Cycling ’74 Announces New Max Certified Trainer Program

Cycling '74 introduces a new certified training program for Max alongside first five Max Certified trainers.  

January 26, 2021—Today, Cycling ’74 announces their new Max Certified Trainer Program by introducing the first five Max Certified Trainers. This program enhances the Max community by offering more independent learning opportunities?.

These Max Certified Trainers or Max CTs are a group of diverse independent educators who are not only knowledgeable but can instruct others to become better Max programmers. The Max CTs have strong general knowledge and will bring their experience of specific areas of Max's offerings, whether it be topics like advanced MSP, Jitter, or I/O interactions.

Max Certified Trainer

Melody Loveless - Brooklyn? ?(?

Melody Loveless is an artist, musician, performer and educator who works with creative and interactive technologies. Her expertise includes teaching first-time users and programmers, consulting other educators on curriculum, and showing artists how to incorporate Max into their practice to create interdisciplinary projects. She believes in technology’s potential to empower others to create art and enjoys sharing techniques and ideas with others.

Phelan Kane - Berlin? (

Phelan Kane is a Berlin and London based music producer, engineer, artist, developer and educator. For over twenty years, he has been active in both the music industry and the contemporary music education sector, with a focus on electronic music and alternative bands.

Kyle Duffield - Toronto? (

Kyle Duffield is a Toronto based Interactive Experience Artist and Designer who makes immersive installations and brand activations. His decade-plus teaching and consulting expertise spans audio, video, creative coding, electronics, interaction design, and spectacle creation in the form of university courses, workshops, and tutoring sessions.

Andrew Robinson - Tempe? (

Andrew is an Interactive Experience Designer with a focus on creating real-time audiovisual animations and lighting installations. His design work has been featured in live experience settings such as music performances and museums across the country. He also has a passion for learning and sharing knowledge of design and Max MSP and runs a Youtube channel where he documents his installation builds and shares Max programming techniques.

Chloe Thompson - Brooklyn? (

Chloe Alexandra Thompson is an interdisciplinary artist and touring sound designer whose works and workshops have been featured in galleries and performance spaces domestically and internationally. Using Max, Thompson creates unique sonic environments and interactive performance tools.

“It has been a dream for many of us at Cycling '74 to see the Max Certified Trainer Program realized. We're excited to see what the first 5 Max CTs and the program as a whole will do to empower Max users.” said Josh Weatherspoon, Cycling ’74 Certified Trainer Program Lead.

“We have been working with the first cohort of Max certified trainers to curate online courses and meetups. They are a group of diverse, talented and passionate teachers who can support beginners with their first steps with Max, as well as teach advanced users.” said JB Thiebaut, Music Hackspace founder and CEO.


If you would like to set up a one-on-one lesson or hire a Max CT for a workshop, please head over to our Certified Trainer page? (

About Cycling ’74

Cycling ’74 creates software for the specialized needs of artists, educators, and researchers working with audio, visual media, and physical computing. Our visual programming tool Max serves as the creative engine behind thousands of innovative projects. Its iPad app Mira allows the user to expand beyond the Max environment for increased flexibility.

More information about Cycling ’74 and its product line available here:



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