Create A Classic Sidechain Ducking Effect In FL Studio Without Using Compression

There's a clever way to use FL Studio's tools to create a classic pumping effect but without recourse to the standard compressor technique. This video reveals what it is.  

FL Studio contains all the tools you need to make great music. But after mastering the basics of this production suite, you will want to take your skills to the next level. That's where the course FL Studio 301: Advanced Production Workflows comes in and in this short video, Rishabh Rajan guides you through the process of creating the classic sidechain ducking effect using the Peak Controller.

FL Studio 301: Advanced Production Workflows

This technique doesn't use the sidechain compression tools you might have used in the past - and which work well - but instead takes a different approach. You'll see how the Peak Controller - an envelope follower - can be used to create an amplitude shape based on the incoming signal. Once this shape has been applied to the volume of a sound via the Fruity Balance controller (and the Link To Controller command), the amplitude and volume are linked, and ducking takes place dynamically in real time!

It's another creative and innovative way to produce and get better mixes in FL Studio, and you can find out much more about taking your skills to new heights by checking out the full course using the links below. It's just $29.99 to own for ever, or from $12/month to access every video in the whole library.

FL Studio 301: Advanced Production Workflows in the Ask.Audio Academy | macProVideo | Ask.Video

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