Creating Pitched Sampler Instruments without affecting Sample Duration in Logic 9

If you map one audio sample in Logic's EXS24 from C1 to C4 not only will you be able to create a pitched instrument, you will also notice the duration of the sample will be altered. The higher the pit  

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Gary Hiebner
Brilliant tutorial!
Thanks Gary :)
yeah this is very helpful thanks
Rounik Sethi
Thanks Steve!
Smith Farnell
Can this be done in Windows (PC) platform? If so, what are the DAW / software? Cubase? FL Studio?

Hi (no name),

The basic principle behind this technique should carry over to the PC platform and other DAWs. I'm not sure about Fruity Loops, as I don't know enough about it - but certainly Cubase, Sonar and the other big DAWs should be able to achieve this.

great tutorial

if i wanted to create a pitched instrument using say a synth stab from a vengeance sound pack for example ..

but didn't know the original pitch, could i use the pitch shifter to decide what pitch i want to start from and then go up or down from there ? or will it only go up or down from the samples original pitch ??

and if so, i don't suppose there are tutorials on how to determine the samples pitch ???

thanks in advance
Hey Eddie,

You're correct. If you use the Pitch Shifter it can't determine the pitch so just adds/subtracts the relative pitch in octaves.

You can find the original pitch using something like the Guitar Tuner plugin to give you a rough idea. Then try creating a new software instrument track. Instantiate an EXS24 and use the default sine wave setting (or load in a piano) and play that to help you find the pitch of the sample. (Look in Logic's Transport bar to see which MIDI note pitch you are playing).

Hope this helps
Hi thanks for such a speedy response ! i will have a go at that when i am home. sounds like a simple enough way to achieve it, thanks very much

i am trying to get my head round the exs24, mainly to create my own instruments.. but having trouble getting the notes to sustain, i know this is going off topic but finding people who help is hard to come across .. can you point me in the direction of a tutorial for this ?? or the correct terminology for me to run a good enough search in google

many thanks
Hi Eddie,

I see... getting notes to sustain... well, depends how long the original sample is. You can set up loop points for audio samples in EXS24... and/or use the 'One shot' feature to play the length of the sample even once your finger has stopped triggering the note on the keyboard.

I'd recommend the video tutorials here at macProVideo... the one on the EXS24 is here:

But then if you're interested in stretching the original audio file and then bringing it in to the EXS24 (in order to sustain the note longer than the original) then you may be interested in time stretching (all covered in the Logic 101) but you can go more in depth with this video tutorial on Flex time:

Personally, I'd recommend getting a one month online subscription so you can view ALL the videos (there's more on Logic than anywhere else!) - of course, feel free to ask away here or on the Logic Forums here:

Hope that helps :)
hi thanks once again for your reply.. i will check them out now, i probably overlooked the logic 101 because i felt i had a good basic understanding of the DAW ..

Guess i have just learnt a fundamental rule, you can never stop learning lol !! so back to basics ... thanks for your support !
No probs Eddie. I'd recommend the EXS24 tut... it's packed with useful info... and of course the 101 is massive in the content it covers too.

Of course, let me know if you have any Qs on the forums. We're always around to help when we can :)

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