Creating Your Own Loops? Here's How to Solve The Delay & Reverb Tail Problem

Time-based effects can leave a tail which makes cutting audio loops tricky. Adam Pollard has the solution - and it's simpler than you might think.  

Most musicians / producers have used a sample pack at some point, whether it's a commercially purchased one or something that has been distributed for free. And many of us actually have large sample collections. But did you know it's not difficult to create your own? Perhaps you have a signature sound or production style, or a vintage instrument you want to turn into a sample collection. In this video course, Adam Pollard takes you through the ins and outs of designing and marketing your own sample collections!

Of course your sample collections can incorporate many different kinds of sounds and in this video, Adam walks you through using time-based effects on your loops. Effects like reverb or delay leave a "tail" which can be cut off and sound strange when you create loops. However Adam has come up with a way to avoid this problem! And it doesn't mean creating incredibly long files. Watch to discover the secret, and check out the rest of the videos in the course for much more on creating your own sample packs. 

Watch the full course Sample Pack Creation 101: Designing and Marketing Sample Packs in the AskAudio Academy | macProVideo | AskVideo.

Sample Pack Creation 101: Designing and Marketing Sample Packs

Creating and selling your own sample packs is a great way to earn extra income. It’s also a very good promotional tool to get your name out there, and a lot of fun. But how do you do it? Join sound designer Adam Pollard (aka Multiplier) in this course, and get tons of tips to get you on the right track!

Many artists are relying on 3rd-party sample packs to create music. Sample packs can include drum loops, one-shots, synth presets… anything to give quick inspiration to electronic music producers. Buying and using sample packs is one thing, but if you want to create and sell your own, there’s a lot of important information you need to know. That’s exactly why we asked Multiplier (who creates sample packs for the biggest sample pack labels, including Loopmasters, Splice, Industrial Strength, CAPSUN ProAudio, and 5Pin Media) to design this course!

In these tutorials, you learn everything from creative workflows and organizational tips to technical considerations, such as file formats, normalization, file naming conventions, metadata, creating perfect loops, etc. Adam also dives into the marketing and business side of things, where you learn about public domain, self distributing versus releasing through a label, EULAs, and more. In short, you discover how to create great loop packs, and how to monetize your hard work.

So join sound designer Adam Pollard in this course full of inside knowledge, and start to create and sell your own sample packs!

Watch the full course Sample Pack Creation 101: Designing and Marketing Sample Packs in the AskAudio AcademymacProVideo | AskVideo.

Hollin Jones was classically trained as a piano player but found the lure of blues and jazz too much to resist. Graduating from bands to composition then production, he relishes the chance to play anything with keys. A sometime lecturer in videographics, music production and photography post production, Hollin has been a freelance w... Read More


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