Cubase 13 is Out Now!

Cubase 13 is here with new, advanced features and workflow enhancements for composing, producing and mixing. Upgrade price available.

Cubase 13 introduces fantastic new features and workflow enhancements to support you when your creativity is flowing.


The MixConsole has been given a fresh overhaul with a slick, streamlined design to help you focus on your mix.

Mix Console

Range Tool

The Range tool is one of the most powerful tools in Cubase and it’s now available in the Key Editor as well as the Drum Editor.

Key Editor and Drum Editor

Edit multiple parts from within the Key Editor and Drum Editor, switch between tracks with new Visibility tab and maintain an overview with the new Track display.

Channel Tab

The new channel tab in the Project window gives you direct access to your mix, without leaving the arrangement. The new design means you can intuitively find what you need, letting you mix on the go in a compact, per channel view.

The Ultimate Vocal Chain

Vocal processing is an art of its own, taking a lot of expertise and experience to master the different processing steps. The VocalChain plug-in provides dedicated modules for each step, helping to turn your recordings into professional-sounding vocal tracks.

Chord Pads

The new chord pads make it easy to find creative chord progressions. New presets give you excellent starting points and enhanced functions make it even simpler to create unique music.

Vintage EQ and Compressors

Two new equalizers, the EQ-P1A and the EQ-M5, add a classy sound to your productions. Black Valve is a classic tube compressor with lots of warmth and character. Its sonic detail makes this tribute to one of the most iconic studio processors really stand out.


Vocal Compressor

The new VoxComp is a compressor specifically designed for vocals, gently taming your recordings without compromising clarity, transients, or expression.

Vox Comp

Iconica Sketch

Iconica Sketch allows everyone from beginners to professional composers to create full orchestral scores of the highest quality with 140 articulations for 34 instruments in a compact 5GB library.

Sampler Track

The Sampler Track is even more creative, thanks to stunning new Spectral Warp modes for extreme manipulation and powerful envelope creation.


Create classic robotic vocals or add analog flavor to your instruments with the legendary Steinberg Vocoder. Use up to 24 filter bands, sidechain input, and enjoy in-depth control over the sound.


Sample Packs

Be inspired by five exclusive new sample packs by Grammy-winning producer Beat Butcha, creative mastermind Sharooz, and acclaimed sample boutiques 91Vocals and Touch Loops.

Workflow Improvements

  • The Step and MIDI Input features are now even more powerful. Modify note lengths on the fly and add voices on top with the new polyphonic note input feature.
  • MIDI CCs can now be recorded in simplified ramps to make it quicker and easier for editing the controller events afterwards.
  • Working with new video edits is now more convenient with new Track Versions for the Video Track.
  • Export a new soundtrack directly into the original mp4 video file, without time-consuming video re-rendering.
  • Do you want to start from the cycle marker, the last position, or your selection? Configure where playback starts to precisely match your workflow.
  • Easily adjust the project tempo to the beat with the new Tap Tempo feature on the Transport Bar.
  • Change the channel type from mono to stereo or vice versa with just one click.




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