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In conjunction with AskAudio Magazine, we're thrilled to be offering two lucky readers the chance to win a copy of Rob Papen's eXplorer II bundle! Simply comment to have a chance to win!  

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I'm most excited about PREDATOR because a) because they use "PHat" to describe it - so, IT MUST BE LARGE, SON! and I'm ready to get PAID! and b) That movie was DOPE! And I'm certain this will enable me to make music I've always dreamed of! Music that Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny Glover could cut a rug to! TOGETHER!
Wellington David
Let you ears decide....
max bozzetti
veramente molto interessante,sicuramente professionale.
I'd love to use the RP-Verb - a friend has it, and I love the sounds you can get with it.
Daniel Jackson
Blue because of its diverse sonic capabilities.
For me the best plugin is Predator. Is absolutely beautiful, an easy interface and we can feel the analogue power and get some phat sounds. One of my top 5 synths
I actually really like Predator, because I make Industrial music and Predator's sound is often very well suited to this genre. The cold, distinctly "90's Digital" (as I like to think of it) sound has a place in my music, for sure. I mostly use it for short sequence-synth sounds and arpeggios, but also occasionally for pads. The interface is also great, with everything on one screen (except the arp), and it looks pretty darn cool, too.
S.T.Y.L.O. Music
I have been wanting to try out Blade for a long time now. Really interested in trying out the Harmolator oscillator and playing around with the built in XY pad
Dave DeLizza
Would love to check out Predatorfx!
Jeff DiPallo
I think Blade because I've been playing alot with NI's Razor and I am interested in new different synths. Also, I've been playing around with creating that "deadmau5" pluck sound and my reverbs just aren't working for me. so, the RP-Verb as well. Thanks!
For me the best plugin is Predator. Is absolutely beautiful, an easy interface and we can feel the analogue power and get some phat sounds. One of my top 5 synths
Predator! A friend of mine owns it and we write a lot of music together. We're always having to bounce the RP tracks when we're sharing the sessions because I don't own the plugins. Would be great to have them working seamlessly.
Blade. Sweet sound and interesting design.
RP-Distort as I love my noise.
David Baron
Tried all the demos GREAT Stuff. I mainly like to make Techno Tracks and Predator and subboom bass is Heaven.
Hamish H
SubBoomBass is renowned for awesome sub bass (it does what it says on the tin!)
I'm about to invest in a subwoofer so it's perfect timing to dive into the world of deep deep bass with this awesome plugin.
One of my most loved (Excited when using) Rob Papen tool is Sub Boom Bass. Excellent release's and i cannot wait to see more of Robs collection in my Mac. Also Predator, im mad keen on this for DnB and other Genres.
Sooo keen !!!
I would most be interested in Punch. I met Rob at the NAMM show this last winter and he was running it through it's paces and it was amazing. I play in a band of disabled veterans and I joked with our drummer how he should walk away because Punch is a drum machine. I think he was more impressed with it than any of us!
Giu Montijo
Im minimal and techno producer from Brazil and i only use Rob Papen synths and presets on my tracks, predator, blue, subboom bass, im very interested on this new massive weapon Rob Papen eXplorer II. On my live act i love to use some of the effects of the blue to make long and crazy drive synths during the show.Subboom Bass made my tracks stronger on the low parts with incredible sub presets. Predator gave me lots of synths and variations of automations. With Rop Papen vsts i build my carreer life, a lots of tracks and work with this unique and contemporary vsts.
Thanks Rob for your great work and im sure people will your creations for all life and time.Greetings from Brazil!Cheers!
Tried some demo's. Love to get them.
I'm sure that all the bundle packet is fantastic... I'm very interested in Blue... because I hold a big interest in FM and Phase Distortion synthesis... I feel familiar with "classic" sustractive synthesis... So, it's fantastic to have the possibility of mixing different ways of creating sounds...

