CV4Live Lets You Control Ableton Live Using a Modular Synth

Oh Skinnerbox. You are very, very clever people indeed. We're not sure exactly how they've done this, but basically you can now control Ableton Live with a modular synth setup using CV4Live.  

If you’ve ever dreamed about expanding the capabilities of Ableton Live and controlling it using your chunky modular synthesizer setup, then Skinnerbox have been reading your dream diary… and they've created an incredible couple of Max for Live devices: CV4Live. 

Skinnerbox tell us CV4Live turns Ableton Live into a “capable digital module that can do anything from granular synthesis, effects processing, sample triggering, and more.” All you need (aside from Ableton Live and the free Max for Live CV4Live) is a sound card and an oscillating module. 

CV4Live is awesome. Watch the video demo / tutorial NOW:

CV4LIVE by Skinnerbox can be downloaded for free here:


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