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j j  (entered on the 2nd Jan 2014)

We'll contact you immediately by email to help get you you MPC Studio direct from Akai Professional as soon as possible! Congratulations :)


Akai Professional's MPC Studio offers the most streamlined MPC experience yet. At under one-inch thin, with low-profile controls and a brushed aluminum body, it's made to move. MPC Studio merges real MPC pads, iconic workflow, and the same MPC Software used by MPC Renaissance to give you a fully integrated portable production solution. 

So, how would you like to win one? Silly question? Of course it is... and we're sure you'll want one of these! 

The Prize: 

The kind folks at Akai are offering one MPC Studio to a lucky entrant. 

Win Akai MPC Studio on

How to Enter:

It couldn't be easier! Simply log-in or sign-in (for free) to and post a comment below telling us why you'd like to win an MPC Studio. Your comment will require approval before being posted live... please be patient :)

Simple. So, enter now (just one entry per person please) and tell your friends about the contest NOW!

Bonus Prize: 

As part of the prize the good people at have offered their MPC 101 & 201 video courses!! So not only could you get the MPC, but also the tools to learn how to use it quick!

Become an MPC Master with the MPC 101 & 201 Video courses:

Become an MPC Master with the MPC 101 & 201 Video courses:

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  3. The closing date for entries is 5 p.m. PST / 8 p.m. EST on 15th January, 2014. We reserve the right to alter the stated competition dates and the announcement date of the winning entries.
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I'd love to win this to use in Ableton. I miss my MPC 2500! Good luck to everyone.
Dj LBrown
Fantastic controller!Good luck!!!
I'd like to win cos I make hip hop and akai is hip hop! My music needs to evolve like the technology!!!
i'd love to win to make some crazy sick beats like booker edwards jr tutor shows in his videos & apply his knowledge :-)
I would love to have this incredible piece of gear to make hits with! Awesome piece of gear
I'd like to win because I've had my MPC since 04 and I'd never need to upgrade, but miss the novelty of buying a new machine...
Grey Stoke
Akai is solid. I was 1st introduced to Akai in the late 70's early 80's. The home audio was, needless to say, flawless home gear. I actually used my gear for small amateur DJ gigs. Wedding receptions, small parties etc. The gear was rugged & dependable. Now as I'm semi-retired my interests have expanded to make music, not just play it. What an ideal way to build a system for my newly found creative interests.
This super Akai could write better music, this would be a great help to the small studio :) I love Akai
My Akai MPC 500 got stolen when I moved 2 months ago and I was just getting used to it :( thats why I would love to win the MPC studio, to make some music again
I would like to win this unit because it would not only fulfill the love and passion inside of me to create music, but it would also be the only Christmas gift I would receive. (Crossing fingers.)
Roddrick King drkingwestcoast

I would Love to add this to my recording studio, beside that Akai makes great products. MPC studio and Renaissance is the future.
Would be thrilled to win this great Akai product. Always been a big fan of Akai & I am just getting into producing with Logic & Ableton. This would give me the hands on help I need as a young producer ! :) Thanks, Good luck everyone.
Ali Akinci
Nice to see that page, while searching new midi controller and trying to decide between Apc 20, Apc 40 or Mashine...

I use Traktor for track decks, and recently started to useing Ableton for adding audio samples & more spesific effects to create background & atmosphere to my sets. I use Xone 4D as analog mixer & midi controller but it's not enough for control everythings.

Also i want to thanks everybody, who spend from time from their life and trying to share with us information and their priceless experiences. I learnt a lot of things from here, and just a few another websites (similar with

I can fix my problem with a few extra modifier button and creating another layer. It's not big problem for me. I hope this controller go to person, who is really need it to improve his creativity on music. After when we're listening him music, everyone will be winner ;)

Happy new year to all :)
Johan Swerts
I'm without work,I have discapacity and it's difficult for me to walk because of an accident.The only thing that keeps me alive is making music,,I haven't got much pay though I see all these controllers and i die for having one,the only thing I could afford was the AkaiLPD8 but I'm sure I could make this MPC work work and work.Thanks and good luck all.
MPC ME . I have been dying 2 use this thing . It seems like the best of the best have one . Except me .
Gabby Andronic
I would like to win this instrument because of copule of reasons:
1) Its portable
2) Its slim
3) Its a Midi Controller wich means I can use it in all my 4 music softwares.
4) It comes with about 7 or 9 Gb of sound library and MPC Software
5) It has a lot of control and the easiest way to create loops in MPC soft.
6) Its an MPC product
and 7) Its just what I need!
I sold my MPC 2000 and 2000 XL because I now use a computer more to make music. I was inadvertently taught by the man who taught Kanye West how to sample, No I.D, and using the MPC was my introduction to a long time of making music. So I'd LOVE to get back to sampling once again!
Sorin Guta
I want to replace my akai mpd with this mpc studio! :)
I'd like to win because I started making music about a year ago, and I'm beginning to get better. One of these would REALLY make it easier and a lot quicker for me to make music. The quality will also improve. So pick me lol
I need to win so i can make dope beats on this amazing sampler. I tried it once and i am in love! Greetings from Norway!
I Won't Be Able To Get One If I Don't WIN One And I Want To Prove Akai's Dope To All The People Around Me.. PEACE-IZ
DJ Purple Sweep
I'd like to win it because it will be good to use it with ableton!!!
My last akai mpc was stolen after my house was broken into and haven't been able to afford a new one so this prize will not only help me with my music but I will be able to use the controller I know and love! So please let me win!
I would really like the mpc studio. Music is my life and owning the mpc studio would make it a lot easier to get closer to my dream. To dedicate my life to music and share it to the entire World....To touch the inmost of people.....
Yes, my uncle has an MPC- maybe it's time for me to join the Family~
Never owned a MPC before...
I would like to win this because I am a broke 18 year old that loves to make beats and dig in the crates. This would help me out greatly and would be perfect for me since I am going to college and it would be perfect in my dorm room
I will give it to my girlfriend! I Hope she Starts to Produce :-)
I would love to win this piece of equipment because I haven't been able to make beats since my MPC2500 broke!
Akai has to be the best out there! I still have my S1000, I also had the keyboard version too!! Just not as easy to find floppies that actually work anymore. I would love to get my hands on the STUDIO and make beats all day!
Finally a true portable MPC... that seems to pacl some punch...
Nice one!
john fish
I study on music production, i've got a mpk 88 already but i can't afford a controler like this one. So it would be nice to win one.
Old-school for the 2014ers - love it, want it, NEED it!
I need it..I like so much!! :)
Dmitry Borisov
Definitely I'm in! Good stuff for beat makers
Oscar cordon
I'm starting my home studio from scratch with a low budget to work with. To win this would be a blessing. Well good look to every body..
I would dig this. I'd stay up all night learning and enjoying.
i've never had a chance to buy any studio equipement from monitors to midi keyboard because i'm poor , and this contest is a dream hoping it becomes true for me , really hoping to win this one
Akai product line speaks for itself. Anyone would be crazy not to enter an opportunity win an MPC Studio!! Good luck to all!!
So I can finger drum on the go!
I miss my MPC2000XL so badly. If I were lucky enough to win, I would rekindle my love for the MPC! Good luck everyone!
David Lennartsson
I would love to win the akai just to show my students at high school ( in Sweden that is) that the old man is ahead of the game. Coming from a background in programming experimental music software like Open Music and Max/MSP it would be nice to bring this new akai concept and take them to the next level.
Adam Smith
I would love to use this live in my show!
I would like to win this because I NEED some MPC in my life!!!
An incredible piece of gear that is filled with inspiration. I'd love to be inspired!
I'd like to win this so I could go produce some golden era hip hop with a 21st century twist!
CJ Tappin
I'd do many a thing to get my hands on an MPC, including buying one. But to win one would be the best thing since sliced bread. Me, myself and Akai. I have the former two, just need the latter now.
I write music in my spare time and this Akai would be a useful tool in my creative venture.
Ryan ONeal
I love to have one of these this would work great with my DAW Studio One Pro 2 , I like the way David (Finger) Haynes used one similar to this one and it would save a lot of space in the studio and Save a Lot of time great piece!
i never use one MPC, i have MPK88, PD24, akai is aammaziing. simply to use, good quality, plug and play,. let's me try to produce my song with this big MPC studio. thanks macprovideo, akai, and ask audio mag...
Lovely piece of nirvana!
It's a great music production controller ! Akai is very very goooood !!!!!!
Ive been a mpc guy since about 2001, started with the 2000xl then the 1000, went backwards to the 2000, then the 500, to the its time for the MPC studio...I make hiphop, rap, house, techno, r&b, you name it..I would love to win this machine to continue on the mpc legacy and also to continue make my youtube videos demoing the products and answering questions to the fans out there...Thanks guys
Herbert Wallace
Great controller. Would compliment my Push/Live 9 setup.
I want to win this because I recently bought a Ableton Push and my gf is not so happy about it. So if I could get her this device and the tutorials we could "Push" those pads together and have fun.
Insane Blayne
I would love to win an AKAI MPC STUDIO controller to advance my skills as a producer. I have been making music for eight years and I believe with this controller I can increase my versatility as well.
I have always been an MPC user, my first one was an.
MPC 60 Roger Linn edition and have been hooked ever since.
I would love to win The MPC Studio to continue my musical growth with Akai and its portable for travel which i do a lot of.
I'd like to win this MPC Studio Production Controller to incorporate it with my software production as well as using it for djing together with my dj controller. YAY!
I would love to win the Akai controller and use it with my Pro Tools set up that I run through a MacBook Pro!
hello ? (lol)
I would like to win win this MPC Akai studio to use it in my next project
It's been a while since I won anything... Would be nice to break the spell with MPC ;)
Learning this, reading the manual, adapting this to my productions would bring me great joy.
I have a crappy life, I'm not good looking, I'm not smart, I was made fun of in school for liking computers, I still am a virgin, I live with my parents, i work at burger king, i drive a 60's volkswagen bug, honestly let's be real,why would you ever give this prize to someone like me, if i did win it it would stick out like a sore thumb on my desk.....I hate these contests they remind me how big a loser I am...thanks for reminding me one more time....
Musical Precision Controller

I have never tried one before, would love one for my home studio.
i would definitely like to try out something like this...
I'd love to win this piece of hardware to expand my drum sound and studio!
Why should I win this? Well, I started out on an MPC way back when, and It would be a great addition to my studio now! Would really like to see how it's been upgraded, and how it compares to my Maschine and FLStudio.. Plus, I just looks so darn cool!
a Legendary MPC in tha studio, count me in.
Because i love music...
i Love this little wonder! i want it so much!!!!!!!!!!!! im a RnB HipHop Dubstep Beatmaker/Producer and need this one so much!!!! Good luck 2 everyone !
damn, almost missed this one :)

well I've never used an MPC, winning one would be nice, would cut down on the time spent getting a groove right in my sequencer.
My name is David and as i am writing to you i am sitting in the balcony somewhere in the middle east. Top be Mord precise i am in amman, capital of jordan. It is between Israel and syria and i came here in order to find out about the Rap and edm culture. I wanted New influences for my music aje as you van imagine i couldnt bring all my stuff. So if your curious to find out what an mpc sounds like in the hands of somebody who s life depends in music, send me the machine and i would love to surprise you with hardcore beats from the middle east! Peace
i mostly use my ipad to make music. would be nice to have physical buttons for the beats and all the others serious sounds. good luck and have fun. 8)
I would love to win!!!
I need an MPC like a Donut needs a hole. Please fill the void in my life and allow me the privilege of owning what is the greatest music production tool known to man and beats.
Dj Soul
I'd so love to have this cos no one in Pune, India must be having this beast.
This would be awesome to win. Thanks!
I wanna make music baby :)
I'd love to win this because it would greatly improve how I input my drum improve workflow with the DAW controls! Awesome! :)
This would be an amazing centerpiece to my studio!
The MPC is the heart of my studio, since my MPC2000XL died the studio bleeds. I need to stop the bleeding!!!
Dj LBrown
The akai is fantastic.i'm a follower of the akai's tech and i love it.I want
Shawn J
These are so dope! Would love to add this to the studio and have something on the go.
The MPC is the heart of my studio and since my MPC2000XL died the studio bleeds. I need to stop he bleeding!!
I'd use one to do live dj/production sets with, that's why I'd love to a mpc studio
John O
I'm in a band and we're looking to change our sound to a more techno feel but we don't currently have the resources to, this would help us big time!
Under Heaven
I would love a physical controler/production workstation to produce beats and probably do a bit of finger drumming :) I would buy one but i dont have enough cash :(
I'm transitioning from software to hardware and the MPC seems like a good choice to start with.
I just love akai, my mpd 26 is my love, but with the mpc studio i could take things to another level, and to anywhere,
Unwritten Proof
My MPC2500 has a couple of flaws: The sensor of my jogwheel is busted and even less fortunate, my padsensors are acting real crazy..

I'd like to win this machine as I'm a drummer and like the feel of pads when entering drums, rather than a keyboard. Everyone knows MPC's are powerful.
why would i want it? really? because it is an amazing device for music making!
Wow, what a fantastic machine! I'd like to use it for making proper beats. Nice hardware in software integration, i'm wondering what all the benefits will be. Akaight! ;-)
Would be a great addition for my new home 'studio' :-) I'd love to have (win) one...
ugh akai.
i've loved you since my first lpd8
things got serious by the time i got the mpd32
now let me marry you with the mpc studio !

seriously though, winning would be nice
Tony The Guy
I want this Akai MPC because it would be the prefect puzzle piece to my studio. Akai puts out the greatest products, and never disappoints. this would be the ultimate Christmas present.
Salvador Llamas Flores
I´d like to win this contest because since i born the music support to my on the bad days when i lose my father, and i keep my feets on the earth when i can´t feel humble, and well actually i think that music have the power and influence to change or do people feel in love with the other same. thanks for this oppurtunty and i send to you a big hug from Mexico! and "keep flying our souls and minds on the music "!!. :D
Drummer boy
I never had a drum computer before, I'd love to have one for my productions.
I know it will have a great impact if I could use real pads instead of the ones on my monitors
Because Mpcs Are The Best And So Is AskaudioMag!!!!
Mark McKay
10 years ago I learned to make beats on an MPC 2000. I absolutely loved the machine. Then a few years back I sold my gear to invest in a new career. Now that I am settled in a new industry I am getting back into music, making rap songs with my 6 and 4 year old. Despite the ease of creating music with a computer, I miss the MPC. Winning this would be fantastic as it would allow me to share my love of music making and the MPC with my children and inspire the next generation of musicians.
I'd love to use this with Ableton, and explore all possible sonic expression!
DINK Detroit
Would be a wonderful addition to the studio! So clean on that chrome face finish
I wanna win this :3
This would be such a great tool to work at the studio!
Lyal cross
Im a drummer and my daughter which is 6 years old plays Piano makes little songs on her keyboard, and this would be great to invest into my daughters talents as a future Producer and for myself also.. Thank you.
This machine will be really helpful for my home studio. Good luck to all akai lovers
I would love to win this! Always have room for another fantastic controller!
Christopher Jenkins
I'd Love to win becase I've been a loyal customer since the MPC3000. Ive had almost every MPC known to man and it sure would be nice after supporting Akai for so long...........that the Love came back around, any of u others that submit your comments...don't try n sound like me..... truth speaks and anyone who knows me.... knows ive had almost all of em and still use one till this day. You'd be placing it in hands of a guy who would appreciate it tha most and would use it daily to make music.
I have no money plus they don't sell it here so I hope I can win
Samples are one of the most creative means to express ideas and It'd be easier with this
I like AKAI gear!
id love to win, so that i may be able to make better music.
I have a MPC2000 which is part of my project studio now but years has past and things are different now. The Studio would be a great addition for my sons to work with. I like the fact that it is compact and can go everywhere.
I would love to win this so I can make better music.
I would 'beat' the crap out of that thing!
I would love to bring another dimension to my productions.
This Mpc is the gear i need. Hope to win.
I wanna win~!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey, I still haven't decided which controller to use for both live and in studio. This one would end the hesitation.
Because the man has got me down and I need a tool with which to create transcendentally beautiful music containing enough megapower to destroy him. For all that is good and true.
It would be great to win the MPC because i'm new into producing and this would be very helpful for my workflow.
Dennis Osiecki
I always wanted to win something in my life.It would be the first time.If I would win the contest, I could compare the beats I make with this mpc with my friends who already have one.

