D16 Group Releases Syntorus 2 Triple-delay-line BBD Chorus Plugin

The original Syntorus delay and chorus plugin from D16 is dead. Long live the new triple-delay-line and chorus plugin, Syntorus 2.  

Katowice, Poland: D16 Group Audio Software is proud to release the second generation of its acclaimed Syntorus analog-modelling chorus effect. Release date is planned for February 10th, 2020.

Inspired by the effects modules from classic synthesizers such as the Solina String Ensemble, Elka Synthex and Roland Juno-106, Syntorus 2 adds a wealth of new features to D16’s BBD (bucket brigade device) chorus plugin, taking it to new sonic and creative heights.

Syntorus 2

Most chorus processors generate their effect using just a single delay, but Syntorus 2 deploys three analog-modelled delay lines to conjure a far richer, fuller sound. Each delay line features its own onboard multimode filter and tremolo module, as well as panning control for ear-catching stereo chorusing; and two BBD models provide a choice of ‘clean’ or ‘100%-analog-authentic’ sound.

Three powerful LFOs serve as modulation sources for delay time, filter cutoff and tremolo, and are routed to the three delay lines via one of three switchable topologies. Independent left / right phase shift opens up even more stereo possibilities, while host timeline-locked phase sync ensures that Syntorus 2 always sounds exactly as it should at any point on the timeline.

Feature-packed and versatile, and delivering a uniquely characterful triple-BBD sound, Syntorus 2 adds life, width and movement to synth basses and leads, and depth, space and lushness to guitars and other electric/acoustic instruments. Quite simply, this is the analog chorus plugin you’ve been looking for!

Syntorus 2 is available now. It replaces the original Syntorus, which is discontinued.

Retail prices: €59 / $65 / £49 (incl. all taxes - if applicable)

Web: https://www.d16.pl/syntorus2




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