By the way, I know to the music of Rob since long ago... I need to say 'thanks!!!!' to Rob for making so professional and wonderful plugins... The Muses come to my mind frequently when I work with his software!
I would like to get Blue because my Casio CZ-1 is broken ;-(
I love Predator, and really want to use Blade! Sounds like an awesome synth, and the expression that is achievable with it is very exciting! :)
Blade! Because of the Lemur templates. Please please please pick me :)
ottimo prodotto
Mark Walker
RP Verb, Robs take on reverb would give his own unique edge on the effect and would be a joy to work with!
RG or Punch.
RP is the synth boss
Blade, because of its versatility and unique XY Pad features.
One of THE Best Sound Designers out there! and he teaches synthesis pretty well too. How could you go wrong with any of his plug-ins!!
RG because I can't have a rhythm guitarist over all the time

BTW I have Sub boom Bass and RP Delay- they are fantastic!
I've had my eye on several RP products for a long time.
I don't have that many plugins so all of the Rob Papen Explorer II bundle excites me!

The professional quality sounds and effects would be a very welcome and useful addition my DAWs.
I really cant wait for the SubBoomBass plugging. because i want my tracks to really make the speakers move and rattle your soul with low frequencies :P
Blade for sure, for the fresh sounds coming out.
love trying out new sound
Jake Rutherford
Punch: because I need all the help I can get with creating drum tracks.
Blue holds instant appeal for me. As soon as I listened to some example tracks on the website I was inspired. Lush and cinematic pads that move you to another realm.
I'm excited about the whole package, but BLUE grabs my interest as I'm trying to incorporate more FM and phase distortion techniques in sound design. I also think that all of the synths can find good use in modern media scoring. RP-verb sounds wonderful too!
Shannon Nash AKA Musical Journey
I am excited about trying BLADE and PUNCH. I produce R & B, Hip Hop and Pop Music so I am always in need of new innovative sounds and bangin' drums. I can't wait to try these plug-ins.
Robbie G
SubBoomBass is a critical area for EDM. I'm all over that.
I tried Subboombass, and now I would love to be able to try Predator.
Sheldon Lawrence
I already own PUNCH and Albino3. I use both of these quite often. Would be nice to win something for a change and complete my collection.
Geovanni M
Predator is simply out of this world

never has a bundle awaken so much lust in my ears
Any, because they all sound great. I have had my eye on BLUE and Blade for awhile.
Arturo De Santiago
I heard about this bundle contest in the most recent issue of AskAudio after reading the article about Rob Papen. Of all the amazing plugins offered in this bundle, I have to say I'm most curious in trying out the BLADE. The interface looks quite complex and would scare most away from this synth, but I'm at a point in my life where the more challenging the better. Also, the AskAudio article mentioned that most users have a love/hate relationship with this software synth, in which case, I respond that extremes is how I work best. So bring it on! I'm all about finding new approaches to create the next great sound!
I would love to spend intensive time with each of the plugins but if i had to chose i would pick the synths and the delays to explore first then the reverb...Thanks Macpro
Crazee Raff
Im excited to see Blade and Predator
I played with those synths at a buddys studio once and i absolutely loved it but unfortunately money is tight so i have to work with samplers mostly

Im doing techno Music right now so from what I've seen this is a great product to give you that nice edgy aggressive feel to your tracks

I love the sounds of the products offered especially Blade. I had a chance to review this tools in a studio that I work with on projects and they are awesome. This is a product set that every engineer, producer and artist should have in order to create the type of musics that is worth listening to.
I am most excited about RP-Verb.
Rob Papen eXplorer 2 includes nine of his most famous virtual instruments and effect plug-ins used on Mac or PC. It has three of my most favorite synths the blade, predator, and blue. I love the fact of how I can manipulate the sound waves, and create some awesome sounds. I personally enjoy using the Blue synthesis. The Blue is an FM Synthesis, which in audio and music frequency modulation synthesis (or FM synthesis) is a form of audio synthesis where the tone color of a simple waveform changes by frequency modulation, resulting in a more complex waveform and a different-sounding tone. Blue also has Subtractive synthesis. For the electronic music producer Blue is the ultimate tool to get the sounds that are out of this world. Unfortunately, I can only afford the blue plug-in, but I have had the opportunity to try out blade, and predator out of my friend studio. I am keeping my finger crossed, and hoping I can get my hands on the bundle, it would help me take my music to another dimension, and get my creative juices going. Good luck everyone! If anyone wins it, the only thing I ask from you, use the hell out of it, and don’t let these powerful tools go to waste.