Because i want it
Fede Muta
Me encanta este aparato, en mi país es carisimo y me vendría bárbaro para seguir produciendo!
Ever since I moved away from my folk's house out in the country, I had to slowly abandon my acoustic drum set, with no room to store it or play it in the various pokey flats I've lived in since. To keep the fingers tapping and when chopsticks against the arm of the sofa just didn't cut it anymore, I bought myself an MPK mini to keep the dream alive. I love rockin' out on the pads and sometimes my beats don't even sound half bad. Just imagine what I'd be capable of with an MPC Studio!? I lose sleep just thinking about it. Hopefully, you'll give me the chance to lose sleep as the owner of one!
I would love to win this because I love MPCs and it would be a great aid to my workflow!
I've been saving up for one of these for so long
So I can create something special.
sander wink
It would be a complete torture not giving my fingers the chance to trigger that great Akai pro MPC pads!!!
Alex T
I've wanted an MPC for years. It is the missing piece of gear in my setup.
El Rojito
Bought my first MPC 2000 back in 97 after hearing DJ Shadow's "Endtroducing"
Loved MPCs ever since!
Fabiano dj
I am .... very curious mainly , on how it work ..... for ME , in my handz in my Studio .
To share the music of my heart and mind with the planet
So I can create something special.
I would love to win this! I've been needing an MPC in my studio for a LONG time so this would be a blessing.
It's all about the Akai sound....
It's all about the Akai sound....
I would love to win as I would Play along on my drum kit with it for practicie and song writing ...Cool stuff I use my MPC I pad app all the time .This would be great.
I want to win the MPC because Akai rocks! (and rhythm is my life)
I want to win cuz in my country there are all mpc's too expensive and I don't have enough money to buy really good Mpc:) Czech Republic!
I'd love to win this because this would be an insane birthday present for my mate who needs a bit of extra spice! Cheers!
Carter Maher
I would want this for on the go producing and finger drumming. Due to the fact that I am 14 and broke, I can't buy one. Winning one would be better.
I'd love an MPC studio. I've never owned an MPC and this could be my entry into the MPC world!
Lots of people win these things. I hope to win one day :)
I would like to win it so that I can home my finger drumming and beat making skills till I can thrash araabmuzik and make beats better than Dre, gimme 7 years, maximum!
DJ Rebelion
I teach kids how to make beats. I've been producing for over 15 years and I am passing along my knowledge to them. Layering drums, timestretching, etc. I've been reading up on the new additions to the MPC family and I was immediately intrigued. I have been using the 2000XL and 1000 showing how to use midi and route audio into the computer. This would allow a better visual with the hardware directly controlling the software. Thank you and good luck to everyone.
hi i'm french so my comment is not going to be a philosophy one sorry i juste NEED IT soo much and i really be grateful if i can have it , and cause your's the best bro ! :*
Errikos Loukup
Seriously .. I Got Music in my head
Got to make the BoomBox start Groovin' somehow !
I can see me GRooving with my new MPC !!!!!
Greetings and Musical Inspirations from Greece !
Thank You Akai !!!!!!! :)
I have been dreaming of starting an electronic music career, but haven't been able to afford any real equipment. This would be a real blessing to win, and a great kick to my start! Keep turning out good gear for me to oggle AKAI!
My name is Mzimasi Dj Mazzeedo I'm a certified Pioneer DJ/Producer and Recording artist,I'm also a part of a band and I must say that toy can come in handy..I got loads of Akai MPC video's and I'd love to experiment as we as a band got a vision already with the Akai MPC2000XL preferably. I do Hip Hop,House and and a bit of everything else for veratility's sake. I recently co founded a group that's releasing soon named Soul Secret consisting of 3 Dj's/Producer's,one on Deck's,2nd one on key's and the 3rd one on MPC and our Hornist on Sax,Flute and Clarinets,also workin on my solo Hip Hop project so I can say we desperately need the MPC coz I believe it's goin to mature our sound and add new flavour...I'v seen it work and I know exactly what it's capable of doing .... :) #TeamAkaiMPC
Music is the healing power of the universe. Any gateway to music is the gateway to the cosmos. The MPC can be my gateway.
Hey, it would be a really big help for me winning this MPC, I have been looking for one for months now, but I just can't afford it...

Would love to win! MPC ftw
I believe music is everything it is the reason why we wake up and sleep it is the only thing that will get us through very hard times but will calm us down when life throws us a curve ball but with making music we are the ones who are providing this peace and tranquility and that is a good reason to keep going and help people who are in need by giving that moment to hold on to and tell it alright to feel this way and dont be afraid to express themselve and this what I want to give when using this product.
Twocup Shakur
I'm nothing less than a "starving artist" .... I'd push this MPC to its limits without a doubt.
Would love to win this awesome controller
My name is Mzimasi Dj Mazzeedo I'm a certified Pioneer DJ/Producer and Recording artist,I'm also a part of a band and I must say that toy can come in handy..I got loads of Akai MPC video's and I'd love to experiment as we as a band got a vision already with the Akai MPC2000XL preferably. I do Hip Hop,House and and a bit of everything else for veratility's sake. I recently co founded a group that's releasing soon named Soul Secret consisting of 3 Dj's/Producer's,one on Deck's,2nd one on key's and the 3rd one on MPC and our Hornist on Sax,Flute and Clarinets,also workin on my solo Hip Hop project so I can say we desperately need the MPC coz I believe it's goin to mature our sound and add new flavour...I'v seen it work and I know exactly what it's capable of doing .... :) #TeamAkaiMPC #AskAudioMag
After 7 years as an acoustic artist I'm venturing into the electronic music world, and so far my friend's old mpc 2000 has been amazing to work with but I'd love to own my own!
Terrance Gordon
I'd like to receive the MPC Studio so that I can import all my files from my MPC 1000 on to my computer and use it with Akai's new software MPC software for windows.
I would love to win this awesome piece of equipment and learn how to use it! It would go great next to my AKAI APC40!
Coming from a being a mpc user from the mpc 60mkII all the way to the mpc 4000, I been waiting to finally be able to bring that back into my productions now. The mpc studio is like finding a old girlfriend and rekindling a romance that should have never ended
Because i need to play my drums / rhythms when i'm not in my home studio
I need it because I have a lot to say with my music.
I Luv music and would love to win the MPC Studio to create music as a hobby then eventually a Full Time Job using your top notch equipment . PS-I have 3 kids and and can't afford to purchase one right now
I will use it for playing my drums when i'm not in my home studio
Paul Bruckshaw
This would be a dream win, currently only have the Akai MPK Mini which is great for it's size but having this will really boost my music potential. Thank you for the amazing giveaway, a truly excellent Christmas gift! :)
Kyra T
Making music is basically life to me. Even though I'm younger than 16 and people dont think I know what I'm doing. But so far I've been making music on my iPod and laptop. I think winning this would change my life and how I make music.
Profile 001
It would be a nice addition to my studio.
I would love this because a couple of my favorite producers use akai, such as pete rock and he is very inspirational to me. I own an xr 20 myself but its hard to use with soft ware so i would love this mpc.
because I have not it yet
why should i to win an MPC Studio…because it would be an awesome price to vin for the first time in my life...
I have always wanted to break away from the box and focus on something tangible like this. I purchased the native instruments machine and it just doesn't mean. There's nothing like the real thing and I want to prove it!
Troy Patton
I would love to win an MPC Studio because I would finally have a good reason to convince my wife I need a new computer. Good luck everyone!
I am a DJ/producer so I would love to win this because its exactly what I need to complete my setup. Thanks for the opportunity!
I d love to win the Akai Mpc Studio because I want to start making beats. I am trying to teach my self how to make beats by watchng youtube vids. But i dont have a controller yet. I would love to start making beats on a akai because its one of the best controllers out right now. Thanks for making this contest
Yeah would love to finger-drum some beats on it :D
I NEED an MPC to improve my production abilities!
Just starting my own production company in Detroit with few close friends/classmates from the Art Institute of Michigan. The Akai MPC Studio will be a great addition to our family. And as an upcoming producer, I have the desire to be the next "MVP of the MPC", the force is strong with this one!!
because i love the good hardware feeling, tapping those pads to create beats, because my coffee will taste lots better every morning , because my birthday is the 24 of January and this is an upgrade from hell, thank you
Profile 001
It would be a nice addition to my studio.
Michael Naeimollah
Id like to win this because I've never actually used any computer related hardware before. Currently using an Alesis MMT88 and I'm open to new ideas.
lyrical labaka bone of GML
Akai has been making the best hardware in the game for years now and the akai name stands out amongst producers and artist world wide with the mpc studio u get portability so u can get in the zone any where creativity may strike u and with akai behind it that makes winning the mpc studio a great achievement and asset to my arsenal akai holds a stamp on my brain and hart so to akai much luv G.M.L. would luv and honnor this as a gift this holiday
Ooooh pick me Coopmusic247 at gmail dot com
Lain Binnie
I have always wanted an MPC since I was a kid but for some reason I have never gotten around to getting one. Please help me out.
Robert Schletgauer
I'm a german kid dreaming of getting the music in my head through the MPC onto my computer. Making music is my biggest passion and this is what i want to do for the rest of my life. Winning the compact MPC studio would be the first step on my long way to success. DREAM BIG!
I think I should win because I used to own an MPC 2000 and am very interested in adding this to my arsenal! I'm a producer and I make great music so it would be beneficial for both of us...
Because there's no one of these to be found here in Brazil and I'm dying to use this amazing hardware.
I love AKAI !!! I love music !!! Thats why ;)
I need something to take my music making to the next level.
Marlon M
It would be nice to win this, I am currently in need of new gear, but it's hard to make any kind of purchases when your on a tight budget.. I want to move away from the DAW mouse clicking and experience a hybrid controller.. this would be an amazing win.. thanks for these giveaway guys
I'd like to win this because I wanna create the dopest drumbeats with this! You will thank me later for creating those banging tracks! ;-)
Would like like to win this because I work at the boys and girls club here in las cruces new mexico. We have a killer music studio but all we are missing is an Akai Mpc. We are constantly trying to start new programs to keep the kids busy after school in a posutve way
Jeremy Dizon
Just a young producer trying to make it big. I feel like I have a lot of potential and I have always wanted an MPC. Thanks for the oppertunity!
A million reasons and one above all: why _wouldn't_ I want such a precious piece of brilliance?
First of all, it's beautiful and it will be a great addition to my home studio.
I want to win this because I've been using the same sampler since 2003!
I,d love to win this it will be a great for making music (techno) greetz from Holland
SO in need of a 4X4 pad matrix. Fingers crossed for the win.
hey i would like it for always make music by traveling!!
winning one of these would be a great start for me going into 2014
This machine is based on u.f.o power and philosophies.
Hi folks! I've just bought my first AKAI - it is MPD18 :D And I love it soo much! I use it with FL Studio and I'm starting with Ableton Live but it's quite hard for me :) I'm a beginner but would love to win this beauty MPC Studio - it must be awesome! Cheers mates! :)
Because its the boss of production hardware
would be a great addition into my little studio / and for the road to make music

MPC legacy
All mars
I been buying Akai mpcs for years and I now want to upgrade my old one for the new Akai mpc studio thanks so much
Joe Perez
I would love to win, it will be the best tool to start my home studio. Thank you!
i want to win so i can bitch about missing firmware features on the forums like the other cool kids do!
I've been a faithful Akai user since the 80's and when I graduated from school I wasn't able to afford one until 6 years when I purchased my first Mpc and it's never failed me. The new Mpc studio is what producers need to move forward into the future with music production! I would cherish this Mpc if I won it.
A must have for my extra bedroom studio. Look forward to mastering this beast.
NoMusic NoSense
I would like this Akai MPC because i grew up listening to all kinds of music and wanted to make my own but i didn't grow up in a rich family so i couldnt afford the equipment so me winning this could start the path to my dream
I miss something from my setup, to compose some original beats. Maybe this?! Fingers crossed! :)
hi my name is Nate I'm a rap/trap music producer. i would love to win this Akai mpc studio because 1st I'm a die hard Akai user, you can never go wrong with an Akai product. 2nd any mpc would be very needed in my studio especially an Akai mpc studio. as of right now i have to go to my producer friends house to use his mpc and it is awesome just the work flow and creativity that it has with it is just amazing. once again you can never go wrong with any akai product.I just really need this in my studio to produce some more banging tracks. and also the feel of the pads is just amazing to me it is all about the feel of the pads and their responsiveness to me. so thank you Akai and Ask audio for this opportunity good luck everyone.
I'd like to win an MPC Studio because back in the day I always wanted an MPC but never owned one. I've been looking at YouTube videos of it for a while, and the software looks *amazing*. It looks like the ideal tool for brainstorming new ideas and for complete composition.
I want it for producing and for running backing tracks through Ableton Live.
Sun Chi Som
I have owned an MPC2000 since 2000. Id like to see what the new ones can do!
Ryan Holmes
I am an aspiring music producer. I produce in Ableton and use Software plugins but cannot afford any hardware at the time. Winning this MPC would be a dream come true for me. I eagerly want to learn how to produce on an MPC because I believe it would greatly increase my workflow. Thank you for holding this contest, much love!
A nice addition to my Maschine!
I want it to have a mpc with me when i travel :)
Brett Ireland
I am a native instruments enthusiast, but Akai has always fascinated me! I would love to work on an original MPC
Hamish H
Akai MPC is the tool of choice for the producers I admire. Winning the MPC would be amazing.
Plasma Force
I'd like to win one of these beasts mainly because I know Akai are long time super quality, have never owned an MPC but know what they can do is amazing :)

Would love to get my hand down and dirty with one, first time
I would like to be able to win the mpc studio because I am just starting with music production and I need a tool to make music/beats with, I am also an Akai fan and I was thinking on getting an Akai Mpd32..
It would beat sample my field audio recordings. I think something mindblow would happen.
Because I love MPC
tiberiu pascali
I'd love to win this to use in my new home studio this is a dream or a gift from santa claus is coming to me , Good luck to everyone.
I would like to win this because I cannot afford to purchase an MPC.
i want this beauty. akai for life
Scott M bamsound
Winning the mpc studio would be like the cat that got the cream! It's always been my favourite music creation controller.. I've used it in various places but never owned one!
It would become the centre peace of my music writing setup!
Akai I thankyou for such great work.....please keep it up!!! :-)
I think I should win because my fingers always hurt from pounding my MPD!!! :) And because the pad sensors are wearing thin! :))))
Like a rounin needs a sword to start a job!
DJ Loxias
hi there :)
i would really like to be the lucky one who wins this tool, because it would push me further with my productions and also it would be a good gadget to start playing live!
I really love spending my time playing with pads, keyboards and everything that plays sounds, so the Akai MPC would be awesome for both having fun and maybe doing something serious :)
William Campbell
I would like to win this because I cannot afford to purchase an MPC. This would be awesome to win. Thanks!
Jaylen Clark
Imma young producer just looking for the means to do what I love and that's making music. This would go a long way to helping me do that
I want one so I can learn finger drumming! And because it feels great winning stuff.
I would love to have this in my setup. I would use it to make cutting edge techno music
Keith Ferris
I have an APC40. And I would love to get into the MPC!
I'd love to be able to integrate my MPC seamlessly with the power of my computer and the MPC studio is just the ticket, and REALLY portable too! Also, I like the flashing pads and MPC workflow XD
Brent Stewart
What a great piece of gear ! I'd delve into a completely new area of music creation if I had a controller like that! Thanks.
I'm using abelton live with a mpk25, apc20 et mpc500. I was looking of maschine when it just came out and i was sad that akai didnt have any similar product. Now with their new line of product that mix computer and hadward im really excited to get one. Plus the work flow of mpc in a more efficient way that mpc user cant dream of!

hi, cause i never had such machine before, i got many vinyls and i play basssssss, so i think i could do something great with it. greets, kuba !

I'd love to win the MPC since I'm making music on other devices and I'd feel blessed to finally put my hands on an amazing Akai product!
Ali Cetinkaya
I really want the MPC because I need to write real beats with it.
I started back in 1988 with a S900..Akai is in my DNA. The Mpc Studio is just the perfect piece of gear for making beats.
Would like to compose and produce with the MPC studio
Using an MPC Inside of Ableton, how nice would that be?!
I want to win the MPC to use it in my Live performances, would be great!!! Good luck to all!
I would like to win this please. MPC4LYF
I'm always looking for something new that would open my music to unexpected dimensions. so I don't have plans for the MPC, I want to see where it could take me!
I strive to make original classic human/machine beats. What better way of doing that?
I like Akai MPC's and I would like to see how working with the newer MPC and MPC software has changed over the older but still very useful hardware based MPC.
I'd like to win because of reasons
I'd like an Akai MPC Studio because I am a 14 year old aspiring DJ/Producer. Since I don't have enough cash to cop one, anything it takes to get one for free will do. I already own an APC20, and I've pretty much got that down pat. I could use the MPC for drum loops and slicing for a perfect performance.
I've been wanting one for a while haven't been able to save the extra cash but REALLLY need a sampler to take my music to the next level!!! It would look really pretty in my home studio !!
Night. Computer, soundcard, headphones and Akai MPC. Perfect!
I´d like to win the Mpc Studio, cause it would the only way to get one.
Thomas Davey
Just starting my recording studio and performing live. Would like this along with. the EIE Pro I now own. Hope I win.
Hey! I'm a international student in US, who thinks 99.5% about music (the other 0.5% - I think about courses, proposals and master's degree stuff :)

So, I'd like to win a MPC studio, for put all my creativity into my hobby = MUSIC!

