Creating Shortcuts and Macros In Cubase 6

Using keyboard shortcuts can save you lots of time over trawling through menus with your mouse. Cubase 6 takes efficiency to the next level; Macros that combine multiple shortcuts in one keystroke.  

I'm a huge fan of improving workflow but hey who isn't! Regardless of the DAW I'm using I love to get the most from my environment and that usually means utilizing shortcuts and key commands.

Creating your own custom shortcuts in Cubase 6 is really straightforward but if you want to take things a step further you can create Macro sequences that can be triggered with one key command. Let's take a look at this now...

Step 1 - Creating Your Own Key Commands

Creating your own key commands and shortcuts in Cubase is extremely straight forward. Simply navigating to key commands in the file menu will take you to a browser consisting of literally thousands of customizable commands.

Accessing the Key Commands menu

Accessing the Key Commands menu

Just about anything that you can achieve in Cubase 6 can be found in this extensive list and ultimately mapped to a a key of your choice. I would suggest using the search field to find the specific command you are looking for, as trawling through manually could take some time!

The extensive Key Command list

The extensive Key Command list

Current key commands will be displayed next the command in question and new short cuts can be easily mapped by hitting the key (or key combination) you want to use. These are then stored for use in any future projects.

This is all very well but let's say you want to string a few commands together, can it be done you ask? Well yes it can and the answer is '

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