Data Garden Releases PlantWave: This Device Enables Plants To Sing!

From the makers of MIDI Sprout, Data Garden are back with PlantWave, a device that (literally) gives musical expression to plants. And it's coming very soon...  

Data Garden is launching PlantWave, a consumer device that allows plants to play music in real time from phones, tablets, and computers. Having establishing itself as a leader at the intersection of plants, music, and technology, Data Garden’s new hardware allows people to pair their plants to mobile devices via Bluetooth and listen to them produce music in real time. “We’re really excited to offer this new product. We’ve received so much feedback from our users about what they’d like to see and we’re happy to deliver it all in one package as PlantWave,” says Jon Shapiro, CTO.

The Kickstarter launches on Tuesday September 24th. “We’re so inspired by the talent of our community of users and we’re excited to provide a platform for them to explore and share the potential of this technology through public art,” explains Joe Patitucci, Founder and COO.

The goal for the Kickstarter is $100k. Users can pre-order PlantWave for $220 as well as donate to the cause for a plethora of interesting rewards that range from boutique products to in-person experiences in LA.

Here's some music made using PlantWave:

Since 2011, Data Garden has reached thousands of nature enthusiasts and trendy lifestyle hobbyists. Through their first hardware product, MIDI Sprout, they formed a passionate community centered around listening to plants. PlantWave incorporates user feedback and update requests into a simple, easy to use product that runs on iOS and Android devices. The mechanics of the device are simple. Two sensors monitor the fluctuations of electrical conductivity of a plant’s leaf. PlantWave then translates these fluctuations into digital messages that control instruments in a mobile app.


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