I'm planning to start mixing some deep house with psy prog music. All my top artists of house they used the akai equipment ( Araabmusic!!!!!!) and I have friends who said this is one of best equipment ever to produce beats.

Beats, beats, beats! It's all about beats!
:D it looks good
Well, I'm sort of a technological fool when it comes to these kind of things, so winning one would mean the ideas I have on paper and in my head could COME TO FRUITION. And that would kick-start a whole new direction for me!
I started back in 1988 with an S900. Akai is in my DNA.
Peace love music
To me music isn't just a passion, it's a way of life. Being at the music Capitol of the world makes me realize that I'm not the only one who appreciates music. Although I can't afford any midi controllers this would be a great opportunity for me to finally get one. I do have knowledge of pro tools and ableton being a student at the art institute. I just want to be noticed, noticed for the music I create. Thanks, that is all. - victor colunga -
I would really like to win. Pick me random runner generator.PICKME
It would mean a lot if I won.
Hanz Tisch
Hi, I would like to win this contest, because i plan to be the most prolific music maker in would help :D
Awesome device, nicer Brand allways professional, AKAY... the best.
Peace love music
To me music isn't just a passion, it's a way of life, it is it's own subculture. Living in the music Capitol of the world made me realize that I am not the only one who appreciates music as well. There's music everywhere I go. This just makes me want to get out there and perform. Sadly I can't afford any midi controllers, but this is a great opportunity to finally get one. I do have knowledge of pro tools, logic, and ableton, being a student at the art institute has benefited me greatly. My dream is to for once be noticed for something I love, music. Please help my dream become reality!:)) Kind regards, victor colunga
Eric Hannon
I was planning on buying this and some other equipment to add to my studio a few months ago. When my parents decided they were not going to help me pay for the college I am transferring to I turned my savings towards college. I am going for audio production. Having one of these would add new flavor to my bag of tricks!
I'd use this in my live set-up!
akai mpc are the best simplicity and portability spec the studio like it :
Love the MPC, would be a huge upgrade from the classic 2KXL
I've always wanted one to improve my productions, but I never could get it for lack of money.

i wanna win just to piss off my girlfriend who i'm moving in with and can't find enough space for all my music gear
Winning the MPC studio would be the ultimate portable solution to compliment my MPC 3000 LE @djearl_1967
Would love to have this!!This controller would be awesome to use with Live 9!!
Murilo Faria
I want this!
Let's get groovy finger physical touching those classic pads!
L McPike
Really do need one of these for my set up.
I love to have the mpc, because music is my life, my every heartbeat is because of music, 3 years ago I almost had to stop making music because of a car accident. Last year I finally was able to start again with that what I love doing most, making music, music is my universe, rhythm is my mentor. I'm sure the mpc would help me to achieve my dream! Illi
So much legend to live up to. Eager to discover this new take on an important part of music creation history. Kudos to Akai and the MPC crew.
I hope i can win cause you giving me the opportunity to take part on this contest :D
Im a great fan n user of Numark Mixdeck Quad, v7 and akai apc 40 + dj course instructor. It would be great if i can have this thing in my studio toe make more experiments into my music n to teach my student
Love you for just giving something for free! :)
Always been a fan of MPCs and winning one would be insane!
This would be perfect timing as I am currently trying to save up for a set up to start performing live rather than djing. And this was be perfect!
If I win this MPC, I'd push this buttons so hard that I'll blow my speakers, MPK49, APC40 and Microbrute out!!!
It'd be great to check out and use a new product from Akai.
Been making beats for a while, having a stand alone pro unit would take it to the next level!
The Mpc would be perfect to sequence all my analog synths !
Ryan Powell
I'm a young 16 year old inspired music producer. I've been searching the web for a cheap MPC for about a couple years now. It would be a blessing if I win this contest and get the free MPC player. If I do get it I would promise to make good music in the near future. Thank You
I am currently without any "pad Instrument" so i would very much like to win this to take my beat production to the next level
Always loved MPC's and AKAI so. Big up's for this contest!

I've always wanted an MPC but never had enough money. I got my Associate's in recording and music technology and am now getting my Bachelor's. Music has always been big part of me, especially music creation. It saved my life many years ago, so I feel it fitting to dedicate my life to music.
I want to start fingerdrumming, and this one would be a powerful ally :)
would love it and put it to good use
Why wouldn't I want one? MPC's are classic music creation tools for a reason.
I Would love to make some beats on it. Never had chance to make music on solid gear.
As an aspiring artist, I find it very diffacult to translate my ideas onto my laptop keyboard. I have been searching for a while now, and am drooling at the chance to actually produce something good. I think this controller would be the best choice for the mobility i desire, and would be grateful to the magazine for giving me the chance to have something i could never afford.
I would like to win the AKAI MPC as I do not own a pad controller of this type and it would really help me to sequence beats and samples.
i wanna give MPC studio to my girlfriend because i'm Renaissance user and she love MPCs since 2000XL;)
I really love this one I'd love to have one for my home studio for a long time ago, hope can get one
I would like to win, because then I would get the chance to romance this baby so hard. We would cuddle, watch Christmas movies together and hopefully finger-bang after we get to know each other. ;)
AKAI MPC 2000XL is the only piece of equipment I own..... I luv it and anything AKAI...... It Wouldn't get a better home.
This would be a great add on to any set up!
1..2..3..4.. it would be so awesome to win this.. it would be so awesome to win this.. it would be so awesome to win this.. it would be so awesome to win this.. FILL.. 1..2..3..4.. QUANTIZE
it would match my shoes really well, and that is important as i must be coordinated with my gear when i am on stage, so that is why i would like to win this. there are those other reasons like that i deserve it because it is not easy being me, especially in the morning, and it would make my performance set up easier while providing excellent audio quality, but those are just not nearly as important.
I would love to win this MPC because previously all my work has been entirely software based without any physical hardware and this would really close the gap!
I would love to win this cause I'm broke and can't afford one. It would be a great Christmas gift and I would be able to make magic. I'm a long time mpc user but sold mines cause of hard times.
The pads, the engine, need I say more?
I've been saving for a far inferior controller for awhile but recently got hurt & had to take time off work. So the money that was saved is going to bills, but at the same time, I finally have some free time to learn & work on projects I've been trying to get at for years. Time is more valuable than money & I wont be stopped by not having any equipment but still it would amazing if I could get my hands on something this powerful
Hello, my music is all about beats and the MPC would be the perfect upgrade and put me in the next level.. blessings. Flo
I really need this thing ... With AKAI i can write new Marselieza for my
Ukraine friends ! Viva la Revolution !
I'd like a MPC Studio, because I never have time to work on music at home. I work a lot and would love to have a portable MPC to bring to work with me that I can use during my breaks.
I'd like to get more hands on with my production, and I've heard Akai's pads are the best!
Well I want to win for this simple reason... I'm getting older and there's so much music in me to share but the funds are short :/

It would be amazing to add to the rest of my awesome akai products (;
I'd like to win this to create good music! This is the perfect gear to pair with the rest of my equipment!
I bought an MPC 500 to become the next best female artist that girls could look up to and say, "I could be that cool too, I don't have to be a guy to make music." But the memory card slot ended up getting messed up after the warranty expired and fixing it would be difficult for me. I need something new to improve my skills on and create music that inspires!
I haven't had an MPC since I sold my 1000 a few years back - it would be nice to have one again.
I so want this! I had to sell off my old akai mpc, and have not been able to replace it
Reverend Entity
OK, I have never owned an MPC before, but you can't be into audio production and not know about MPCs. I would love to expand my knowledge of audio production with an Akai unit!
Because it's really great instrument!
So I own the MPX49 which I love. I also own the Maschine MK2 and I love it as well. I've always wanted to own an MPC and I would like to add one to my studio. What better one to add than the MPC Studio! I like that it's not to bulky and easy to take with.
I would like to win as it would contribute to my learning.
I don't have any MIDI controllers or anything...this thing sure would be a good way to start!
B E C A U S E I W A N T T O M A K E M - U - S - I - C W I T H I T
Ryan Powell
I'm a young 16 year old inspired music producer. I've been searching the web for a cheap MPC for about a couple years now. It would be a blessing if I win this contest and get the free MPC player. If I do get it I would promise to make good music in the near future. Thank You
Chris O
My MPD26 has been great to me, but this would be the perfect upgrade. One I couldn't afford otherwise!
the MPC is a legendary tool and iv always wanted one. Akai makes some of the best products in the music industry and an MPC would be a great addition to my studio.
Roman Turner
I am 15 years old and I am truly dedicated to music and believe that I'm going to make it one day. I started trying to make beats my 8th grade year at school, but I could only make them at school because they had the right equipment and I would beg to be in there, even when the equipment wasn't good quality. I've always dreamed of just Touching an MPC but I never got to! I get on youtube and go straight to Akai's channel and melt into their videos. I always go to Akai's website just to look KNOWING that I or my parents can't afford anything on there. When I saw that Akai created the MPC Studio, I went crazy and started to beg my parents, but sadly, she never had the money. I knew that it was portable and simple to learn and use. It would be a BLESSING if I win one.
charles TOWEL
awoihgakshfljseg I WANNA WINE...i mean WIN
Would love to have the portability of this for when inspiration hits but also the power it has when it's time to record.
I would love to have a controller-native software DAW!
Katlego Chilli K
Even though drum machines have no soul but only one can come alive through the MPC Studio
Man One
I'd love to win a new MPC Studio! Haven't had one since my old 2000.
Katlego Chilli K
Even though drum machines have no soul but only one can come alive through the MPC Studio
It would be awesome to win this so that I can teach music production to urban youth.
Well before Hurricane Sandy I had a Mpc 2500, with hookup to mbox and protools, sampling records. My house had flooded and i had lost everything, still in process of rebuilding. Still displaced with family. The Mpc would allow me to make beats using the pads and capability of using it in a hotel room or vehicle, without taking up to much space. Also the ability to make music, which is such great therapy. Takes me away from this Disaster.

thanks for the opportunity
God Bless
I would REALLY ! start finally making music, but i loose my creativity with computer programs. I need a physical machine to get started + i been looking this new version from the day 1 ! Help me to get my mind straight ;)

It would compliment my PUSH. I love the iMPC, and have had that since day one, but it just doesn't cut it. I need those big buttons!!! JayEBeats has one.
D Knighten
I need a Akai MPC! I never owned one so this will be the greats gift ever! And it would complete my mobile studio!
Jordan Mussio
Id love to win an Akai MPC Studio because I currently dont have pads and miss the feeling. Im also interested in seeing what this site has to offer can never get enough gear coverage and tutorials!
this is the right attitude!
I would like to win because with this instrument I can be more flexible in studio and in live mixing, music production beeing much easier with this new Akai MPC Studio. For now, I currently trying to create a style like Richie Hawtin's techno and minimal combined with Kink's old school techno and acid house, also with deep and dub sounds and the new Akai would make my life much easier, beeing capable to produce live my sound on stage and for an easier production in my continuously developing studio. I hope I will win and will be the Lucky Guy in this nice contest!
M to the P to the C, Bring it to me!
Violent Chimp
My beats would suck a lot less with an MPC Studio !
I would love to win this!
my fingers like's the feeling of triggering akai pads !!!
with this buddy , i can give them this feeling also on the road !!!!
This would be great! i have enough of my home made mpc.. not really much functions and i miss the good looking body of a real mpc/

I feel better now.. :)
I'm tired of using laptop + midi controller (Akai mpd-32), I need something real, I think MPC Studio is just right replacement for me
Akai MPC Studio would be a huge blessing in my
physical therapy for trauma recover.
I would like to win to have the chance to make something similar to this: but with the MPC (Did I mention that my first akai MPC was a MPC2000, Love this saga!
Raul Firmino
Cheers.. I already own an Akai MPK mini and I love it, but, is the only piece of gear that I have.. Would love that mini get along with is young cousin, the Akai Pro MPC Studio. ;)
Would love to use it on my production, tnx.
I want to win this contest because I want to develop my interest in connected with music and I want to create something special but I don't have enough money to buy my own MPC
I worked a long time with the MPC 2000 XL.Working only with these ultra tight Sequencer inspired me a lot.Then one day someone broken up my Studio an stole my Stuff.Since this day i never had enough money to buy one again.
DJ Alien
I hope to have this tools for continue my exciting research in the world music...

Thanks for this contest !
I tried one not long time ago in a music shop and really liked the pad response, so thank you, if it's going to be me!
i'm a fast rising afroBeat producer. I'll like to win to the MPC to promote my beats to the next level of being proffessional... #Controllers aint just enough for my drums!!! I wish i'd win this!
Rusiu Sieradz
I want to win MPC, because I do not have money to buy it
would be awesome to win!! good luck everyone
I'd like this so I could play samples in my live gigs.
Love making music so much but for now im just a student who doesn't have money yet... cannot afford gears like this for now so its quite frustrating... i would be so glad to have one. thank u!! good luck everyone!
I'd like to win the MPC Studio to hone my finger drumming skills.
I wish I could have this man I'm a family man now so it's not as easy for me to afford this and this is something I really want it would b the missing piece to my home studio
I need this in order to teach urban youth music production.
I just want to make free quality music.
'cause i need more dope from akai!!!! xXD
I'd like to win to expand my arsenal! love the mpc style!
LyricalWarRecords produce MAD beats on a professional level, it's not the same on a simple midi keyboard...
i would change the world with one of these...
I play the accordion for 12 years. If you combine MPC and accordion you get a hell of a mixture. I want to try it!!!!!!!

All mars
A lot of people will use crazy reason why they should win this amazing piece of equipment but I have one big reason why I wanna win this Mpc studio I wanna do quality music with a quality machine and this would help me get to that start thank you Akai for this opportunity!
Dj Scratchy

I am 14 years old. I now produce six years. I have no money for such an expensive thing. So I just do it all win promotions. and hope.

PS: nice that you're doing a lot of win promotions
DJ Klashes
I am always Looking for some new gear for my home studio and an MPC Especially from Akai (Man Oh Man) ... would make my life very easy and really easy on production levels. I wish, that i might be able to win this cause i really need one good drumming machine to organize, create and make bass loops which i can use live for my DJ Sessions as well as for track's production stage too
Controlling your DAW = Power.
I've drooled over MPC's all my life, in instrument shops, pawn shops, wherever I saw them. I turned to soft synths and drum machines because I was never able to afford one. I think receiving an MPC would be like a Christmas miracle. Thanks for this opportunity!
I'd like to win this bad-boy because the hands on functions plus my dj mixes would cause damage on any dance floors.
I love my MPK25, and I'd love to play with some more Akai gear.
I'm not going to lie...I love to produce, but I need new and quality equipment. Haven't had a new piece of equipment in a long time (just window shopping) but my family is healthy so I'm content. Always loved Akai's products ...would love to win this piece.
would love to get this controller to integrate into my live sets. it looks like an amazing piece of kit!
Its a power concept made by u f o. {Advance beat making}
I need it to share my mind
Not only in the "studio", gurls: this would freaking boost my djsets on stage. But I guess that this lovely God's gift will power up my studio sessions too. I'm pretty sure.
wow me&my son would love to add this [ice of equipment that can help us with making more creative music&to help put money way towards my grand daughter college education. times are very hard and things needed to help make ends meet
creating music help move the dancing world and help with background music
for movies&music videos
hope im one of the lucky winners
mister smith
If I win, I will use it to control my gear and fight fascism and counter other diseases of ignorance through sympathetic textures and quality samples!
I would love to win due to been un able to work as I have shattered my foot leg problems had a very bad year and this would be amazing to win for my small home studio.
I'd love to win this and add to my studio setup so I can program hands on using the excellent MPC drum pads. I use a mouse or a midi controlller keyboard with Ableton Live currently to program my parts, and it's kinda weird doing things this way. And it would be absolutely killer to have the MPC software added to my recording setup!
come to pappa :-)
For my studio setup and for live performance ... And since i can't afford of buying one of those beasts!
Austin Auclair
Would love to mess around on one of these things
I have MPC 1000 but I'd love to have a beat machine that's more integrated with my DAW.
This would be a great addition to my Ableton Live setup.
I turn as many people on to MPC's as I can and to have one of these new youngsters would really really streamline my workflow. I'd also like to start doing some online vids for these units as I don't see many. Thanks for the opportunity!!
Audio Masters
First of all, Thank you guys for the opportunity!
I would love to have this in my home studio, this thing looks super cool and fun to play with! but more importantly I also do a little music production so to have a drum machine like this would be kick ass!! (excuse my french) Good luck to everybody that entered!!!! Akai Pro MPC Studio Music Production Controller!!!
I think i deserve to win because ive wanted to produce and make beats since 2001, but have never been able to afford an MPC. #MusicIsLife. Good luck to all the contestants.
I would love to win the Mpc Studio, because I've never had the chance to own any of AKAI's MPC hardware. The closest I've got was purchasing the MPK49, MPC apps and borrowing my friend's MPC2500 and MPC5000. I wanna put those crazy creative gremlins in my head to good use. I JUST LOVE AKAI !!!
Would sell it & buy booze! =)
why don't I have the oh so famous akai mpc sequencing super groovy rhythmic mayhem and sexy swinging thang in my freakin studio ????

