Comparing The New UAD Neve 1073 Pugins Vs Legacy 1073 Preamp & EQ

Knowing how much power - even dedicated DSP power - your plugins are using can be crucial to deciding how to proceed with a mix, as Alex Solano explains in relation to the Universal Audio Neve bundle.  

Neve hardware is legendary in the industry but it's also out of the reach of many people. Luckily UAD has brought its skills to bear on recreating some of the classic hardware in plugin format and in this video from the full course Neve Complete Bundle Explored, Alex Solano shows you the practical differences between two versions of the classic 1073 preamp / EQ module. 

Although both versions sound great, the Legacy version uses significantly less DSP power than the newer one which can be a consideration if you plan to run lots of processors. In the video, Alex uses A/B of the same clip played through different versions of the effect to show you precisely how the two behave. In the other videos in the course you'll see much more detail on the rest of the collection and get some great practical advice on mixing with these cool plugins!

Watch the course Universal Audio 202: Neve Complete Bundle Explored in the Ask.Audio Academy here.  

Universal Audio 202: Neve Complete Bundle Explored

This Universal Audio, in-action course on the Neve® Complete Bundle takes you step-by-step through their 9, authentic Neve® emulations. These plugins are explained and explored by engineer-trainer Alex Solano in this expertly designed, 18-tutorial course.

Neve 1073 - This revered preamp and EQ is, perhaps, the most sought-after hardware in the pro-audio world. This UA emulation brings it to your desktop!

Neve 1081 - Produced initially in 1972, this classic EQ sculpted the sound on thousands of hit recordings. Learn how you can get that same sonic success in this collection of tutorials.

Neve 31102 - Originally in the famous 8068 console, this EQ was known for its bite, sheen and astounding 30dB of gain. Your guitar tracks will never sound crisper. Learn about it in this section of the course.

Neve 33609 - Has there ever been a better bus compressor? This UA emulation will bring transparency and smoothness to your mixes. See how it sounds and works!

Neve 88RS - This UA emulation brings the 88RS Channel Strip's million dollar preamp, cut filters, dynamics, 4 band EQs and post fader amplifier right into your DAW. The 88RS is expertly taught in this collection of tutorials. So learn the UA Neve® Bundle with mixer/producer Alex Solano. Your mixes will never sound better!

Watch the course Universal Audio 202: Neve Complete Bundle Explored in the Ask.Audio Academy here.


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