Create Dynamic MIDI Parts In Ableton Live With The Scale Effect

By forcing MIDI to conform to different scales you can radically change the way a track sounds. In this short video, Noah Pred explains how to do it.  

MIDI FX are a great way to process and generate MIDI to create advanced sequences and beats that you might not be able to perform by hand. In this short video from the course Ableton Live FastTrack 203: Live's MIDI FX, Noah Pred explores the Scale effect, which can be placed into the MIDI signal chain to make MIDI notes conform to specific scales and notes. 

You'll see how to use preset scale plugins to quickly conform MIDI notes to any scale you like, and quickly tweak the effect's settings to alter the root scale and notes in the input / output grid. By altering the effect's controls you can quickly flip between scales, altering the note range and much more. It's a great way to process MIDI for more creative results. Check out the other videos in the course for the lowdown on all of Live's powerful MIDI FX. 

Watch the full course Ableton Live FastTrack 203: Live's MIDI FX in the Ask.Audio Academy | AskVideo | macProVideo

Ableton Live FastTrack 203: Live's MIDI FX

This 14-tutorial Ableton Live FastTrack course, filled with great examples, gives you an advanced look at the powerful MIDI FX that come bundled with Live. These FX are essential production tools that pro producers rely on. Producer/trainer Noah Pred takes you through his favorite MIDI FX tips and tricks and explains why and how he applies them.

First, Noah explores the basic FX that manipulate pitch, note length, chord structures, scales and randomness. Next, he reveals the more advanced FX that creatively manipulate velocity and arpeggiation. From there, you learn how to build complex MIDI FX racks that combine and multiply these individual FX into your own creative instruments that can be tweaked, transformed and deployed in every track you create.

Completing this FastTrack™ course will make you an Ableton Live MIDI FX expert! If you’re looking for more advanced courses, be sure to check out all of the tutorials in our collection of Live 9 courseware.

Watch the full course Ableton Live FastTrack 203: Live's MIDI FX in the Ask.Audio Academy | AskVideo | macProVideo

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