I have to have it !!! its mine !!!
I would like to win the MPC Studio because:
- I don't have the money to buy one at the moment, otherwise I would
- I am a loyal Akai Pro customer, currently using the MPD26 and LPK25
- I would love to use an MPC (in any form) to add to my production/performance.
Gt from 80 Strange Robots
I need this, because I need a good timing sequencer for MIDI recording, and MPC is the best. I tried Cubase, Ableton Live + Push, NI Maschine, no one of them can come even closer.
Rodolphe Lecat
Well, I think that I need this MPC to helping me and a friend to create without difficulty our new tracks for our hiphop duo. I don't think I need to write more, I need the MPC because of its characteristics.
I would like to win the MPC Studio because I miss my old MPC 60 and I would like to give this tool to my son so his creative world will open up.
It would be nice to win it because my creativity needs some improvisation at the moment so i think any of MPC machined could really help me with that.
I Need it really really really!
I love free things!
I want the akai controller because akai is the best brand in the world. And I want to make my live performance more professional.
As a pro audio engineer specializing in Music Production (Mostly Electronic Dance Music), this will be a start to new things to come. Always been hustling to build a studio of my own and still on it, a standalone piece of hardware that is so massive will change my life for the best.
Mark Walker
The Akai MPC Studio would be a great addition to my studio to sample sounds and could also be taken into the DJ world!
I wanna make music for everyone to get sad to
John Goodman
I'd love to win the MPC studio. Good for making glorious beats for proletarian revolution. Viva la MPC!
Id like to win because im struggling to make ends meet and want to make some bangers for everyone to get down to. Turn down for what?
Shawn H.
I would LOVE to win this! Would fill the gap between my APC40 & MPK49. In my studio. I've been wanting an MPC for so long but, I'm "ballin on a budget"
I would love to win the Pro MPC it has been a life long dream of mine to produce music.
I wanna make music for everyone to get sad to
I would be so grateful to win this, I have trouble drawing beats into Ableton so I'm forced to use my laptop keyboard. This is less than ideal.
Bob Maryan
I Can't Buy It Because I Don't Have This Money And I Like To have this one . i want to be a good producer and help my people .....peace
Man, i would just love to have the MPC, it would make a huge improvement on my small growing studio, and my live performance!!!
Anyway, it´s a great prize and i´m sure who wins it will make it worth it´s value!!!
I would love to win this! I am studying music technology at Leeds College of Music, as a college student you will know that i have zero pennies.. This piece of kit will surely get its barriers broken when i get a hold of it ;) sequencing and sampling technology, you've got to love it!
Hey, i'd like to win this as it has one foot set in the past and one in the future. I value it's portability and capabilities. Previously i have owned the mpc1000, but later sold it as it felt limiting. All the best guys!
JB the WAR Villain
I'd like to win an MPC studio because I can't afford one to be honest! I currently use an MPD 32, and it's great for what I need but I would like the chance to upgrade and I can't afford to buy myself one now that my Wife and I have new babies! And plus, it's Christmas, would be an awesome present to receive!
I would like to win to create complex rhythms combined with my mpd 26, ipad
I would love to win it... It would definitely take my music production to the next level!
This would be an amazing tool for our band at my church. Good luck everyone!!
I'll love to win this so I can Make great music for people to hear. ....
Miguel Villarreal
hello my name is Miguel I'm an electronic music producer and i do psytrance music. my project is called Coldsun and i want this Akai. because i can't afford one. and i will happy if i win this contest.
This thing looks sweet! Ask audio has some of the best tutorials. Good luck to everyone.
I'd like to win this because I have nothing except keyboard
MPC studio is the logical following controller I need.

Using ableton live suite 9 with the lpk25 & the lpd8, I just need more pads like that

Thank you
Yes, that would be very cool to win this Akai product. Together with me and my Ableton, we would be a winning team!
I'd love to win an MPC Studio, so I could make the world a better place.
I would like to make rap an TRAP the old school way!
Alberto ARP
I am having to create another kind of music in my studio and MPC Studio would be fantastic.
Antonio Girley
why you'd like to win an MPC Studio.
I would love to win an MPC Studio because MPC has the best Algorithm for creating Good feeling Grooves.
I'm a Musician That likes to feel my Music !
I am pretty sure whoever wins this will have a really good kick-start for 2014 and a huge grin on their faces i just hope it is someone that cant afford it,good luck people!
Namen Mulugeta
i would love to win!! i mean who wouldnt, i love making music a with equipments up to date it would make it easier for me to do something better, thank you very much for your offers and wish you all good luck!!
Gautier Gouillon
MPC is what we need!!!
Brian Sullivan
I LOVE THE MPC BRAND!!!! I own an MPC 60, 2K, 2KXL, and 4K. I would love to add the MPC Studio to the family! It would also help my production stay current with technology. This would be a great gift!, and I could finally let go of all the floppy disks that I own!!!! LOL
Phil Allen
Fantastic piece of kit that would fit right in with my home set-up.
When my brother introduced me to the MPC 2000 13 years ago, I was sold. Ever since I've been hooked. The mpc gave birth to so many good producers, like Madlib, j-dilla (r.i.p) pete rock and so on.. sadly I've never had the pleasure owning one myself
Derrick Burns
One of my brothers introduce me to the MPC Brand, I was (WOW!!) to death on it's technology. I'm currently the owner of the classic 2K, and 4K. My Lord saver gave me everything, I own in my studio which help me to grow as a young producer in this music industry. Music is a vital means of teaching, healing, sending a powerful message to far and near. I would love to have this because; it will would help my production stay current with technology as one of my best friend/brother brought me into the music production industry. If, I'm not the winner please bless someone truly deserving. Take care... BM
I Want it to learn my daughter the Hip-Hop way of life, she's actually 1 year old but learns fast !
And for me to push buttons essentially... I love pushing buttons that's my favorite work ;)
All mars
I love the new direction that you guys at Akai had taking. the new Mpc's are more software & hardware basic more than ever great for the studio & mobile I would love the chance to win the new Mpc studio I really like the layout, some of my other friends who own there own studios said this item is amazing and would be a great addition too your arsenal of creation!
Been following the Akai stuff for a while, would love to get my hands on this controller.
Wanna try it
This would make a killer addition to my studio alongside the Akai APC40 - Recently played with one at a local Guitar Center, the size is perfect for the mobile producer and the pads feel great -
I'm slowly building a studio, piece by piece. There's not much work in this small town, this would be a perfect add (well within my budget).
I want to win this because I really like getting out and about to make music and it looks like it would be a fantastic addition to help make the experience even more enjoyable.
Too Busy
I want to win this because I was too busy to write to Santa this year.
I need this device because I have an online beat storewebsite and I want to provide my customers with a better quality production. MPC Studio would help me create the way I want to without the limitations I have now.
I want to win it because I want to make some fly beats with it!
dj oyes
I have a Ren but its too large to travel with.. this unit would be great for me because i'm a dj and want to add some flair to my live performances.. also i would make great beats with a message for the youth that are dealing with the destruction of the planet, culture and a natural way of life.. music can rally the masses... the earth needs a voice
Traveling from studio to studio with my current equipment is a big hassle. This would help make me more mobile and give me the opportunity to travel lite.
Akai MPC, the best pads in the market. I would really love to lay my fingers over this great device!
Anthony Tru-nature
I used to have the MPC1000, and for me it was an eye opener into the almost limitless and very unpredictable bounds of instant creativity one could have by just thumping on the pads. Then there was that unique warmth of the MPC sounds, and not to talk of that natural swing the MPC beats always have.

With Akai's move into software and hardware integration, it's just unbelievable what can be achieved. This is something that I could not have perceived in years past and even the MPC1000 has nothing compared to this in terms of portability.

I can go on and on and on, and would probably need a few pages to write about the Akai's creation here, but I'll stop here by saying that:

"I would love to win because of my cravings for that legendary MPC sound, it's warmth, portability, creativity inducing capabilities, and the fact that it's place as the center stage of my (very minimal but effective) studio will set me on my way to being that prolific producer that I think I can be."
Jayesh Bhatia
One thing i can say I Need this Because I'm starting Djing and Producing and I need gears, at the moment it's not possible, as i dont have much money.Also i want to start producing and with the Akai Pro MPC Studio . I I hope i can win one of this. Thanks!
I would love to win this for the excellent pads of the Akai and because you can also use the sound quality of the old MPC
I would love to say that I need this Akai Pro MPC controller to make my music better or something like that. Unfortunately, the real reason is that my cat says he will kill me in my sleep if I don't win this gear. You see, HE make the beats. HE has the flow. HE makes slick cohesion. I just work knobs, because he has trouble turning them with his little paws. If you want to here this stuff for yourselves, send the MPC. He also said not to mention what he said or.......Wait.....shhhhh. Here he comes. Gotta go. Do the right thing....plzzzzzz......
I´d like to win because i need it for making beats. Also I´m very poor and cant afford it :(
I have never owned an MPC before..
It looks like fun! I could definitely get into one of these!
MoreBuck Matt
I'd love to win the MPC studio as i've been an MPC user for years and this could bridge the gap between my hardware and software production. Slim and portable, I can take my beats anywhere!!!

Love to have this tactile feedback on a superb hardware from a classic
So far my main pad surface is a QuNeo, and I'm not a fan. Would like something better!
Hi i would like to win the mpc because so far iv only used softwere to create my music and would love sumthing more hands on. Thanx KOHESIV
I'd use this at home, and when collaborating with other musicians when I'm on the road, to ease the production of my tunes.
I'd like to win cuz it would help make my workflow faster and hopefully give me some new creative ideas!
I'm just a music freak....can't live without it! This controller would make my day ! :)
All mars
Akai gives the meaning of the word music production center the proper name for this machine. It change the stage of the music game forever since the late 80's and thru out the 90's the golden age of hip hop creating some of the most talented hip hop producers of our time Pete rock, jay dilla, Dj premier, buck wild, & Dr. Dre just too name a few I wanna be the next producers to be added to this elite list of beat makers and creators that's why I wanna win a Mpc studio so I can create history as well so thank Akai for this chance
It would be really nice to use it with Logic Pro X! Love & Peace!
First and foremost, I never win any of these contests, so if I actually won the MPC Studio, that would be awesome all by itself. Secondly, I would sample the eff outta everything in range of my ears. The MPC Studio alongside AcidPro 7 and ProTools would mean non-stop quality production. This plus a laptop, and you're ready to jam anywhere.
i wish when i win this prize,that i can use this in ableton or later in bitwig studio,
that i can lunch mor mpc`s at the same time,eche instance a controller,
that`s preety nice,i think it work`s with the mpc element,that users can run more instances,so why not 2-3 controllers at eache time in the DAW!
Sonic Glyph
Winning the MPC studio would enable me to inject that MPC feel into my beats,and would allow me to further hone my skills in a respected and professional manner.
Just because
I would like to win an Akai MPC Studio because I appreciate what Akai has contributed to music especially hip hop and people's lives. Making music is so easy and fun now. Thank you Akai!!!!!!!!!!
I'd love to get the Akai MPC Studio because the MPC is such an iconic beat making machine and the Studio represents an evolution of the classic originals.
Having an MPC will greatly aid my Film Scoring and help me in teaching Ableton Live + other great plugins to to my students!
It would be fantastic to have the Akai MPC studio in my Studio. It will make my music production so much simpler.
Man, I've wanted one of these for years! I know that won't necessarily help me get one now, but I figured I'd mention it, just in case this is the closest I ever get to one. ;)

I can't afford any hardware, winning this would be awesome, I'd use it with Ableton, making crazy beats.
It'd be great to have a tactile controller rather than entering everything with a computer keyboard and mouse - an amazing boost to speed and creactivity
I would like to win this to help enhance my music production to be more precise with my drum kits.
All mars
I use to work for samashmusic when the first generation of Mpc's where first on the scene and boy was we as producers hook never like software to create music the workflow is not as great as hardware and you guy at Akai are the reason for that amazing piece of hardware I would love too win the mpc studio so we can make music for the next generation too learn from salute
Chris Talmed
To make love to it.
Twin Momma
Oooooh pick me, pick me. My hand is raised up higher. Lol Seriously mom of twins and 7 kids total makes it hard to scrape together the cash to get new equipment.
Please complete me!!!!
Logic X
I will like to win because I've been a Akai user since 2001 when I first purchase the MPC 2000 XL and I always wish they would've made something that can easily connect to a computer so I could use it with Logic Pro.
well im a old school type of person and i like to create music with a old school swag i never had a Akai beat producing controller!!! i been using fruity loops&other online beat making software!!! but i feel that i need a physical device like the mpc TO HELP CREATE THE TRACKS THAT MIGHT BE IN A FUTURE MUSIC VIDEO& MOVIE BACKROUND SCORE
im i need of a up to date beat controller to keep up with the new age beat producers of today
I just need the MPC Studio hardware to use the MPC software so i can work on older projects done on my MPC 1000.
it's important to my dream,it sound lame when you hope to win free products,but what can i say i might not be the one but defiantly would help any young producer cutting his way up with his art.
Victor C
It would be great, what a super useful production tool, and its packed with features and ability. That is something that would enhance the recording and producing experience many fold!
Why I want to win this Akai MPC Studio? What do you think yourself...?!?
i'd like to win the mpc the mpc studio because i've been deeveloping an home studio in Italy (Torremaggiore,FG) and i need it
P.S. sorry for my english
I'd love to get my hand on one of these. I tried it at the Sweetwater gearfest this year and was impressed! So winning one now would be a nice post xmas treat!
Sacred Energy
I would love to win this amazing piece of equipment so much!!
Good luck to everyone!!
An MPC Studio for Free!! Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! The MPC Studio is the sexiest controller on the market and was a pioneer in the "beat-making" game of the world. I bought the iMPC app, (affordable version, lol) and it is awesome. I made one of the best beats I ever made with the app! But I stopped using it after that. Without the ability to really get in and manipulate/export the beat, I am stuck. Winning this MPC would bring me to the next chapter in a great story.
First project when I receive an MPC Studio = A track made on MPC about MPC for MPC.
MPC: Music Production Center
MPC: My Personal Catalyst
Thanks for the opportunity.
All mars
No other company has had a bigger impact in the hood the way that you Guys at Akai have and yes please pick me too win an mpc studio thanks
For the sake of sonic voyages, and for the expansion of my imagination, grant me the power of an MPC.

