Create the T-Pain Autotune effect in Logic

One of the most popular vocal effects plug-ins used over the past couple of years has to be Auto-tune. Listen to T-Pain and a whole host of other contemporary musicians and you'll hear it in action.  

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Nice one, Rounik, Thanks. I just bought the T-Pain iPhone app recently, so now I have multiple ways of achieving this effect.
Hey Adam,

Thanks. What's the T-Pain for iPhone App like? Does it work well?
Hey Rounik,

I've used it so far only with the standard Apple headset that comes packaged with the iPhone. The auto-tune function works fine, but audio quality is not great (but workable). That maybe the headset. Check out this vid to see it in action live -
T-Pain's app makes it's appearance near the end. I'll let you know if I use it with better equipment and if it sounds better that way.
Thanks Man that was on point..

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