Create The Ultimate MIDI FX Rack In Ableton Live

Combine MIDI FX into groups and chains for exponentially more MIDI processing firepower in Live. DJ Kiva shows you how.  

Ableton Live comes with some amazing MIDI effects that can be used for anything from generating parts, patterns and sequences to processing input or existing MIDI data on tracks. But they get exponentially more powerful when you start to layer them up using FX racks. In this video from the course Ableton Live 202: Advanced MIDI Techniques, DJ Kiva shows you how to use this technique to your advantage.

Ableton Live 202: Advanced MIDI Techniques

You begin by seeing a Chord FX plug-in set to create minor chords, so that single note input generates more complex parts. Next an arpeggiator is added, with settings entered that instantly create a dynamic and animated part based on the chords passed from the previous chord plugin. A velocity plugin follows, and you will see how the FX chain created can be grouped inside a single rack and then saved for instnt recall. It's an incredibly powerful way to build and save your own processing rigs for more dynamic MIDI parts. Follow the links below to watch the full course and learn everything you need to know about advanced MIDI techniques in Ableton Live.

Watch the course Ableton Live 202: Advanced MIDI Techniques in the Ask.Audio Academy | macProVideo | Ask.Video

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