I'm to young to have known about all the old MPCs (500,1000,2500,5000 etc.) I'm really into Hip-Hop, and now with the New MPCs, it's my chance to be a part of the users, and dedicated fans of the MPCs
i would love to win this, so i can make an album that will change the world !
Just starting to put together my first home studio and this would be great to have.
Matthew Liberty
I'd like to win this MPC because I have no money at the moment to be able to buy my own. I'm a musician based in Boston and I would like to connect all the people around me with music. I feel this MPC will help me accomplish that. Good luck to whoever wins.
I'm 15 years old and I love, absolutely love, creating electronic music! I currently have no Akai hardware, only another company which I wouldn't name on here (rivals!). I desperately need some more money to buy an MPC controller - my paper round will never get me enough:( I have looked at all of the reviews of the Pro MPC and it looks perfect for me. I never win these competitions so if you could send one to me, I would be very grateful :)
It would be great to win a MPC causea i do hip-hop and never had one
I would loove to win ! too fine tune and go live with my beats! Kiwi styles like Fat freddys! : )
I don't know what separates me from everyone else. We all have our own visions and our own reality to bring to the people in our own way. I'm what you can call "starving/hungry" but at the end of the day I'm getting through. I have no MPC or MIDI currently and have been doing everything off the keyboard or by programming. I've played guitar/drums/sang my whole life..but have been burdened by the lack of funds. Broke college kid raising a daughter that will be a year old in a month but fortunately I've been going to school in Denver to become an Audio Engineer.. I started my own label, Wreckteam Records (May 2012) and feel this would be the perfect tool for me to utilize in our upcoming productions. Good luck to everyone and their beautiful journey of development and expressing themselves!
It is time to move on from my mpc 2k to something modern.... I had enough with floppies and zip drives!
I might the most self centered reason of all for wanting this Controller : The need to look cool for my son. I have been banging out remixes for over 30 years now, with to no national recognition. I truly blame this on my gear, which has always been 5 years too old, for my up-to-date ideas. This controller will get me to the 21st century, and I can start beating outs some tracks that would make my son proud...
Since I am a student I don't have enough money to buy one myself. I've been saving money, but it is by far not enough. It would be so nice to make music with it!
Id like to have that mpc cause its been a long time since ive owned one. My first mpc I owned was an MPC60 mk2 I got in 1999 which was stolen, I still have some old floppies for it, Then I got a mpc 2000 a few years later and had just installed a zip drive in it when that was stolen as well. Nowadays I rock my Akai Mpk49 and lpd8 until I can buy another mpc
Marc van Workum
Just finished the building of my very small homestudio. But there's only 1 problem I have to much emty space, so please fill the room with an MPC.
Drummer boy
I've been producing music for a while now but I never ever owned a real high quality drum computer. It will certainly help me to lay down beats and improve my overall music quality and I love those pads! I love those pads!!!
I'd like to win MPC Studio because I've been wanting a stand-alone hardware + software like this one. It would help me to transfer my music ideas onto a computer and beyond.
Also, I'm more of a 'Pads' than a mouse & keyboard beatmaker.
It would be a great tool to add!
I want to win this contest because my tone and style has changed. I only work with software and it hinders my creative flow. This equipment will give me the opportunity to make music that excites the soul.
I would like to win Akai mpc studio to connect and check it with my akai s950 sampler!
I would love to win because im a fan of Akai mpc since the 3000 and 2000xl... As time change and computers are starting to be 1 of the main focus point in music production.. I watch videos to see Akai has step into this new era.. bringing everything the mpc is based on.. without losing what made you fall in love with it in the first place.. As I adjust to this new era of music production.. there's nothing better than bringing that old way of doing things to the front of the line
Dj Murdles
I have been DJing for a year on sunday. I really want to focus on the production aspect of things for 2014. Ive always tild myself that if i want to get into this i want to do it right. i believe that this controller will help me produce high quality tracks and kickstart my dream as a DJ/producer.
I would love to own one of these but i can´t afford it and my parents don´t support me because techno isn´t real music to them and they don´t think this is an instrument -.-
This would be a great thing to start out with sampling and stuff. Count me in guys, I want this!
All mars
For a slim a little small mpc it sure is powerful The Mpc studio seems too have a lot too offer for any known and unknown music producer. the lay out for this machine looks amazing now i wanna hear that amazing sound! my name is AllMaRs and I wanna win the Mpc studio thanks Akai!
2014 will be my year for gear. I want to rebuild my setup that I had back in the day.
This would be amazing for me to win. All i have to work with right now is my laptop and guitar. This would help immensely. Thanks for the opportunity guys!
It would be great to get my hands on an mpc studio and learn to produce music the way the pros have done in the past and continue to do so in the evolution of the legendary mpc series.
Need this to make a banger
I make good music but never had such controller before. You know there's a smile and a cry. This could be the first and the last for me. Love from Malaysia.
Already love my Akai equipment, my studio could easily use an MPC to help move things along even better.
Dallas Weeks
just wanna get my hands on it!!!
I would like to win because I'm building a rocket to go to the moon and this is the missing piece!
DJ Porky
Free gear? Who would pass this up? Hoping to get this, it would make my year!
It started when I was small, I was living by the countryside. No technologies, no neon lights.

Until one day, when I first saw a band.

Of course with limited knowledge, I know some of the instruments,

Drums, Bass, Guitars.

But there's one thing that I can't name.

A square equipment with 16 gray pads.

"What is that?"

Curious, I started to search about the band.

It is Linkin Park.

and the Asian guy with that weird 'instrument' is Mr. Hahn.

from there I started to get to know more about AKAI,

but never had the chance to own a product.

I wish I could.

and this is why, I deserved getting the AKAI MPC Studio more than the others.
I need this. So much. My soul aches for it. Music is salvation.
Sammy Burbano
It's just the type of element I need to start to make people's dream come true. It's a great element to make any kind of music and the most unusual and - why not - crazy beats nowadays. The APC is tool, we got the imagination...
I would like to win, because i always had a special connection with music and wanted to produce when the time is , now that i just heard that I'm fired ( great a few days before Christmas -_- ). I have the feeling that that time has come and hopefully I can start off with this great controller
I would like to get it because i'm from Colombia and this is very expensive
For experimental musicians here
And this is like a space machine and i love it
I want to drop beats on the go using state of the art technology to ensure I get the sound quality I demand. Studio mojo anywhere, what could be more fun!
Duds one
It would be the perfect Christmas present. Also the chance to continue to make inspiring music with a more efficient hardware controller.
I want it because I´m starting music production school on april.
If you got heart you got drums
I love my impc ... Would love to win this bad boy
I would like to win this because I have always wanted to own an MPC. I currently own an mpd26 and love it as I love all Akai products. I have used other product lines but always come back to Akai. The other reason is, I have four kids and simply can not afford to make this kind of purchase. Good luck to all!
This beauty i hope is that missing piece from my home studio, which would shoot me to fame :)
I really want the MPC studio because I've had my MPC1000 since 2006 and am in desperate need of new pads. It took me some time to get the hang of it but once I did, it's became the greatest investment I ever made. In the last 3-4 years, Ive been rocking with my MPC almost every single day without fail. It's my partner in crime my best friend and my dearest weapon. I love that thing. Getting the MPC studio would be a game changer. Since I have very few working pads i have to plot out my arrangements differently then before, when i used to play everything live. and could really play around with velocities and rhythms a lot better. For the last 2-3 years I've had to use the "full level" button, and even then it's not always easy. Being able to have software that links up with the MPC is both exciting and nerve wrecking, but I am looking forward to being able to hit save instead of having to import every track of every beat separate into my D.A.W. Thank you for listening to me plead my case. It would make me so happy to have this amazing piece of equipment.
Man i've had a hole in my setup for a while, missing MPC style pads for drums & such. I've been looking at this since it was announced. Would really love to win one!!
I want the MPC Studio because I seek fulfillment in life from the acquisition of material possessions that align with my self image and idealized aspirational lifestyle.
Tory Hooks
I want and would like to have the MPC Studio, because it would be worthy in my studio, and it has been on mind to get one so intensely.
i would like to win this because i lost my studio gear that i had in storage and this would keep me for going crazy any one have gear know what mean.
I would like to win a AKAI MPC Studio because it has features that would allow me to greatly improve the caliber of music that I am able to create. I am currently using a M-Audio Axiom AIR Mini 32 Keyboard with Ignite Music Software which has its limitations. The MPC Studio would allow me to do bigger and great things.
Because I need another pad to make music on!
I've just recently started to get into production with Ableton and have been using just my keyboard so far. This looks like it would be really useful during the creative brainstorming process.
Currently working with some HipHop Producers, and feel like the odd one out without an MPC...a rock based background, and hiphop is the way of the future though!
Need this. Dj a strip joint and random clubs in Toronto. Also dabble in production. Wanna learn more and need amazing new products. Please pick me. Xoxoxoxo
I would like to win AKAI MPC STUDIO because i work with AKAI MPC 2500 and with this machine i can import my projects to MPC STUDIO Software and work with an amazing software. More, AKAI MPC STUDIO does not take much space in studio and I can travel with it in my laptop backpack for music sessions instead of the weight of the MPC 2500. It's amazing the variety of options and features. SEND ME ONE. I'm waiting... Hugs
MPC is is still the best production tool. Winning one would be a treat.
All mars
Sometimes I wonder if JDilla was still alive what would he do with the new Mpc Studio to what level would he take us as producers as beatmakers so since will never know that it's up too me and others too create that void me personally I just want to change the game of music in a whole other direction of creativity but for me too do that I need the right tool and winning the new Mpc studio would put me on that path thank you so much Akai for this opportunity... You guys are the best
Glenn Johnsrud
I would be deeply grateful if I won! I've been making beats since I was 17(now: 30 y.o) and I've been sampling the entire time probably the dumbest ways in sampling history. I use adobe audition/cool edit and just cut the hell up. So it is probably time for me to start doing it the RIGHT and fun way... By using a akai mpc :-)
Don Jandro
I'd be more than grateful and happy if i'd win this beautiful Akai Pro MPC Studio Music Production Controller. :)
This would be a great upgrade from my MPC 500!
Would be awsome win this MPC, i don't have any gear :( and win this mpc make the work of performance music more easy, good lucky to everyone
would love to do some live remixing of tracks i play as a DJ!
coz i love it and i think i could never have the chance to buy it with my 250 euros monthly fee at my job :/
All mars
Samplers and drum machine have been around since the late 70' & early 80's but none of them came close too Akai drum machine/music production center I been a fan of Akai since the late 80's and I stayed true to the real foundation of making classic hip hop I worked for Sam ash music for 10 years and sold tons of Mpc's but could never afford it hopefully one day I'll will get one salute too Akai fan for life
I'm trying to start the New Year off with a Bang!!!....and what better way to do that than on 16 pads???
I'd love to win this to use in Music production and djing!
I would love to win the Akai MPC Studio because the MPC has been the BEST workflow for me as far as Production/Composing goes & I've used many sequencers over the years(Akai MPC 2000xl/Roland Fantom-S/FL Studio/Reason/Garageband)! *Which I don't own anymore* NOTHING beats the MPC! In 2012 when Akai announced the Hybrid's(Studio/Ren.) I was dreamy in love lol, the fact that they finally integrated the MPC w/the computer was an instant sale for me! We all work off of computers now & the MPC now connected to it is really a dream come true for many! My only downfall since it's release is that I haven't been able to afford them(lost my Recording Studio due to hard times/economy), so winning this for myself would literally be a dream come true & my workflow would be @ it's very best!!!
neil eyw
would love to win x
Yaniv Herskowitz
Hey everyone! i think i should win this Akai Mpc because ever since i started making music (2 years a go ) i dreamed on performing live with this *ucking drum machine, but suddenly i have to pay my rent so i dont have much money for this incredible drum machine. i will be more then exciting to touch those incredible pads at my next live perform or just sitting at home and create a killing beat. good luck to everyone !!
Brizzy Da Savage
I would love to win this beautiful drum machine, because as a young aspiring producer and hip hop beat maker from the ghetto, its a dream come true to win this masterpiece, with it I took forward to helping young producer like myself, besides who doesn't want an MPC from AKAI the world's best music production gear company.
All mars
It's so funny how ppl thought that these newer machine were going to beat out the Mpc series which will never happen because you guys always mange to step your game up now Akai has incorporate software with the greatest hardware base machine ever created more of a sleak look easier ways to get around the pages now you guys have added color pads which is crazy in it self so I'm looking forward to seeing what the Mpc studio has too offer so thanks Akai
So funny! If this contest was based on following directions, most of you would be disqualified. :) You must COMMENT, NOT reply to the post. My email is being filled with replies to my post, instead. I gather those "comments" will NEVER be selected for consideration... I cannot reiterate my desire to get a hold of this gear. I know my reasons are a little self serving, but I see this a a way to start a new tradition with my son. My Dad, gave me his old TEAC reel to reel back in the late sixties, and I learned how to edit on that thing. I see this as a device that I can pass on to my son in years to come.
I'd love to win this piece of hardware as it would be my first MPC ever.
I need to win an MPC Studio because I am very talented in creating music and beats but I am unable to afford a decent piece of equipment to work my skill with. I have tried this model at a showroom and fell in love with it. I hope I can win this. I need to win this.
Please give me a MPC so I can pit it in a battle to the death with my aging Maschine MK1.
Im into music since Im 8 years old, now Im 16 and I think it would be nice if I would win this because Im collecting my money to buy exactly this thing, but if I would win, I could get myself new speakers! That would be awesome!
Because Music :)
Matt Com
I'd like to win because I just set up my studio and I think that a professional controller like that could be useful to improve my music and also the colour grey fits in with the walls!
It would be incredible for me to win this mpc because it is the heart of any studio and would give me the chance to improve my work flow
I would enjoy winning the MPC studio because I miss the hands on experience of programming with touchpads vs. computer DAWs. Plus, the MPC is part of the holy grail of production tools!!!
i would like to win this MPC cause my MPC 2000XL was stolen by robbers last month ... And i cry for my productions cause i can't build them anymore (Xcuz my english)
I would enjoy of winning this - as that's exactly the tool I need for get a lil bit more creative on the studio, and make my DJing and Production experience having a quality boost!

It's also a good thing to know about your blog! Keep running it!
This would be an interesting tool.
I would love one of these - take my music production out of the computer, onto the Akai MPC Studio and on to the next level!
I'd like to win this because it's a freaking lightweight MPC that I can literally fit into a backpack with a laptop and magazines! It's the benefits of the classic MPC workflow sans drives and zips or floppies. A cure for a sore shoulder. Moreover, it will allow me to have the essentials with me at all times.
I want it.. because I NEED it!!! :)
I would like to win to add the iconic MPC to my production tools. I have heard a lot about them but never got to use one.
Pro Equipment is always nice to have …
I remember back in August when Ask Audio Magazine first reviewed the Akai MPC Studio. The review was super positive and I thought to myself: "wow, the Akai Studio is 11 inches long, thats the same length as my dick'ies shorts."
I've always trusted Ask Audios reviews so I know that the Akai MPC Studio is an awesome controller. To include the videos in the price is a great idea! If I won it would be one of the best days of my life.
Thanks you Ask Audio for an amazing magazine and great website.
it would be nice to produce some crazy stuff with this :-)
Lorenzo Ming
I would like to win this amazing contest =)
Cause J Dilla used to work on MPC.
I'd like to win because it's the controler that i always want to buy! I am from Argentina.
I am using akai LPD8 and this will help me to improve my current producing :) if i win of course, crossing fingers :)
Lewis D
I'd like to win this prize because I always wanted an MPC.
I would like to win MPC Studio to create at any time, any place
Big Tali
I'd love to win the Akai Pro MPC Studio because it really can improve my workflow and help me bring my several hip hop project to life, combining software and hardware in just one great piece of gear!
The Amazing SB
I would love to win this because i started with software and i always wanted to use the mpc but couldnt afford it
I've been dying to get my hands on an mpc ever since I started making music. I've used a few and its always fun and feels genuinely creative. I need one to make my music standout with that mpc sound!
Mario R
I'd like to win this price because it would improve my music production
I'd like to win because I LOVE my MPC Renaissance and I travel a lot. It's such a bummer to want to work on beats from the road and not have a portable MPC with me! I'd love to win a Studio and get busy anywhere I go!
Having this equipment would definitely help my setup. I want to create a meaningful and captivating sound to share with the rest of the world. I want people to feel something every time they hear my music. I want to paint the world with sound. I think owning this studio would help me reach my goal.
I have been passionate about music my whole life and I want to persue a career as a producer, I am 16 years old and so do not have a lot of money to spend on gear. I would love to have this to take my home studio to a new level
Tim C
I've never used anything like this before. I don't know if I would like it or if I wouldn't. I've been producing music for a year or 2 now and the closest thing I've got to any real hardware is my midi keyboard and I've pretty much learned everything I can from that. It'd be nice having something new to play with and learn on without dropping hundreds of dollars. I'd be pretty happy if I got picked.
I want to improve my music making!
The MPC has been at the forefront of music production and has been the the main tool for some of musics mater craftsmen. The MPC Studio is the new age. Bringing the best of both worlds, hardware and software into the hands of producers. It's not only technological progression but also progression in the way we approach making music. The best of hardware and software. To be part of and experience this step in music production would allow me to partake in the making of history.
Jesus Sol Pulido
I'd like to win this beautiful piece of equipment, I love Akai's products they always get the job done for me but I could never afford an MPC. It'll definitely improve the way I produce and it'll fit in with the rest of my Akai collection!!
i would love to win a mpc ive been tryin to get one for years if i had the money i wouldnt be joining this contest but this is my only option.
greetz ryan
Jason Baker
I would kill to have this! I used to have the MPC 2000, until I had to pawn it to bail my brother out of jail. I will never be able to afford one of these on my own, for I am a father that actually takes care of his kids, so winning one would be a dream come true!
I'd love to win this because I've been trying to get started with music for years but I have never been able to afford decent equipment to use! I have so many ideas but nothing to work on them with.
Because this MPC is gona express my soul :)
I produce music, and i feel that i'm need some hardware for making it better and to have more capability.Also i'd love music hardware, i like things like keyboards, samplers, pad controllers e.t.c
I would love to win as I have been trying to produce music for awhile and would love a decent controller so that I can programme everything better and hopefully produce much improved tracks
I need it to develop my finger drumming skills!!
Ive just simply always wanted to try out an MPC and i haven't ever been able to get my hands on one.
i need it i want it i love mpc
Arthur Kerrey
No money , but that ain't a problem, akai and ask audio is gonna help me solve them, if I can I will just dive in see, and make some audio love with an MPC....
Brandon B
I'm not going to give you a sob story, but I legitimately had all my DJ/audio equipment stolen from storage while I was in another state. This would be great to win. Thanks for having the contest, and good luck to everyone!
Micah W
I want to expand and be really creative with my music!
SLy Rupert
Guys, i've tryed out some finger drum pads, but this AKAI Studio just FITS IN. the ergonomic, the dynamics, the super sensitive pads. Oh I would Like so much to have one, But here the price is jut overwelming. Let me promote your product in my gigs and in my products. As a Dj and producer, I promise to make the most out of it.
Happy new Year and thanks so much to make music possible for me. The MPC is the most amazing instrument I've ever heard of.
I have been playing music 23 years and have always wondered where music would end up. I can't believe that it has come this far with such advanced technology. It is simply out of this world... The only thing I can do is hope that I'll continue to be a part of it. THANK YOU AKAI!!!!!
Marikus watkins
Akai is the best. This would be another great tool in my arsenal. I hope I win
Kevin Knormal Smith-Ramson
I'd like to win because I'm a student. I attend SAE in Atlanta. I hadn't produced any music prior to becoming a student but I was a song writer with an extensive knowledge in music theory. Since being at SAE, I have grasped the basics of music production, competed in a beat battle (and won 2nd place) and I've allowed many who could not afford studio time to realize their dreams of recording their own songs in a real studio environment. I feel that this MPC will add to my arsenal of equipment that I can use to continue serving my community and the musicians in my area who lack the funds to finance their dreams.
Just bought a mpc element. But I think the MPC Studio is what I really need
i want win, because this is best :-)
Alex Avila
I would like to win because an MPC Studio seems AMAZING
I want it, because I dream of it every night. I asked this and from Santa Claus too for the new year!
i would like to win a mpc studio because i need a fresh start with hardware controlled software. i am tired of my maschine and native instruments' software.
Just watched Copyright using the MPC Studio in a video and It would be great to get the MPC "feel" back in my daw setup. I miss using My MPC 60 and MPC 2000
I have the mpk mini an it is great by akai I have never used or been able to afford any kind of mpc it would really be a blessing to me an my future goals in life thanks akai for my new mpc an my mini check out my producctionz on search groovelyne producctionz
Because it's time to take a big step forward!
since i saw it i want an MPC, but problem is that i don't have enought money to buy it... i dream about making music, and all i can do with it is playing on borrowed guitar. I would really love new opportunity to make some music :)
Because I like Akai-products very much and I'm really interested in the MPC Studio!
I'd love to win the MPC Studio because having another controller is just as profitable as having another lover: new sensations, new rules, new adventures.
I would love win this so i can save money and spend it on my books. i have always wanted an MPC and this would be a blessing to me and my music. Thank you
Renato G
because I have never worked with this controller and it would be a nice gift for me and my little studio
I already own an MPC 5000 and the STUDIO will bring me to the next level. And they would look beautiful together :P
New Akai Slim MPC Studio, cuts the fat and improves workflow, Just like
I would love to win the MPC Studio because I have all this music stuck inside my head waiting to be expressed that I simply cannot express using only my PC keyboard. Music is like second voice to me.
Would love to win this because I have been painfully using my apple keyboard for everything, and have to spend hours fixing velocity and making automation envelopes because I have no control to record it live! This would be a god send for sure!

