Cluster Sound Releases CS-808 Max For Live Drum Collection

Cluster Sound has announced the release of CS-808, a Max For Live drum collection faithfully reproducing the sound of the Roland TR-808, based on 1,331 samples.  

OVERVIEW CS-808 is a collection of 16 sample-based Max For Live drum instruments faithfully replicating the 16 sound modules available on the iconic TR-808. It comes with 4900+ samples managed by multiple sample selectors, a set of extra features to shape the sounds, a super friendly user interface and 16 FX Racks to mangle the drums.

Cluster Sound CS-808


CONCEPT Sampling is far the best way to digitally reproduce a specific setting of an hardware drum machine. And this is what we have done, very meticulously. Take for example the original TR-808 Bass Drum module, comprising of Accent, Tone and Decay parameters. If you split each parameter in 11 steps, for example from 0 to 10 as on the original hardware, you obtain 1331 possible combinations (11*11*11). And in fact, the CS-808 Bass Drum module is based on 1331 samples. So, when you select Accent, Tone or Decay in your CS-808 BD module, you are just loading and playing the sample related to that parameter combination of the original TR-808.

CUSTOMIZE In addition to the original TR-808 parameters/selectors (Accent - Decay - Tone - Tuning - Snappy), the 16 drum instruments come also with 16 sound-specific Audio Effect Racks and with a set of extra features (Multi-Filter and Pitch Envelope sections) not present in the original TR-808 but very useful to radically shape the sounds.

Specifictions :

  • Size : 2 Gigabytes
  • 16 Max for Live Drum Moodules
  • 16 Audio Effect Racks
  • 4900+ Samples (24 Bits / 96 Khz)
  • Multimode Filter Section (LP - HP - BS - BP)
  • Pitch + Pitch Envelope Section
  • Auto Normalizer
  • Host : Ableton Live 9.5 + Max for Live 7

Price : 39 €

Web: More info, free samples and MP3 demos :


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