Create Interesting Drum Patterns in Logic Pro's Hyper Editor

The Hyper Editor is one of Logic Pro's most under-used editors. It really shouldn't be. Check out how to build a very capable Hyper Set which makes programming and editing drum patterns easy and fun.  

Logic's Hyper Editor is a very powerful tool, especially when it comes to drums and drum patterns. You can create some esoteric drum patterns by manipulating the grid lengths in the Hyper Editor and create drum sounds that aren't possible in the standard Piano Roll editor. Let's look at how to build a drum editor for the Hyper Editor, and then how to experiment with the grid lengths to create interesting drum timbres.

Step 1 - Build a Mapped Drum Instrument

Let's start by creating a Software Instrument on a channel. I have inserted an Ultrabeat using the default Ultrabeat Kit sound. Now I need to create a Mapped Instrument of the Ultrabeat. Go to the Environment Window (Cmd-8). Go to New > Mapped Instrument. Let's rename this instrument '

Gary Hiebner is an enthusiastic South African Sound Designer and Apple Tech Head! Gary has been involved in the South African music industry for the decade, and in this time has also been involved in the sound design and music production for many advertising agencies and media houses. Gary is a devoted Logic and Ableton user, but he al... Read More


Hey Gary,

Great article. It was a blast following along with you. Nice easy way to program beats in a very clean UI.

Love your contribution to the Hub!

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