Creating Dub, Trap & Glitch Stutter Effects with Korg volca beats

Are you into creating dub, trap or long echoes in your beats, or are you after some glitchy effects for your drum patterns? G. W. Childs shows how in this Korg volca beats tutorial video.  
Watch the complete Korg volca beats course at AskVideo.

Korg volca beats is such a cool portable drum machine and there's lots more to it than meets the eye.

Using the Time and Depth controls on the volca beats, G. W. Childs shows how to apply stutter effects between different styles, such as Dub, Trap and Glitch and affect only the claps (or last played drum element) while leaving the rest of your pattern intact. Most importantly, you can create some very interesting and engaging drum effects on the fly.

Watch the video tutorial on stuttering effects with Korg volca veats here:

Watch the complete Korg volca beats video course at here.

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