Demystify The Roland System-8 Synth In This Video Overview

Roland's Plug-Out synths are multi-talented, so here's Rishabh Rajan to help you get straight to the heart of how they work.  

Roland's System-8 hardware is a powerful and unique instrument but with this quick overview video from synth expert Rishabh Rajan you'll learn to find your way around the key areas with a minimum of fuss. Taken from the full course Roland SYSTEM-8 101: SYSTEM-8 Explained and Explored, Rishabh starts by demonstrating the bank and patch selection areas before showing you the arpeggiator section. 

As well as the System-8 engine you also get the Jupiter-8 engine and you'll see how to quickly switch to that to make entirely different kinds of sounds. This synth is particularly good at making pad sounds, and of course there's the classic Super Saw as well. Check out the other videos in the course for more depth on the intricacies of this excellent synth!

Watch the full course Roland SYSTEM-8 101: SYSTEM-8 Explained and Explored in the AskAudio Academy here. 

System-8 Explained And Explored

We just love all the cool, new synths that are being unleashed into the sonic marketplace and the Roland SYSTEM-8 is right there at the top of our list. In this course, by synth expert Rishabh Rajan, you learn everything you need to know to make this small but powerful keyboard synth really rock the sonic universe.

In his typical fashion, Rishabh takes you thoroughly through every potentiometer, switch, slider and button that adorns this black and green synth’s faceplate. But this is much more than a “this-knob-does-that” manual. This course digs into the depths of synthesis and shows you, with in-action tutorials, the very unique way the SYSTEM-8 creates its signature sound.

So if you’ve got a Roland SYSTEM-8… watch this course! If you’re thinking about getting a SYSTEM-8… watch this course! Even if you're just interested in synths and sound design… Watch this course! You’ll be glad you did!

Watch the full course Roland SYSTEM-8 101: SYSTEM-8 Explained and Explored in the AskAudio Academy here. 


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