D16 & Slate Digital Repeater Emulates 23 Classic, Vintage Delay Units

Repeater isn't your average delay plugin. I'll say it again. Repeater isn't your average delay plugin! D16 & Slate Digital's new plug-in collaboration can emulate virtually any classic delay unit.  

Katowice, Poland: D16 Group Audio Software and Slate Digital releases new virtual effect– Repeater. Release date is planned for November 18th, 2016.

Repeater conceived in collaboration with Slate Digital is a virtual effect that can mimic the behavior of almost any classical delay unit.  A dual delay line device that features 23 unique authentically modeled delay units ranging from classic oil cans and plates to the most famous vintage digital designs.

Here are the 23 designs featured in Repeater:

  •  Cassette Tape - A model of an early 80's Japanese cassette tape deck.
  •  Coopy Cube - An early 70's delay originally made from a garden hose.
  •  Digital 42 - One of the most famous modern digital delays.
  •  Digital 42 x 2 - The double option on the Digital 42, it halves the sample rate for the lo-fi tone.
  •  Digital Delay - A clean, hi resolution digital delay (the default setting).
  •  DM-2 - An early bucket brigade analog delay.
  •  Mellow Delay - Subdued delay based on several vintage analog topologies.
  •  Memory Guy - Analog delay with vintage tone.
  •  Mirky Delay - Based on early bucket brigade analog delays.
  •  New Radio - Delay tone with FM radio style.
  •  Old Radio - Delay tone with AM radio style.
  •  Pitchy Delays - (3 models) - Delays with slight pitch modulations for extreme spatial effects.
  •  Plexy Echo - Based on an old 70s tape delay unit.
  •  Space Delay - Based on the famous magnetic tape delay
  •  Tape Delay Ancient - An extremely old 1940's style tape delay tone.
  •  Tape Delay Classic - Early 60's style tape delay.
  • Tape Delay Modern - Hi-fi tape delay.
  • Tape Delay Vintage - 70's style tape tone.
  • Telephone 1 - Lo-fi telephone tone.
  • Telephone 2 - Another lo-fi telephone tone with slightly different frequency and distortion tone.
  • TelRay - The analog delay classic made original from a tuna can.

Repeater appears to be a typical stereo delay effect processor with independent control of the processing path for the left and right channels. In fact, it features independent re-panning and dry/wet mixing for each of two stereo channels, which makes it a full double delay line effect.

D16 & Slate Digital Repeater

For more information, full features and sound examples please visit Repeater website at (after November 18rd, 2016):


Format: VST, AU, AAX - 32/64-bit

Price: €89 / $99 / £75 (incl. all taxes - if applicable)

Web: http://www.d16.pl/repeater



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