Great reviews on all the products on this site also! New destination for reliable reviews!
Wow! Win this Akai product is a great thing. I would like to win this because:
1) i start to learn make electronic music with ableton, and i think use an MPC is fantastic.
2) no money...

Thanks :)
The MPC Studio from Akai Professional would complement my other Akai and Numark products I own along with putting an explanation mark on the new studio. Production possibilities will be endless!
I want the MPC to be able to create music for my daughter who will be born in February!
I would love to win the AKAI MPC as I need a controller for my home studio that I am currently building and putting together. It would be a fantastic and welcome production tool for 2014. Thank you.
Well, put simply.
I do not have a controller of this kind.
Sitting in Logic and and add notes using a mouse does not create the most appealing music in the world.
DJ Storm Davis
I would love the MPC because of its size and lightness! Because of my studio being so small, it is very hard to obtain equipment that would fit in the room!
And because I am only 14, I don't have much of a choice on where my studio goes; that's up to my parents. So having something like this would be perfect for the situation I'm in studiowise!
i would love to win this fantastic controller to use with ableton ! it could replace well my DIY painted-keypad controller. Good luck to everyone :-)
Me is Beatie Monster
Me is still hungry
That's reason why me
Wants MPC from AKAI!

Pad one one love
One for you all
Two beats too big
Plays on and on

Three pads no bust
Cuts scratch black dust
Pad four rap more
You want you must

Five fingers girls gingers
Swing eras Blues Jazz
Made diffrent sixth frame
Sex fame over game

Lucky seven be mine
You sound so fine
Eight ate peace now
MPC State Of Mind!
Sam B
Ah! I look at these in local music shop dreaming of having one with my Ableton haha, I am only 15 and my advice is good luck to everyone, but the most important piece of musical gear is creativity and you have all got that; an MPC just makes it alot easier haha!
Good luck and happy new year!
I want to win it because, if I don't win it, I'll never own one.
And I really, really want to own one.
The MPC is legendary I would love to win one of these machines to use with Studio One.
I Really want one because im just 15 and i am having a passion for making music, and i have a padcontroller but it sucks. So i really want a pro tool like this one, but simply dont have the money for it.
I hope i win, or someone who really needs it.
I Really want one because im just 15 and i am having a passion for making music, and i have a padcontroller but it sucks. So i really want a pro tool like this one, but simply dont have the money for it.
I hope i win, or someone who really needs it.
there's nothing to say just MPC...
is there any necessity to say why a person needs any akai pro item? i bet no:)
Mohrer Les
I've been an akai supporter and owner since 1999. I first had the MPC2000. Then purchased the 2000XL pro studio plus in 02. After my XL got fried, I purchased the 1000 in 2007 so I can produce on the go. I still have the 1000 and it pairs nicely the the akai EIE interfaces 4 ins to the 4 outs of the 1000. I've recently considered going into the USB/midi controller arena via maschine until I seen these new products if the studio and renaissance. Naturally, as a long time akai purchaser, I would want to stick with what's given me such great work over the last 14 years.

I need this piece and it would be dope to get this as a metaphorical thank you for my long time loyalty and service to such dope ass products.
Id love an mpc it would be the perfect addition to the studio!
April W
this would make the best anniversary present for my boyfriend
to get an mpc has been a dream of mine just never been able to afford one
just need a controller for ableton don't want to get push or maschine
I didn't get one for xmas so now is your chance universe!
L mount
you have to make me winner I would be the most popular kid at school!!!
R Walls
This would replace my crappy launchkey which doesn't work
LightHouse Music
I'd love to win, because Akai will be the reason i win a Grammy, and I'm going to thank them in my acceptance speech....
tia C
My brother needs this more than anything woud be the best bday prezzie
yeah boi have to get me one of these for the BOOM and the BAP
My boyfriend sent me here so its in writing if I win he gets it
j j
omg so wanna win this I need to change up my workflow this would be awesome
if I win I will lock myself in my bedroom for a year
It would be a blessing to win this MPC. My house burned down and the equipment I did have is gone. I'm currently out of work so this would help me get back on my feet since music is my passion.
If I don't get it, give it to this guy!!!
Cheers! :)
I really need this to speed up my workflow and just get everything started in producing i really live just do music and this will help so much with everything i have dream of something like this from akai its just dope
so thats why i want to win
id like to really win this mpc due to the fact that id really like to test this out and see if i can improve my production and also make my mobile set up much better instead of having to carry around a mpd32 this would help put my mobile set up a whole lot more and sharpen up my timing on my production
i wish to win of this babies cause i dont really believe i might afford it in the near future!
Making music is my life. I want to do it for a living some day. This would help a lot =)
Lord Enoch
I would really like to win the illustrious -and highly coveted- MPC Studio. I have been making my productions with an MPD24 (Had it since those devices were introduced) and I have had to revive it and bring it back from the dead three times.
I can't take it! I have been browsing all of the current MPC Midi Controllers online and only the Renaissance and The MPC Studio fit my needs. They're just way out of my budget :(
Please, AKAI, I need it badly.
I wanna win the MPC Studio so I can take my work on the road and use it to trigger high frequency sounds and deep growling wobbles to scare off predators whilst traveling the jungles, forests, and valleys of the planet.
i need this to make beter music
I would like to win this not to use it to become famous but to use it as my "HQ" so to speak, my setup is seriously lacking in pad controllers and i feel as though this would really add what i am missing; a decent amount of pads with very good workability and a lot of great features. Akai makes fantastic products (i own and actively use a LPK25 and a MPX8) and i would love to use this, even though i don't really expect to win.
But I'd like to...
I would love to bang out some hits using this amazing machine !
I have works I need to finish from up to 20 years ago. The hodgepodge of older gear I was using takes up more room than I have and has either become too obsolete or just stopped functioning. This is everything I need in one awesome unit!!
Osvaldo Sosa
I would like to win this MPC becausa actually im creating my new electronic music project, i dont have to much gear and this wil be fabulous for helping me to create some great new sounds for the electronic scene, thanks for this contest!
Johan Swerts

I'm without work,I have discapacity and it's difficult for me to walk because of an accident.The only thing that keeps me alive is making music,,I haven't got much pay though I see all these controllers and i die for having one,the only thing I could afford was the AkaiLPD8 but I'm sure I could make this MPC work work and work.Thanks and good luck all
With this, I will be the best finger drumming in my area :D
Dee Street Productions
As a future producer that's looking to create my own home studio after completing my music degree, this would be a great start in that process.
The MPC Studio is on my wishlist since the MPC Studio ist out! i love this lil wonder with the REN Software! i use a ipad to make my beats. its small and i can put it in my bag, LIKE THE MPC STUDIO! Love it! Want this so much!
Like! Have been - and still am - using Akai products since 1993. Mainly the 19" rack samplers. Even sold my moped to buy an S01 - true story! Over the years adding an S950, S2800 and CD3000XL. Therefore it seems to be evolution if I'd get my hands on this new MPC!!!
Wow Santa might return back to my house this year, if i win this.
ill Lyrics
i would like to win the MPC to expand my musical sound scape with new gear, the MPC would be great addition and i want to win this MPC to make beats on the go.
dificult times our world experience these days and at the end music only matters... if I haven't music I could not imagine my life. if I win an mpc my home studio will be major upgrated and my free time will be more creative than ever. good luck to everyone. thank you Akai for this opportunity.
I don't really need it, but I love it!
I recently started making music and this would go nice with my Akai amp and keyboard. Bet really I would love to have one these
Music is my passion, mpc is the best for create music so it will create me
I love making Music and I love the Akai Pro Products. I would love to add this to my collection and to work with that fantastic device.
Chris Talmed
mpc voor de beats donneeee
anna k
need this so I can make bangin beats ya'll
DeMarcus C
I would like to win because of Luhv & Evolution. Simply put, it's in my blood. Akai has always been my choice to create. I went from the Mpc 60 to the 3000. Then later the Mpd 32 and now I would like to create anywhere I go, with the Mpc Studio. For me it's apart of my soul, it's legacy. That's why I'd like to win.
i would first like to thank Ask Audio Magazine for such an amazing opportunity. essay writing is not my most favorite style of writing by the way. there were so many great stories and well written pieces in this forum, I almost forfeited my golden ticket and walked away. as I'm sure many have already stated, winning contests are just not something i do well or much of but it is worth a play. if nothing else, i am tightening up on my writing skills.

there is simply no other reason that i would like to win this wonderful tool in the MPC Studio in that i have a long time love affair and deep affection for the Akai brand and a sincere and very deep passion and enchantment for music creation. the marriage of these attributes are powerful and cosmic. it is for that very reason i should win. i've seen Akai University MPC Moment videos with Young Guru, the Hitmen, Gaslamp Killer, Pete Rock, DJ Premier, Baby Face, the legendary Marley Marl and many other greats and felt like i gained tremendous info leading up to the purchase of one of these machines one day. yes! I am unashamedly a fanboy and don't miss a moment to log in to Native Instruments Maschine products and regulate the misguided tales and disparaging comments users leave about the Akai MPC line...not on my watch.

Thank you again Ask Audio Magazine!
Hey, I'd really like to win this controller, because my girlfried is in dire need of a new controller for her electronic music project!
I have been lusting after the MPS studio since I read about it pre release, I don't have space for a ton of gear so the portability of the hardware is killer for me. Winning this would be a huge step toward my goal setup of an MPC studio and a MAX 25. Good luck everyone!
Running 'Logic Pro X' with a 'Macbook Pro', I have just added a 'Korg micro KEY 25' for greater portability. The AKAI professional MPCSTUDIO would make a sensational, fun and practical addition to what is a a very mobile audio production suite.
Ed Ten Eyck
I love to win the MPC Studio to get a new workflow and new inspiration. It's just what I'm after.
I am trying to get some recording gear together so I can self produce, this would be a Great & Needed addition. Thanks
Go ahead make my day, and let me win this!
Hey, been inspired to make music by producers like Party Supplies and Baauer. As a kid I simply don't have the money to buy gear like this. Please🙏
This piece of gear would be great to add to a humble setup like my own. Very cool looking and I'm sure much fun to use! I'm already claiming the prize in my mind but Good luck to everyone!
I'd love to add this Beautiful piece to my lab!!! My soul is music, and this would definitely be a cornerstone in my everyday beat production. To marry this into my home would be amazing!!! Good job Akai.
Zizou The Beatmaker
I want this amazing piece beacause it will fits perfectlly with my new home studio !
Jon Solo
Over the years I have been through a number of controllers of which many have attempted to emulate the MPC. Akai tapped it perfectly the first time and never looked back. I last owned an MPC in the late 90's. It is time to return. This will be in my arsenal this year with or without this win.
Mike Digs
I have NI Maschine right now, but would love to diversify and check out the legendary MPC. This would be my first AKAI product. Bring me on board!
Wayne turner
Just in stages of building a new studio complex for teaching n training teens to use. From all aspects of production through to full performance. Including light. Sound n stage management. This will be a great tool to use. As a charity we usually rely on donations.
Javier D
i want so bad because im from Venezuela and her its to hard to get one of those baby's and her its way so expensive, and im a upcoming producer and live preformer and i want it to get that Akai Pro also on my future presentantions thanks (8)
Well i'm poor and i'm really intrested in making samples , and if have money i would love to buy it and not to win it for free, in fact i never had a chance to win something and that's why hoping to win this one :)
I use pads to program drums and to finger drum live. I've heard that the sensitivity and dynamics of the MPC Studio are second to none. Always in search of,the perfect pads so my drums breath. Besides, I miss my MPC 2000 !
Would be a nice upgrade from my IMPC app.
I love making and producing music.
This would allow me to produce live Hip-Hop with friends instead of just in my DAW.
I would like 1 because ive never had any and it would be great to have 1 :D
i'd love to get one, because it will allow me to play it live at my bedroom studio!
I would love an mpc, I'm an old head that's getting back into making music and this would be a great tool!
i am a dj from germany and i love it to make music . and the mpc is the best thing ever.
David Windmller
I would really love to have this useful unit in my setup. It would be a great help in the studio, AND would kind of solve all my triggering problems when playing live with my band(s)! *pretty please* :)
Always wanted a mpc since i found out how big of an inpact it had in hiphop music , especially in the golden age .. never had enough money to get me one , but hopefully one day ill be able to buy one or maybe if im the chosen lucky one i could win this one :)
i need this controller please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Driven By Muzik
I worked primarily on a MPC 3000, a few years back I sold it and moved over to Logic. Till this day I still miss the work flow and the feel of my old MPC. I would really like to have that old feeling combined with up to date technology, Hence MPC studio. Please let me win thank you!!
David Drollinger
I would like to win one, because I am getting into Music Production, BIG TIME, and not very sufficient in funds to purchase hardware for the most part, and it would be a GREAT tool for learning, using, and creating music. :)
Here we go :) I'm surely in! good luck to everyone!
Ariyan Brister
i would love to win one because I am a musician and I would like to make my music digital also. I have always wanted one I just couldn't afford it. This is my dream.
I loved the workflow, styling and the size. This is a good controller for on the road.

Last year (2013) I was on the Dancefare in Utrecht (Netherlands) and I saw the demo and review of the MPC Studio and to me the MPC is a lovely marriage between hardware and software.