Josue Zengotita Nieves
i love rob papens plugins coz they support 64 bit and i can use them with logic pro x
When I was an aspiring DJ/Producer, I booked a musician from Berlin, hoping that I could open for him and jump start my career. I ended up losing tons of money but I do remember the experience fondly, especially the car ride from the airport when I picked him up. I asked him how he made a particular bassline in one of his songs. When he told me it was from Predator I was so happy I actually had been given a piece of advice I could use right away! Unfortunately I still have never gotten around to buying that plug in. I have a lot of other tools that I use but this contest made me remember that conversation. Fingers crossed! :)
I'm most excited to use SubBoomBass as a friend of mine uses this and specifically recommended this to me for really sculpting slick low punchy basslines!
RP-Delay is what I'm most excited about. The others look awesome, but at the end of the day, I don't think there's a plugin that you can do more with, than a really wicked delay.
The Stephen Keaney
The Plug in i would be most excited to use would be the effect i would feel from actually winning something, and i would use that effect to push on through the buttons, wires and flashing lights of this digital jungle. I read the article in ask audio and it was inspiring. to be able to use a creation that has been molded and refined over 30 years would be amazing. i myself will someday be featured in Ask Audio and this would be a nice touch. i need them and the big guy upstairs J.C would want me to have them...im referring to Jonny Cash of course. sincerely...............
Predator for the awesome vintage sounds. I love VI's that have as many options as possible to manipulate and transform sound to your liking.
Predator looks like one of them.
Also Suboombass , i like the idea of the sequencer.
and RP delay, you can never get bored of any delay plug-in .At least myself :)
Magic Fingers
I want to mangle and tweak everyday noises i record on my field recorder and run them through RP-Distort. Based on the inspiration that follows, I want to use RP-Verb to create a sonic landscape of distant and wicked sound effects, and loop them to an in-your-face "punchy" beat created with RP-Punch
Word is that these plugs are quality. I wouldn't know I have never used them since I don't own any of them. Would love to have them though. Hopefully I win them!
While all of the tools that come from the Rob Papen pedigree, combined, covers the entire gamut and can diversify and enrich your sonic palette, my bias goes towards SubBoomBass. I've had a play with this one and was impressed from the start. I love pads, arps, leads and effects like any sane producer and would love to have them all. However, rarely does a synth take you into the dark, dank and often unexplored recesses of the lower frequency range with such definition as SubBoomBass. It's enough to make the face grimace and to risk stimulating a bowel movement. None shall pass! I believe with this one, which I was likely to buy soon, could very well keep me from having to resort to the usual processing trickery and/or layering of multiple lesser synths.
I think papen is a genius and that his plugs are absolutely fantastic. I'm most mesmerised by the predator instrument. It's said to be one of the best softsynths ever.
Beth McGowan
I am desperate to try out Punch - need to get me a decent, massive sounding, drum machine.
I'm very keen to try out SubBoomBass, to try and reinforce the bottom end of some of my tracks. It can be a tricky area to get right, so I'm interested in seeing what SubBoomBass can do.
I'm itching to try out Blade...The harmolator is completely unique and will undoubtedly create some CRAZY sounds! Using the XY pad with the human input as a modulation source is ridiculous! Blade is definitely what I'm most excited about.
Julius Kazlauskas
All advantage of virtual instrument outup +4 dBu :)
Ryan In5omniak
Holy crap! I have to pick ONE of those? Gotta be the drum machine! Rob Papen sounds in my beats? Sign me up!
adam cain
Predator. ..heard so many great things about it. .just can't afford it lol
Because It is well designed, and used a lot in his Synth class book.
Anthony Tru-nature
Well, I'd be on the moon If I got my hands on the Predator. It's a mighty excellent synth; and I can do some real justice with it.
Rob Papen creates fantastic software instruments. I own Sub boom bass and have tried many of his other creations. i really feel that Rob Papen creates instruments for electronic producers . These instruments are easy to use but are full of amazing features that help inspire you to get creative and make the music of the future, now!
I love Punch because of the unique way of creating beats along with drums playing, easy to add to current host and adds that shake the house groove to my tracks. Would like to dive into SubBoom Bass to give my tracks the drive and spunk to keep everyone on the dance floor!
Would totally love to own Predator. Just watching the new tutorial makes me want to dive in and experiment!
Predator and Sub-Boom Bass are constantly discussed as being some of the best soft-synths around. I've also been eying BLUE, because I don't own a third party FM synth. Good Luck to everyone!
I'd look forward to Preditor, hoping its analog madness would save me from having to invest in a Prophet or Moog
Phil Suil
Predator for its big and professional sound. It gives a lot of odds for any musical genre. I also like Blade, but Predator seems to be more easy when you're learning synthesis.
All of them, without a doubt, but If I had to choose one it would probably be the Predator, because I'm a sucker for an awesome sawtooth wave.
Any would be great but Predator for those big fat sounds.
banjo picker
I'm interested in RP-Distort, to experiment with radical new ways to create something beautiful.
Donovan Krebs
I find Blade to be the most intriguing plugin, it can produce amazing sounds. the Harmolator is amazing. Rob Papen plugin's rock. Truly inspirational..Cheers
Carrion Fowl
Mmmm, very interested to see how much of the brown note I can induce in the neighbors with the Sub-Boom Bass, but rapaciously keen to experiment with Blade, Punch, et. al.
J Thomas
Predator, now that it's taken over from Albino which was great for the wobble bass outings.
PLEASE let me win!!!

