Entschlüsselung Waves New Codex Granular Synth Wavetable

Learn how to make the most out of the new Waves Codex synth with Matt Vanacoro as he uncovers all of its incredible new granular, wavetable features.  

Codex ist eine körnige, Scannen, Wavetable-Synth das Team von Waves entfesselt. Sehen, wie das Synth inspiriert sonic Wahnsinn in dieser exklusiven Kurs von Trainer Matt Vanacoro. Dann fangen die Bonus-all-Codex Song, am Ende des Kurses durch die erstaunliche Eyal Amir.

Imagine creating your very own audio waves and then scanning and morphing between them. That’s only one of Codex’s many cool features! It also has advanced filtering, sequencing, sound shaping, arpeggiation and processing tools. Put these all together and you’ll see that Waves has come up with a very powerful, usable and wicked synth indeed! 

In this course, trainer Matt Vanacoro deciphers each one of Codex’s features showing exactly what they do, how they work and how to use them in your tracks. Then, in the final section of this course, Matt combines them all together in a sound design masterclass as he creates basses, evolving pads and screaming leads. The last video in this massive, 32-tutorial collection is an original song and video by our own favorite music producer, Eyal Amir. When it comes to playing and producing music with out-there synths, nobody does it better than Eyal. So see what Waves’ Codex can do and what you can do with the coolest, scanning, wavetable synth we've come across in years: Codex!

Hier ist ein Video von der Strecke auf den fortgeschrittenen Oszillator Kontrollen:

Codex entschlüsselt

Entdecken Sie mehr im vollen Gange hier:


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