I just registered specially for this contest but I regularly read your articles, tutorials, intervieuws and reviews and I love it!

Keep up the good work!

The Netherlands
Hey its just really awsome, iwould like to have it
I need it! miss my mpc 1000
Best regards
Is necessary for my little homestudio a machine like this . I have the perfect space in my room and the hands warm to enjoy it of the MPCSTUDIO
Would make a nice addition to the studio. Got MPK and MPX for jamming but this is a sweet piece of kit
I love the MPC line. Got a chance to play with the 3000, 2000, and 4000 as an engineer and but never owned one myself. I will admit to owning Maschine but would love to have an MPC with it side by side because I can see there are advantages and weaknesses of both and there are reasons that MPCs have been the iconic studio center of many producers for decades. Would definitely use this in future commercial productions.
Roberto Cobian
Winning the MPC Studio will help me accomplish my goals, and make dreams come true.
I would like to win mpc studio beacause i love the akai pad, and i need one for studio and live set. Thank you
Dubble JD
I need the akai mpc controller to programme my beats to the next level.
Zibram Project
I'd like to win this gear to let it be available in a producer-project with several producers in a common studio.
The project consist in a shared studio where everyone could improve the equipment of the studio by putting a small amount of money!

Hope you read the comment! :)
I'd love to be the proud owner, and lucky winner, of the MPC Studio because I have now bit the bullet: quit my job, sold my house, now live in a tiny cabin in the woods all for one purpose - to create my own music and begin to perform it first locally, then, with any luck, globally. At first I'll be on my own, thus the need for a quality controller for Ableton Live ... hopefully soon thereafter I will be joined by one or two others o take the music around the world. Performing live (and Live) is critical for my soul. At the age of 51 I've said "go for it" ... here's hoping I never look back. THANKS ALL
I make hip hop music and use a combination of Logic Pro and Maschine, but there's nothing like an MPC. Most of my tracks are sample heavy. That's why I wanna win it. That, and to replace an MPC that is malfunctioning within my production team.
yes yes, here we go!!
I need to win the Akai Pro MPC Studio Music Production Controller in order to live a normal life. It sounds a bit ridiculous but I used to have serious heart issues and instead of putting in a pacemaker the doctor mistakenly inserted a Roland TR-808 drum machine to keep my heart beating at a natural pace. As you can imagine this 808 looks awfully large being stuffed into my chest cavity, my girlfriend has nearly left me three times because of it. Not to say it doesn't do the trick but If I won the Akai Pro MPC Studio Music Production Controller my chest would look normal again. I know its not super small but it's definitely a step up from this beast I carry with me currently. Not to mention I could create sweet heartbeats on the road and sync them to my bloodstream.
I'd love to get back to using a real world interface for beats instead of on-screen editing.
Wayne Henry
I would be happy to create on a device like that.
I need a portable solution to make beats while traveling and visiting other musicians studios. I have the MPC ren but it doesn't travel well. Great unit but a little bulky.
Great controller, makes your music vibrate :-)
I NEED to win the MPC Studio because not only do I LOVE the MPC product line but because its a MUST have tool that will help me become one of the best music producers on the planet! I've already been cook with the MPC 2500 and now its time to bring the MPC Studio into my music production family. This is simply a key part of my BIG dream! Thanks
Real simple:

I just want one!....Isn't that....enough???
I need the AKAI MPC because I am going to assist with bringing Peace to the entire world from a higher power
I would like a mpc studio. Takes me back to my 2000XL
Yes please, i've been thinking on getting something like this for a while......


Because it was meant to be.
Would love to win this to create vibes of Joy and Riddim.
Love the MPC! This brushed aluminum makes my heavy metal heart melt.
i wanna win a mpc to make beats and hopefully kill off this garbage kanye west is making
I'd like to win and add it to my home studio.
Need to win this to spread the AKAI word down here in New Zealand...!
Clelson Lopes
It will make my drummer skills go further. So my music :)
Good luck all and thanks for the prize!
I announce my resignation on winning the mpc and take as gift for this an ableton push ;-)
I would love to beach side with my Akai Pro MPC powered via some solar panels
and banging out some mad beats, yo!
Lo Seen
I'd like to win it because Akai was always creating the best products for drumming and beat creation. It can simply improve all the aspects of my workflow!
I'd like to win because I've never won anything of substance before ... it would be about time! Plus I could use it nicely in my home studio.
Enter your full name here
I'd like to win it so I can donate it to a neighborhood school where the music program (and some very talented kids) can't afford such luxuries.
Matthew L. Fisher
I think it would be so amazing to win the MPC Studio! I am trying to make it in the film composing world and it is such a financial struggle to get equipment. I could find so many amazing uses for it for drum programming and for live shows! I have nearly no hardware, just a computer and keyboard in my apartment bedroom. I need all the help I can get! I would be infinitely grateful to you guys!
What is this thing? I want it.
Shane Stone
I have been looking at Akai MPC products for years now. I even sent them a resume when I was in my 20's living in LA. I remember one time I walked into a music store as the Beastie Boys were walking out after purchasing 3 MPC's. That impressed me so much! Great product, and a stellar reputation!
Akai MPC is essential if you make dance music. Simple
AKAI MPC an essential ingredient if you make dance music. Simple
David Lennartsson
I would love to win the akai just to show my students at high school ( in Sweden that is) that this old man is ahead of the game. Coming from a background in programming experimental music software like Open Music and Max/MSP and now OSC it would be nice to bring this new akai concept and take them to the next level, you all know how these youngsters think they do rule it all...
AKAI MPC enables only the best producers create awesomeness in the studio. I can't wait to get my hands on this one.
I would love to get my hands on that MPC! Have been working with Maschine for a while now and have allways been curious about the MPC so winning this would be perfect.
So I can finger drum on top of the empire state building.
I would like to win this MPC for sure! I use the Akai MPK 25 and this would be a major step up. I'm big on drums and sequencing so this would be cool!
I've had an MPC for over 10 years, but I passed it on to my nephew so he can beat on it. I'd love to get my hands on a new AKAI MPC STUDIO.
Paris LaMont
This MPC would be a great addition to my stage setup, as well as my home studio. It'd also be pretty dope to win a contest like this.
I would love a mpc :) i am using mpk49 and love it but always wanted a mpc thanks for the opportunity
Colby Richards
I would really like to win so I can put together professional demos for my wife so we can further her music career.
I would love to win the Akai MPC Studio for one reason the MPC is workhorse it does exactly what you want when you want and makes it look easy.
EQ check tempo check master effect channel set
1...2...3...4... please i want that MPC to make my way on top to be part of the best

I really don't have a decent MIDI controller to speak of. Would love to have this to work with Ableton Live 9.

Thank you for the opportunity!
Shannon McDowell

je le veux !!! pour améliore mon set !!!!


from france
I need it to work with Pro Tools and Logic...
I would love to win this. The horizons of creativity would be greatly widened. Good luck to all!
Rory O'Neill
Who knows what ways I could use the MPC Studio? It's got something for everyone. Ways they never dreamed up when creating this device.
Tejas Sharma Dj Any Me
My one of a producer friend owns this and he makes great music with this, I asked my dad to buy this but he cant afford this as this is very costly.
Hope I win.
Greetings! I want to use the new Akai in a live context where it would provide drum-duties.
I used to have an MPC60, MPC2000XL and MPC4000. Had to sell everything! Would love to get back into making music with an MPC. MPC's are amazing for music production.
Why do I want one? Hmmm... let's see... The one with the most gear wins, right?
I have had an MPC2000 for 13years and I love it. However the curser and floppy drive have stopped working. I really need the upgrade. Good luck everyone!
I need to win because I've always been faithful to AKAI's MPC line. I'm in the military and couldn't deploy with an MPC (2004) because the 1000's and the smaller ones weren't out yet. So I used other software to get me by and never felt right, but when I got back I was on the MPC because there's nothing like it. I always find my way back to AKAI's MPC.
I love the sounds of the Akai MPC Studio, they really have a character and identity of their own, also the new design looks beautiful, very sleek and well designed.
AKAI - the acronym says it all:

Also Known As Indispensible!
dvj Entice
This would make the perfect addition to travel set up!
Man, I frequently work with samples so an MPC would be sooo awesome for my studio. Chopping samples with keyboard keys isn't the worst thing in the world but doing drums on it is just....yeuuuchhh. I would LOVE to win that thing for the sake of my music.
I have just started with music production and already watched a lot of those great askvideo tutorials for ableton live and wavelab. To only thing that I now need to really start with making music is and nice controller. What I have read so far is that the AKAI MPC is one of the best solutions available on the market. I´d love to find it out.
I always wanted to have an MPC. It would be the great experience to try something new. And it looks better than ever! Thank you guys for this contest. Good luck to all.

I would be grateful to win this controller because it would make me more efficient while creating music. I'm currently unemployed because I'm a caregiver for my Grandfather, a world war 2 veteran and I can't afford any kind of gear. I'm making music 100% ITB and I use inexpensive M-Audio monitors and an inexpensive 4 octave keyboard controller that has no pads, sliders, etc. My only free time is spent making music and the MPC Studio would be greatly appreciated.
no great reason why I should win. but if I'm lucky enough to win then for sure I will take the time to learn to sequence using the MPC. :-)
I'd really love to win the MPC Studio. I've had my eye on an mpc-like controller for a long time, but they're just slightly out of my budget right now.
35 years of traditional music creation. I would like to win to try a new method of making music!!
I'd like to win because I've had my current MPC for a lot of years now. Could really need the upgrade to use all the new features.
I'd love to have the mpc to have a sweet portable beatmaker
I'm french and I would love to win this machine to go further in the work of my songs. This tool will be invaluable for my future in music through its use in rehearsal and onstage. I hope to be among the winners
I currently have an MPD32. This would be a serious boost to my production & live shows. Not to mention, it would fit in my Namba a lot better!
I'd love to win because the MPC is a great piece of equipment and who doesn't love new free equipment!?
Johnna Rhodus
I've been wanting a DAW to create music with for a while,this is the perfect one to start with! I love the Akai MPC's,and the portability of the Studio makes it easy to take with you on the go, to create the ultimate projects from place to place!!!
I would like to win so I can brag about how great the MPC Studio is and how non of my friends have one. I might share but they can only press one button while I press many others and just laugh at them. =D
This is a MUST have! Need it! Love It! Cood luck everybody!
AKAI hands down makes the dopest, most user friendly, hardware and gear for any production needs! I would like to win the MPC Studio because it will help in my conquest to bring world peace ;) Thank You, peace and love.
marcus marcus
Gimme gimme ..always wanted one since i knew it existed . nothing beats getting hands on in music production esp. in arrangement. so gimme already. i promise to be good this year.
I never win stuff , it my turn :) Gimme Gimme Gimme
I never win stuff , it my turn :) Gimme Gimme Gimme
wow! how many peoples!!! I want to try!
I always hope to try play with it! :)
good luck to all! :)
Silly Question =) why wouldn't I want it??? As far as standalone MPC's go it just doesn't get any better than this!!(Plus it took me like 30mins to get to the bottom of this here feed so that I can comment... I must really really want it.. haha! thanks for the oportunity. Peace!!
This would be the perfect add-on to the home studio I'm building up, and the perfect companion to Akai MPK49, Akai APC40 and Microbrute... what a party would these make together?! ;)
I write music in my spare time and would LOVE to have this AKAI as part of my music production arsenal and creative venture. THANKS
It's soooooo shiny....
To make my life easier!
I'd love a groove-machine which has been previously tested to ensure there are no faulty knobs, or other ailments, before it leaves the factory so it's usage potential is 'non-curbed' from the start (unlike the other groove-machine I bought from an alternative manufacturer).

Stringent quality standards FTW! AKAI! YAY!
The swing on the MPC-3000 was sweet in the 90's (on par with the SP1200's)
and I would love to hear what this sleek piece is all about. Send it right over!
I'd LOVE to win this because I'm trying to build up a bit of a studio at home and it saves me having to buy one ;-)
But in all seriousness, its an awesome piece of kit, and it would be fantastic to be able to use something other than my iPad or my computer keyboard as a MIDI controller :)
Good luck everyone!
Lets be honest...who wouldnt like to own an MPC!? That piece of kit would take pride of place in my little studio, and on the road! If I could afford one I'd have one right now, hence why I'm entering this competition lol I never win raffles, lotteries or any competitions come to think of it, so it would be a god send to break my duck after 38 years! ;)
Yung Vere
I def would like to win the MPC Studio but im torn between this and the Maschine Studio!! I currently have an MPC5000 but i love the integrated technology of the new controllers with the DAWS. Winning this would DEF keep me in the mpc family but that maschine is surely calling my name lol. Good luck to everyone!
Ed F
I've never owned a drum machine. This one would be top of my list.
Just upgraded my software (Cubase and Live). No more $$ so it would be great to be lucky for once and incorporate this Akai MPC in my little studio.... :)
Pick me :D
Id actually want to donate it to my brother in law which is visually impaired, but still produce music like non other. I know he would want an MPC like this!
With the power of the MPC Studio, I will change the world.
I really like finger drumming and I've been looking around at what controller to get, right now I'm using my iPad and it's not quite the same... This would be great!
Cause it helps to develop a more "natural" feel towards the process of making music. It helps me with my workflow and creative ideas
Working on starting a youth empowerment program in Africa that will focus on Music production classes for the youths with talent, musical ideas, or desire in music production,,,,,Have worked with the mpc 2000xl in my learning days and would like to add this cute wicked gear to the small Ghetto project production center,,,,,THE YOUTHS WILL LOVE TO PLAY WITH THIS MUSICAL TOY THAN THE OTHER NEGATIVE OR NON-CREATIVE TOYS. Bless!
DJ Sparta
I'm an aspiring music producer. An MPC would greatly improve my production and abilities. Akai is a trusted name in my studio and will be thru ought my career. I currently work with the MPK25 but to win an MPC would truly be a wish come true. Thank you for the contest and the opportunity.
Mindis Hermes
I hope to win this MPC because i finished my audio engineering studies two months ago and i don't have something to write and produce my music!!!Also i want to start setting up my own home studio and if i win it, that will help me go one step further....GOOD LUCK TO EVERYBODY!!!!!!
Akai is my favorite and I need it in my production life
I just got into audio production, and my dream is to get a #1 hit. The Akai is my key to building a pro-grade studio, and I would be infinitely grateful if I were to win one. Thanks
the cosmic way
great contest love this controller. so advanced. yep! love music!!!
mattia vidaloca
Hello everyone I love your products simply.
I don't want it... I NEED it!!
Pleeeease!!!!! :)

Greetings from Italy!
I'm 15 years old and have been using a DAW to produce music for over a year now. Hiphop is my life and all my favorite producers ( J Dilla, Madlib, Kanye, etc.) are and were (in the case of Jay Dee RIP) masters of the MPC. Although I make all types of instrumentals, I personally love to create that smooth boom-bap sound and the MPC is so much better than anything else for that. I'm looking to master that natural, raw, sound! The MPC would open up a whole new world of producing for me and would also help me chase my dreams. Music is everything to me and unfortunately to get a good product you have to pay a good amount which I honestly don't even come close to having in my pocket. The MPC would teach me how to produce the way the greats did it and make my overall productions much more amazing. I started making beats with garageband and the keys on my computer keyboard! Since then I've definitely upped my game lol but I will never reach the level of producer I want to be at without learning the MPC. Thanks so much for putting out this contest and giving me the chance to win what would help me reach the next step of my dream.
High 1
I like to win it because I've always dreamt of owning one but it was always too expensive if I had this I would put it to good use every day and would be able to support myself financially much better by selling the beats I make on this please consider me since I've never won anything and I would really love to have this. Good luck to everyone
I would like to win because I want to play an instrument that lets you get really physical with it. And, I like to win stuff. Who doesn't?
I'd love to win this one, helpful tool :D
I would like to win this MPC Studio for a close friend that has been an AKAI enthusiast since the early 2000's, & unfortunately, he has never had the chance to have one of his own. I currently own NI's Maschine & have been trying to convince my buddy to think about getting a Maschine but since he's been an AKAI fan for the longest, he just won't give out! ha ha

P L E A S E help bring a big smile to a longtime music enthusiast that has been wanting an AKAI MPC for well over a decade!