I use Rob Papen Plugins in Propellerheads Reason, you have many functions to create a big fat sound and I LOVE the guitare plugin(just PC version)! I want to use it, PLEASE PLEASE give me bundle, I dont have that much money because Im student!

If I win, I will never ever interrupt my macpro video abo!

ITs really too hard to choose any one product from Rob Papen - I'm more excited to hear his sonic touches on all the vastly different plugins he creates! Really awesome stuff and the winner will be very lucky indeed!
I'd be the most excited to try out Predator. After hearing the online demos and hearing from people who own and use Predator it seems like it's a workhorse that's highly capable of doing about anything you could want it to do.
Chris B
i'm most excited about predator. i got to try it on a friend's system and was blown away by the nuances of the design and the nearly limitless sounds that could be created quickly with it. i could write albums around predator sounds alone.
I'm most excited about Blade for the XY control features, and live shaping sound capability, and alos RP-Verb for special FX for sound design.
I'm most excited to use BLUE, because it's my favorite color.
Looks and sounds bloody amazing!
Herbert Wallace
I have some of Rob's products but I want all of them. Blade looks awesome!
James Graham

Generously, 30-day demos are available for all of these products on Rob's website. I've tried Predator, Blade, Punch and RG.

I'm really enjoying Predator but RG is the most interesting to me because I would like to use more guitar parts in my projects and I don't play. Guitar chords are mapped to the keyboard and player actions are programmed using a grid, making it easy to use. Of course, you can tweak endlessly to get the sound you're looking for. Coupled with izotope's Trash2 (on demo), this worked really well.

For information, Rob is speaking at the London Producer Sessions on 7th-8th September 2013.
Christian Bader
it may be an odd choice for most of the synth freaks, but my favourite Rob Papen plug-in is RG. when i need inspiration, i fire up an RG groove, or i program/modify one. then i treat it with some effects or i use Ableton Live as a mangling tool, double the track, turn one into an audio track and work as long as i need to get something unique.

A plugin like this will let me create some very cool lessons and pieces for my school students.

We are learning about music technology, creating sounds with additive, subtractive and modular synthesis.

As a Logic, Reason and Ableton user Rob Papen gear is awesome.

