Creating Pitch Risers in Ableton Live

Are you looking for the perfect pitch risers for your electronic tracks? Bill Burgess shows how you can easily make your own in Ableton Live in seven quick steps.  

Tension and release are timeless hallmarks of all great music. So it makes sense to explore elements that achieve that effect for our own music. Now I'm not talking about the ridiculously ginormous and obese builds and breakdowns that the frat boys and girls love. I want to show you something a bit more subtle, but as effective. In this tutorial we are going to create 8-bar tension building clips using pitch that can be stored in your User Library and triggered during any Live set.

Step 1 - Select a Sound

For this example I use Clouds and Bells. You can find it the Categories Section under Instruments > Analog > Mallets > Clouds and Bells.adg. In Session View, drag the device to an available MIDI track. Right-click within the first Clip Slot and select 'Insert MIDI Clip'

Bill Burgess went to Berklee College of Music on a Buddy Rich scholarship, where he studied Film Score and Performance. After 5 years as a touring musician, he opened one of a handful of recording studios in Los Angeles based upon a then unproven platform now known as Pro Tools. As a producer/engineer he recorded nearly 25 CD’s and h... Read More


Ableton Weekly
Great tutorial! Linked to this in issue #36 of Ableton Weekly

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