CME WIDI Bud Pro: World's Smallest MIDI Interface

CME Pro have announced an effective solution to boost wireless MIDI performance on any operating system.  

Singapore • June, 2021 —

The successor of the legacy WIDI Bud (2016) integrates the latest developments of CME's WIDI technology in a tiny, high performance Bluetooth MIDI super dongle. Plug WIDI Bud Pro in the USB port of your operating system and ensure ultra low latency (as low as 3ms) Bluetooth MIDI without having to upgrade your PC, tablet or smartphone.

Powered by the latest BLE 5 technology, the complete WIDI range offers wireless MIDI solutions via Bluetooth for all MIDI devices. Both hardware and software. Both instruments and apps. Pair your operating system automatically with any Bluetooth MIDI device or any piece of MIDI hardware that has Bluetooth MIDI via other WIDI devices. Enjoy the freedom of wireless MIDI with a range of 20m (65ft) without obstacles.

With automatic pairing connecting standard Bluetooth MIDI controllers and WIDI devices is as simple as plug, pair & play.

On top of this, with the improved WIDI App for both Android and iOS, you can virtually manage more complex Bluetooth MIDI groups. Via the user-friendly app you can now add up to five (5) WIDI devices per wireless group. And yes, you can run multiple groups simultaneously.

With 100% MIDI compatibility, WIDI Bud Pro offers full bi-directional transmission and reception of any MIDI message. Enjoy MIDI 2.0 ready 2-way performance and transmit all MIDI notes, CC, MIDI clock, long SysEx and MPE over air.

Go pro with wireless MIDI groups with professional performance via Bluetooth 5 technology. Reduce interference with WIDI's unique Smart Connectivity Algorithms and Adaptive Frequency Hopping. Those forces combined, deliver reliable solutions for studio and stage with 2x speed and 4x range.

Limit the amount of cables on your desk and on stage and unify your entire MIDI setup with advanced WIDI technology without the need of a battery as it is powered by standard 5v USB.

Simply get rid of those cables and enjoy the fully standalone wireless solutions with world's smallest MIDI interface via Bluetooth.

WIDI Bud Pro is now available as pre-order for only US$ 34.50 instead of US$ 69!
Only directly available from the manufacturer for a limited time with 50% discount.
Expected shipping date August 2021!



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Keyboard Wizard
If I may ask, how many bits does CME WIDI bud pro support?
My reason for asking is when I run my music production with n-Track studio app, that only support 64 bits.
I always wanted to ask about CME WIDI bud pro until now that I have discovered and signed into askaudio

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