(Did you see I was the first to Google+ this :)
Sub Boom Bass first caught my attention as a low end monster but seems more versatile than the name implies.
I also watched the video about Predator and that is impressive both as a editable synth and the presets are amazing.
RP Blade for me. sounds great and the interface looks good. would be fun to create new sounds.
I am most interested in Blade and Punch.
I have Rob Papens other synths and they sound excellent. I'd love to see what I could come up with in Blade.
I own 3 different Rob Papen products (SubBoomBass, Predator, and Punch) that are used extensively in my projects. SubBoomBass was the first Rob Papen product that I purchased, and it immediately found a home providing low end Boom where needed. Although I own Trillian and various other synth based products, SubBoomBass provided that quicker decay, low frequency, sub hit niceness needed when the rest of the frequency spectrum is already occupied. Punch was another nice addition to my ever growing arsenal of plug-ins. Though in the past I tended to prefer more natural, breakbeat, and one shot samples in my production, after purchasing a few synth based drum libraries from Goldbaby, my interest in creating and manipulating synth drums grew. Punch became the perfect compliment to fulfilling this desire. Punch is not only great for creating synth drums, but also for layering breaks and creating out of this world percussion. Predator is amazing! Predator, along with Omnisphere, Zebra 2, and the Arturia synths make up all synth sounds that I use in my productions. I can't imagine anyone needing much more. I can't wait to watch the new tutorials on this great product and take it to the next level. I am not writing this to win or even enter the contest, but to endorse Rob Papen's great products. Keep them coming! To whoever the lucky winner is, enjoy!
This is my ticket to marrying Ke$ha. I watched the Predator tutorials by R. Rajan on sound design, and realized that if I too could program a square wave modulated at 13.2Hz using a sin LFO adjusted to 30% and followed by pre-filter distortion and stereo widening and topped off with a fast decaying white noise transient, that I just might have a chance with Ke$ha. And we would ride the Rob Papen Predator off into the sunset together....like we were gonna die young. Unfortunately I can't grow a beard. Too bad. Although I find saying "SubBoomBass" repeatedly makes me laugh.
Unknown Name
Sick!!! I would choose Papen over sylenth any day. Predator, an awesome go-to synth. If I had to choose one Rob Papen I would choose the eXplorer II bundle! And if I had to choose one from that, well that's just tough... but I would choose the SubBoomBass vst. Why, because you can combine percussion samples with the synth inside SubBoomBass. Not to mention, it comes with a built-in step sequencer, so I don't think you can go wrong with that.
cool dude
Blade, and Predator. They both seem like fantastic synths!! Can't wait to get my hands on them!
RP-Delay. I'm a guitarist first and foremost. And I would like to see what it could do to morph a guitar signal.
I loved using Albino, it's a great plug load whit all you can ask for several (4) oscillators mixed between digital/analog , perfect to create any kind of sound pads,synth, fx's ,rhythms and more. plus has it on matrix,Arppegiator & board FX's ... theres simply no more to ask in a plug in.

i haven't worked whit many rob papen's edition plug ins but don't have a doubt there are all as good sounding
Thomas Vatougios
I would like to get my hands mostly on Punch. I think it's the best software drum machine out there with the most diversity and best results available!
As a trainer myself who is working hard to consistently broaden and deepen my students understanding of the music industry. Being able to use tools like this in conjunction with macprovideo is invaluable.

I never want to be that guy that isn't aware of and doesn't have a working knowledge of what is out there and available. When I am current, and my students are current we can actually take things forward.

To have this product (in conjunction with his other products) is another win in the quest of "building on the shoulders of giants"

Regardless of the outcome...I'm a fan. Keep it up!! :)

Wayne Henry
I have Albino 3, RG and Blue, and have used them in many of my creations. I particularly like Blue and Albino, as they contrast in a good way and I mix the sounds until I get something unique. I have been working towards Predator, but have found Blue combined with Albino still create unique blends, that makes my music more vibrant.
I'd love to use Punch, since judging from the demos it seems to pack quite a bit of punch which is very hard to find in most drum machines.
I am excited to create awesome music with all of the plugins in the explorer 2 pack. Rob Papen Rules the synth world with innovation and creativity ,evolving the sounds of music forever!
Jace Melridge
I started my journey with LogicPro 5.0 and now I'm into Mac with Ableton Live 9. I wanted to say that I am really into Car audio and Club playback systems,and from what I've been reading and hearing about, Rob Papen's SubBoomBass would definitely give anyone that "low end" that everyone needs to feel and hear.
Also, I wanted to say I find the format of "ASK Audio" magazine more handy and readable than ever. Keep up the great and informative work!
david batchelor
I find SubBoomBass totally inspiring. Yeah I got initially because I wanted some low sub bass but then I realized; depending on the midi pattern I was using by running through the presets and using the built in step sequencer id find very inspiring patterns. By adjusting the sound adding some effects I was exploring another sonic place altogether.
Great synth! Inspiring and liberating.
the Fat amazing Sound of Predator and the Reverb space of RP-VERB makes Rob papen Products Outstanding .
would be very happy to have all explorer Package to my Sound Design Library ,much appreciated and many thanks
I'd love to get my hands on those synths. In fact all of those would be amazing to have and I can't even imagine what new possibilities they would present me.
Hi Everyone! Thanks for entering this MPV and Rob Papen contest!

The results are in... and the winner is...
Geovanni M


Please can you contact us via this Support area and we'll arrange for you to receive the prize!

Well done and thanks to everyone for your entries. Without you this contest would not be possible.

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