THANKS & Good Luck to ALL contestants (:
Theres no way to recreate that sound... thanks for the chance askaudio and akai
I would love to win this, I'm out of work now so I'm rich in time. Been trying to put it to good use by getting into production. I know what sound I'm going for since I've been DJing since 1995 and have made a lot headway with regard to technical knowledge but I'm starting to be hindered by my complete lack of hardware. I'm not going to let that stop me at all, but it would be wonderful to win this beautiful machine that I've been in awe of (in one form or another) for decades.
Julien Cormier
Man, I would love to win this... Especially since someone stole my mpc1000 three weeks ago in a studio :(

This MPC looks like a beast

Good luck to everyone :)
A perfect tool for me to extend my drumming ideas and playing.
How I miss creating beats on the MPC. It's been years. Would love to get back into the groove with one of these.
Timothy TunaButter Armstrong
I would love to win the MPC for a few reasons:
Back when coming home from a late night studio session in summer 2010, I was transporting my gear, and was robbed. I lost my 828 MKII audio interface, 88-Key Korg Triton Extreme, KRK Rockit 5s, a plethora of pedals & controllers... basically over a $6k loss right in the middle of some heavy projects.
Currently I'm using a paired down setup since then with an old 828 MKI, midi controllers and 3rd party soft synths in my Logic setup.
I would love to get back into my MPC technique and reintegrate the sound and feel of the MPC in the projects I'm currently embarking on.

Thanks in advance!
Who doesn't like free stuff? I never win contests, but there's always hope. I've owned other AKAI gear in the past and used to lust after one of their keyboards in the local Guitar Center. Would be thrilled to own an MPC Studio.
I'd like to win this and give it to my son-in-law who is a musician, songwriter, producer extraordinaire!
Wooha... I'd like to win this! I'd do everything to win this!
to take my game to the next level...
Honestly, my dream is to learn how to make beats, but unfortunately i dont have the funds to buy any equipment to create. Everyone in this chat want it, but some of us will never have the opportunity to receive it for free. I really wish that who ever win the MPC always appreciate and use until it does not operate no more. Well thats all i have to say.
Why I would like to win an MPC Studio?
1) Dynamic workflow and design, best of both worlds!
2) Portability, this alone would secure it as my primary Groove Sequencer!
3) Last but not least, my fellow students (Online music school) would be envious.
MPC Studio would change musical process to a less linear approach., by creating grooves on the fly i can come up with random ideas, rather than using the mouse of keyboard keys to layer drums, or chooped vocals and chords. Akai is solid so MPC Studio would be a game changer in studio!
I would love to win this MPC, it would help my production become easier and more powerful, the MPC is a very important tool in the studio.
Never won anything before and would be brilliant in my rather limited WIP home studio.
I'm addicted to akai's stuff, and I'm a 100% musicahoolic . All my music stuff is from Akai, but i had to sell some of it recently, in order to seek for a better future than the one I had in my country, so now I need a MPC to improve my work. That would really change my musical process, i would love to win this machine.
Good luck to everyone
Count me in! I likes to make music. Good luck to everyone else!
Great piece of gear I lag on using it to compose for film
Fitzpatrick Onyenaucheya
I believe I should win because this would make a great addition to my studio and I would have the ability to perfect my craft as an engineer and a beatmaker.
i have never won anything useful in my life. this would help me to produce the music i've been trying to put out for years and have not had the funds or resources to do so. it's portable, lightweight and seems very intuitive. i'd love to have this and hope you pick me as the winner.
I need to win! I need to replace my Akai MPD with this MPC. Great controller. I love all akai products, especially the MPC's.
I've always been into Akai samplers, but could never really afford any of the MPCs.

Over the years, I have bought second hand S2000's, a CD3000, S3000XL's, CD3000XL's, and the latest one - a Z4 (I missed the S5/6000). I now have an MPD32, so I ALMOST have a MPC (everyone says that the Z4 has the same sampling engine of the MPC4000). But an MPC is more than just the pads. It's more than just the sampler. It's the combination of a great sampler, great pads (with a good feel for bashing out beats) and a tight sequencer with lovely swing/groove functions. I'd love to own this because it would give me all of that, with the wonderful bonus of portability. Bashing out Dre style MPC beats on the go??? The only way to travel!!!
When I was frustrated with the limitations of sequencing within a keyboard workstation, I moved to the MPC. I loved it for years, and would travel with it regularly. When I returned to school, I was forced to embrace computer based sequencing, and stopped using my MPC all together. I would love to integrate the MPC back into my environment. I loved the ability to touch the music through the MPC, and I feel like, even with all of the controllers out there, there's something cool about tapping and banging on an MPC (even the ghost notes by your other hand on the side.)
Hi I am American living in the Philippines starting my own home studio. I have been a member of MacProVideo and AskVideo now for 3 or 4 years. Have completed many tutorials on recording software and music theory. Recently purchased a Presonus 16.0.2 mixer and studying Studio One Pro software. This MPC would really round out my studio and would open up whole new horizons for recording an making music. Thanks for the opportunity to win this marvelous piece of hardware.
I've wanted to pick up the MPC Studio for a while now to help inspire me for film scoring, especially in electronic heavy groove tracks. Would love to get my hands on one of these. Huge shoutout to the team here at Ask Audio Mag! It's really exciting to have such great sweepstakes as these.
I make music for quite some time now, cause I'm to avaricious to buy something, I'm not totally assured of. To win something whould be perfect =P
The winner is chosen randomly, so I hereby solemnly promise to only make random non-repetitive beats on this.
All mars
A lot of ppl try too compare the maschine to the Akai just stop it Akai is the best and always will be the greatest music production unit in the world salute Akai
Mr One Two
I would love to have an mpc. I always worked with akai stuff when it came to sampling and it is the best for this purpose.The reason i want to win an mpc is that i've never had one because i could never afford it as i live in Hungary and it costs a fortune here and it has a brilliant sounding(especially the old ones).The other reason is i could produce music without even touching my computer. :)
I've always loved to create music and this piece of engineering would definitly boost my productions off.
That's a real beauty.
Would love to win this APC studio as I'm getting heavily into production as music is a huge passion of mine and I really want to setup a bedroom studio to express my ideas and musical emotions to digital sounds! Plus this will go along nicely with the Audio Production course at Berkeley College that I just signed up for!
Many, many, many years ago I had an MPC 2000XL that I had to sell when I was moving and short on cash. It was hard to part with it because I loved it so much and it had so many memories, but with the transition to all digital, it became harder and harder to use the MPC with Logic. So, if this new generation of MPC can jump into the deep end with Logic, Ableton and me... my mind would be blown and I'd be taking a trip back to the year 2000 :)
I originally had an MPC60II and then MPC3000. Loved both but eventually moved on into the VST world. Released 3 independent synth pop CDs on iTunes and more. All driven by the great MPC workflow.

Over the last year I have realized how much I truly miss the MPC drumming experience. The pads and the software. Second to none.

I'm currently on the market to get back into a pad controller. Hard to avoid all the noise about NI Maschine.

But I'm all MPC at heart. Winning this MPC would really be amazing!

I still have my MPC 2000 XL altough I'm fully into Ableton Live. I would love to have justification to go back and use AKAI gear.
I need one!!
I need and want one!!
I simply love it!!!
Gabe Leal
I want to win the MPC Studio because it's the simplest yet most powerful tool I've encountered. With an easier learning curve, I can spend more time producing and less time trouble shooting. Once I'm ready to advance I know I can do it with out all the pain that comes with reverse engineering your own sounds.
Alexey P
I'm starting at electronic music production and I'd really love to have this controller for the grand start :-)
I would love having this. I have an akai xr 20 but it's limited to what I can do. This would help me build on my musical skill!
DINK Detroit
Would be a wonderful addition to the studio!!! Great product with a strong build from my past experience with the MPC Studio!!
I have used many DAWS/Drum Machines/Workstation Keyboards in the past, & noting is like the workflow of the MPC! Now that it's Hybrid(computer integration) it bring the MP up to today's standards! I'm a BROKE Producer/Composer/Songwriter @ the moment & instead of "dreaming" about owning one....on daily visiting "Sweetwater's" site wishing that I could hit that "checkout" button....maybe I'll just be the lucky one to fill this box out & win this beautiful prize! I've been wanting a Hybrid MPC ever since I saw the Akai promo video of the Ren. in early 2012! If I had the MPC Studio, it would not only complete....but would elevate my workflow...productivity...& overall happiness! :)
Obtuse Angel
I had an old school MPC that was sold a while back. I can only imagine what I would do with this new rendition. I have been on the market for a drum machine/sampler, and I barely learned of the existence of this bad boy...

I have been using a lot of sequencing in Logic, but I would love to get basic ideas on this hardware and mix it into Logic after like I used to with the older MPCs, but I really want to see the new features and take production to a new level.
I would love to win this because then i can make those fat trap beats all day 808s all day baby let's do it. I will rep akai till i die, already got the apc40 (previously sold though =[) akai mpd24, akai mpk25, and soon akai MPC STUDIO YEE
I've never owned an MPC before though am dying to get my hands on one: I'm a drummer, and the ability to create loops rapidly to play along to is something I am very keen to do.
I must win it and you now it :-)
I got hooked on the MPC 2500, but I had to sell it. I now own a minty iconic MPC 3000, but I miss the portability and the modernity of the newer MPC series. An MPC Studio would afford me the transportability I need to connect with my fellow musicians at other locations and create content. It's also a stellar way to perform your productions live! I hope I'm the lucky winner of the MPC Studio!
!!!!!Please choose me :):):):):)
I want to win this to use for music production and mentoring youth.
I'd love to win this MPC because I want Music to give me something back! =D
Mary Jane
It would be ultra-kool to drop some fat beats with this unit! Stoked !
I need it because I only need a drum machine to complete my studio
Because I would be the coolest cat on my block.
I had my first AKAI product in 1970 and would love to be able to use the MPC Studio in this millennium!!
Omg, amazing! I'd like to win it :-)
My old 2000XL was stolen almost 5yrs ago and since then i've gone without. But the time has come again for me to get my fingers on some MPC pads and take my music to the next level. (love the portability too, means can take it to work :) Show love AKAI. Caratgold Productions (worth the weight)
This MPC would go perfect with my current setup. Always looking to improve really hope I can be the lucky one this time around.
Make more beats :)
Jacob Arbutus
I would love to win this to help my audio career get a good fresh beginning and to also help my cousin start his rap career. May the odds be ever in my favor haha!
Lokey Obsidian
I could do beautiful, beautiful things with this ; yes lawd
Who wouldn't want an MPC Studio?? I would love to use it with my middle school students. Enough of the test-taking, let's start the music-making.
I need this because I own the original MPC 60 and this would be great beside the legacy model in my basement!
Who wouldn't want an MPC Studio?? I would love to use it with my middle school students. A break from all the test-taking, let's start music-making!
ruminator jim
As a forty six year old white male father of five I deserve to win something....I maybe deserve isn't the right word....I would like to be the recipient of something as much has gone out over the last 25 years....yeah that's better....
I would love to use this with Logic and Pro Tools, and expand my sound canvas tenfold!
I would love to win this, it would be a perfect addition to my studio.
Hi! I'v recently moved to Montreal in order to study Music recording technics (in a school named R.A.C). I've been working in Logic since years, with my MPK49 and an EIE PRO, so an MPC studio would be really nice to add to my collection :) (and those pads must be really great comparing to the MPK's ones right? :) If i win this MPC studio, be sure that it will be profitable for me!)
Thank you for offering us possibilities to make always more and better beats!
I would love to win the MPC studio because nothing beats an MPC, they are the benchmark for all similar products, yet nothing can surpass their awesomeness. I would love one but can't afford it just yet so hopefully one day I'll have my hands on one of these lovely things.
Very comprehensive and well designed device!
Jed Bensemann
would be fun to play with
I'd like to win this instrument because I think it's a gateway to making new exciting music. I'd also like to see someone win whose talent would flourish with this box.
I've never seen or touched an MPC in real life. However, all the talk about this iconic beast is enough to give me some wet dreams. This bad boy here looks amazing. I could kill for one
How ya doin, My name is Pete AKA "OC" and Im a proud Italian American who is Hip Hop. I a nut shell, I never really had the chance to learn the MPC. I come from poverty and all my investments are financially threatening to my family so getting something for free is a plus. I started as an MC at 13 years old, Im now 32 and started my own Brand "a representation of my skills/underground label" and have taken a leap as an entrepreneur of hip hop business so I can feed my kids proudly. I am and MC, Graphic Designer, Hip Hop Producer, Videographer, a non-linear editor, a creative writer and a single father of 6 beautiful children. I take everything serious because a scared man doesnt succeed in life. Pick me!
This super Akai would be a great help to my small studio.
Beautiful, absolutely stunning. I want one please!
Would love win one of these in order to improve my beatmaking skills!
I'd like to win ! :)
because i´d love to make a beats on this gear
AKAI MPC Studio: Today's instrument for tomorrow music !
Simply essential for all electronic musician...
I'd love to press her buttons! Ha, good luck everyone!
Would love to win it, as it would make a great addendum to my FL Studio.
Gavin Kurves
I would like to take my production to an Akai level.. Just to use one would be amazing.. To win one? Well.. Fingers cross..
I want my boyfriend to become that legendary producer that he is already designed to be, because, you know, that kind of producer needs to drop some haaaaard beats. MPC Studio is essentially desired to step up one's producing game. It needs to be his to make some great hits like nothing you've heard before, and I like to listen to his songs more than anything else, so it needs to be his. :) Almost sure that he would be the one to make the most of it & appreciate it better than anyone else.
hello ask audio mag, akai, and macprovideo,
my name's kaoko, follow me on sound cloud

i have buy MPK88, MPD24, MPD32, but i never use MPC, i know it ! and i want one !! if i win one i will do all my "live" with .

thanks, and see you soon !!!
tiberiu pascali
I love win one MPC from my studio and because AKAY is the best!!!!
A new and fresh way to create new and fresh music! My choice!
Because I am poor!!!!
Guess people did not read. "Winners will be selected by a random number generator. The judges decision is final." Does not matter what we write here 😜 . Lets just hope your entry is the winning nr. Good luck but not too much!
If I won this MPC I would be so happy!
Is there a reason to not wanting to win this incredible machine?
I really want to win this!
Good luck!
What a fabulous piece of hardware :)
Geez who wouldn't want to will this amazing piece of gear to add to their studio!
Hope it's me
I would like to win cause I would like to win! :)
I'd like to win it as I just started making music again and programming drums with a mouse ain't fun. :D
My daughter is a huge Bastille fan and would love one of these!
My home studio is still pretty basic. I don't have a good controller yet. This would be perfect.
The Reason i want to win a Akai Pro MPC Studio because i want to use more hardware in my own studio.
I've always wanted an MPC, but I've got bills to feed and mouths to pay....haha! MPC for FREE for ME?!? Si'!!!
I have used and owned several AKAI products over the years, It would be wonderful to WIN a new MPC to enhance my live gigs and studio productions.
Noisey Robot
I would love to win this MPC because I love the tactile feel of hardware when making music. As powerful (and affordable) as DAWs and in-box software is today, there is nothing that can replace what comes with a good piece of hardware.
It´s the best solution for my home-studio by now.........i need it!!!!!
Mats N
My original Akai MPC60 was stolen in 1989 and I have missed it ever since. This could be my chance to get together with that very special creative workflow again.
I have become faithful to Akai having an Mpc 3000, Mpc 2000, Mpc 2000XL, 3 Mpk 49's, Mpd 24,26,and 18. Switched Over to Maschine having the Mk1, MK2, and Micro, and realized i am an Akai man handsdown!!!! Winning this would only prove that Akai rocks!!!!!
I do not want to earn an MPC I'd love to have one, so if fate wills
I'll have one to make music in another demension, music evolving a new generation! ...
I love music.
Soul Shift Music
We've always been a fan of AKAI dating back to the Roger Lynn MPC 60 with the wood side panels. Now that Jack O’Donnell the enigimatic owner of Numark, Alesis, Akai Professional, ION, Alto Professional, Sonivox, and M-Audio, the brand of AKAI pushes boundaries that were unheard of until now. This would make a great addition to our studio and a perfect spot next to our kitchen appliances. ( Kitchen Aid Mixer).
I need it!
I really want one of these but I don't have the money.
Uncle Tan
I don't have any drum machine and I've always wanted to learn how they use to make those amazing boom bap beats and be a part of the amazing history of MPC.
Jordan Panasewicz
I would love to win an MPC Studio because I have always wanted an MPC and the new line looks super sexy, and because both my MPK25 and APC40 have hardware problems, and I have begun to lose faith in AKAI products. PROVE ME WRONG.
Would love an MPC Studio!
Hello ALL Entrants! The Contest is now closed...

We'll be picking the lucky winner soon... and publishing their name in this article (at the top).

Thanks for entering and good luck everyone!

Rounik Sethi
Executive Editor,
im so excited .... !!!!!
And the winner has been chosen...

[Drum Roll]...

Congratulations go to:
- j j
(entered on the 2nd Jan, 2014)

j j will receive a new Akai Pro MPC Studio plus 2 video courses from on how to get the best out of the MPC Studio!


And, if anyone is feeling a bit blue, from not winning... we've another contest that's just started with prizes equalling $1,800 of music gear from ToonTrack!!

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