo is available from

Hollin Jones was classically trained as a piano player but found the lure of blues and jazz too much to resist. Graduating from bands to composition then production, he relishes the chance to play anything with keys. A sometime lecturer in videographics, music production and photography post production, Hollin has been a freelance w... Read More


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